They Call Us Monsters

Documentary & BiographyJarad NavaJuan GamezAntonio HernandezDarrell EdwardsBen LearGabriel CowanSasha Alpertyt:cc=off

Juan, Jarad and Antonio, all between 14 and 16, face decades in prison. To pass the time, they sign up for a screenwriting class and collaborate on a short film about their lives, including Juan’s unrequited love for his childhood friend, Abigail. Halfway through the class, Antonio returns to juvenile court and gets released with time served. Back home, he struggles to avoid the same patterns that first got him locked up. Meanwhile, the realities of Jarad and Juan’s crimes set in. One of Jarad’s victims is only 17 herself and will be confined to a wheelchair for life. Juan faces deportation once eventually released, separating him from his family, including his baby son.  While the gravity of their crimes haunts every frame, these young men are still simply teenagers. Do they deserve a second chance? The question is a societal conundrum beyond legislation and data. To their advocates, they're kids.  To their critics, they’re monsters.

Laura Ancira
Anyone know where the short film they made is at? I wanted to see the whole thing.
lil nick
a dui a lawyer lol
lil nick
worth the money anyway your mental capacity isn't at a adults level till you 20-24
1:12:53 fat ass bitch laughing...never wish jail on no one what go's around comes around I'm sure she'll be on the other side one day..
that bitch that got shot she knew what was up and I believe the dad I'm pretty sure she had dudes in the car that's what you get when you fuck around you guys came across sum real gangsta and got, got and you got shot and now you a little snitch ass bitch...LAKEWOOD SIDE SOUTH EAST LOS ANGELES KILLAKALII...FREE JARAD..
oscar mendez
this is top 3 best documantarys I've seen
Jessie Torres
Jarad better decide what race he is when he touches down in the pen
Selmo Puhovac
Someone send me a link to purchase this film
Grant Walker
the bloke at 10:39 dead set had the most stunning eyes ive ever seen
Carly Mellois
holy shit the defense attorney seemed like she was on drugs or something
carol Hastings
I low-key feel so bad about the dude it almost made me cry he reminded me of my brother😭😭😭
Tracy Gibson
My heart goes out to everyone and everyone of those boys. It's obviously an abuse system. It is absolutely made me proud of them Jared ,Antonio, Juan there imagination and the stories that they had to endure in life. We didn't make them monsters it was the life that they were grew up around no encouragement no hope. The street holds many lies. It's like these boys had no other way. And they were all lost souls. I pray that they find their way. And I'm proud of him for making this documentary to show all the other youth what could happen if you make the wrong decision or if you join a gang. Everybody needs to realize your gang is it your family. They want something from you. And they take everything. Always be a leader never be a follower. Always lead people to get things because you reap what you sow. God bless from Houston Texas 💲Forever Famous
Jalisiense 750ElDorado
I still don't understand y in the 7 fucks you took his case if you were not ready for it. This is real life you took it as a DUI. And as a DUI you let it ride. A big Fuck You your wey.
Free jardan
Free jardan
Jay C.
At the end of the day these kids all they needed was LOVE !
that female defense attorney didn't do nothing for jarad .....and Antonio man that's fucked up he caught another case now he wont see his baby grow !
Nicole Morgan
I was cringing watching that female defense attorney for Jarad at 1:06:56. Ugh
jorge ruiz
free Nieto & Ambris you guys aint forgotten!!
Sonia Mandujano
it was so heart breaking
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