Women Get Dressed By Their Moms For A Week

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These moms had more fun with this than we thought.

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Carmen Judilla

Laila Hamideh

Shadia Hamideh

gabija luki
I love how my mom dressed she looks sooo good!
And i sometimes end up stealing a few of her clothing for a day or two
Ariana Benitez
Lol I would kms
2:11,same girl
TheBigLump hi
her head looks like a EGG
Elise Dancer
When Amber's mom has more style than you... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cory Hart Cruz
It's funny how one of the girls kept saying she has never let anyone choose her style.. but let's be honest the were dressed by their parent for so many years of their lives prior to developing their "style"
yuh, aye
yet here i am wearing my moms shirts and jeans bye
Am i the only one who thought this was buzzfeed
yurko T
omg Amber im in love
you that person that always smiling please marry me
Paityn Carrillo
Wow Amber's mom has great style!!!😊😊😊
Karolina Poynter
All of these were great! And different everyday? My mom literally wears the same thing every day. Baggy shirt and black jeans.
Jewish Tea
man I WISH my step-mom dressed me for a week. her style is much better than mine...
Addison Rerecich
I loved the hijabs she wore. every single one was cute
Dream Journal
Damn that one girl the one that didn't have a hijab was lucky her mom was STYLISH AF
Cathie Repik
oh god my mom would put me in the SHORTY IST SHORTS EVER
and the tiny ist crop top
I feel like the moms did a pretty good job
My mom and I's style are actually so similar that I wouldn't be scared what-so-ever.
nikki ar.
My mum would give me loose pants and a jacket...like those i used to wear ...
April Lee
this was cute
Andrea Ng
My Mum Would age Like Ambers Mum! ❀️😻😘😜
Jenifer Wigley
Al Hernandez-Lucero
How are they so colorful in their clothing choices jfc
Unicorn :3
0:15 They are the most beautiful mom & daughter duo I've ever seen. <3
Tess Crelli
My mom would probably dig up something like what SHE'D worn at my age. Red bell-bottomed jeans, blue striped top. Ugh. Either that or a girlish flowery skirt that ends at my calves and hangs on me like a sack, paired with a chunky yellow sweater that was in fashion 30 years ago.

MY style is literally white denim shorts, a navy batwing-sleeved crop top, and my trusty black converse.
thatismehannah 02
i think the girl at 4:14 was watching Moana bc i could hear the background music for it πŸ˜‚
asia tuan
amber's mom has a cool style, my mom would propably pick clothes like from middle school
Sam Carter
My mom knows my style really well so I would trust her 100%
Lilly Russell
My mom would put me in a Long light grey skirt to my feet, a white v-neck t-shirt, a brown purse, and brown sandals with gold trimming.
Callie 200
1:55 He Looks Like Faze Rug
Ioana Provo
I kinda dress like mom....and sometimes with her clothes...so yah.
Fart Jars
when you realize this isn't BuzzFeed
Sallanche De Wit
Amber's mom is super lovely😍 i want that my mom was like her
Daughter: "Flower's are my favourite!"

Mum: "not mine."
other CHANNEL awsomegirl
at 0:40 they look exactly the same!! 😍 they can pass as sisters lol
Grace Lov
This would be amazing for MW and my mom I wear a lot of my moms clothes so it would be perfect
_Kiki _
Is that Gabe Erwin??? πŸ˜‚
Videos like this make me bitter coz my mum died before she got to take me shopping
My mum would just put a bunch of colours all over my body and like a frilly shirt or something
fxxk it
how are they so comfortable with their moms?
Fatima Tejeda
I absolutely love how they picked different races for this video. Not very often do I see it. If I noticed it, that means it rarely happens.
u Suck
ambers mom has really good styleπŸ‘
lilian Tsang
Haha, her head looks like an egg!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The Gifted Vegan
It made me miss my mom 😳😍
Daniel Bia
Amber is sexy. Probably is with a white man
cute puppys dont forget about the butterflies
i wish i was there my mom would me in something trendy.

but it would take hours
Ansana Sutheskumar
can we talk about hiw badasd Shadia's mum is?
Arina T.
2:34 Who's that guy ? Does he have insta ?
Basilisk Brea
wait is that my doctor
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