John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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After their WrestleMania victory, John Cena pops the question to Nikki Bella in front of millions watching live around the world: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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Lynn Lehr
Omg this was so awesome!!! We've waited so long, with her, for this! CONGRATS NIKKI n JOHN!! <3
JOSH wood
worst wrestlemania moment ever
Christy Ogbuji
0:42 ||Superwomen|| in behind the people who narrate the wrestling watch her vlog at superwomen vlogs
Mikey LOL
I was crying...
muhammad reyhan
Who the hell gave her that ring?
Illianie Rivera
Marco David
BREAKING NEWS after one year john cena & nikki bella to divorse
Emi Vid
Sarthak Singh
nikki was my crush 😭😭
Ashleigh Breland
so cute❤❤❤❤😍😍😍
Aja McQuay
that is so cute
ლ KëN ლ
john cena 👏👏👏
Londoner 1999
- Dad, I was offered to marry!
- By who?
- His name is JOHN CENA!!!
Becky 17105
Guys I saw super woman in the front row
Lol noob
This is cute! :)
Ashley Towe
i didn't hear a thing besides the stupid little girls
Андрей ГРЕЙС
ой в #12
Андрей ГРЕЙС
#10:12 какая девка
0:42 SuperWoman is in the background
Iracel Vincoy107
Even tho nikki was fighting so much her highlight is still popping
Joseph Williams
John cena rocks
It's Paris!
That is so awewome! I wish I was Jhon cena.
Tahnaya McFarland
I love u both and I love wwe
Nye Hydro
I bet Nikki can't see 500,00 ring.
Akiles Peña
so cool!!!!!!!!!
Man I was hoping for him to say April Fools!!
Jacklyn Otha
Oh wow so cute what a cute couple well married couple
Sajid Khan
Do you know superwoman was there when John Cena proposed nikki!!
Bruce Shaffstall
I don't know if the girls are screaming because Nikki's engaged or because John cena is taken.
maj arsems
good day
que bonito!!
Fleirinsson Beito
roman Reings
Oh wow so surprised I'm shocked Finley they did it😒
U can say it was STAGED. Bad dum psssw
Juliet Juarez
Steven Cisneros
Some fans are gonna be pissed because they will never have a john cena heel-turn!!
I only got two words to say;
it's about time John
Jiovanni Soriano
ok cena
Yasirin Pattiyawongse
Omg yaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss
lino santos
john cena is so hot to Llesica💐💰🐇😎🤑🏃👍💪💜💖💌💟💞🕶👑💍🌻💐🎂🏈🏀
casal lindo
shauryakapur HD
❤️nikki and cena
Enotik Poloskun
я сам чуть не заплакал)
De Angelo Coleman
That what I want Demi Lovato proposes to her
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