John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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After their WrestleMania victory, John Cena pops the question to Nikki Bella in front of millions watching live around the world: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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Matthew P
hahaha john cena has marry😄😄😄
Tshweetso Mamogale
does this mean she gonna become NIKKI CENA
Carlos Torres
cena no ta facil
The Viper
I'm a sucker for happy wedding surprises.
Kevin Griff
Gabriel aqui
I Sware these I can't see him jokes are starting to piss me off We all can see him like the rock said He comes out every week with his bright blue shirt then his old black orange So shut up your not funny
Ricky Fleir
floating microphone
Ricky Fleir
i just see a woman and a floating ring i should get my eyes checked
DIAS Tanker
Кто русский лайк
Tafa Mau
wow that is not good jk it's good
Christina Robinson
not fair
John Patrick Sarmiento
omg its making me crying 😩
joey ybr
so miz and maryse dominate whole mach and all it takes is 1 AA to win match
Colin Conache
nope that's I'm done with cena I'm moving over to brock
Palminder Sanghera
0.42 u can see superwoman in the background on the right
Sean Hiseman
Such clickbait. It says John Cena in the title yet he isn't in the video
Alia Rajab
Is this legit ??
Lylia432 AJ
Now she's REALLY " Nikki Cena"
Lylia432 AJ
Lol steph is gonna fire cena for exposing Nikki's real name!
He said: " Stephenie NICOLE Garcia colis, witll you Mary me?"
He was supposed to say" stephenie NIKKI Garcia BELLA, will you marry me?"
Bradley Howard
Lets hope this goes better than his last marriage lmao
Joseph Canavan
I'm surprised she didn't get upset that he said the wrong name
Lenny Studios
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Iggy Azalea
Selena Gomez

Nicki Minaj
Ariana Grande
Micheal Jackson
Elvis Presley

Ice Cube
Sean Kingston

Justin Bieber
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Nick Jonas

Carly Rae Jepsen
Nicole Scherzinger
Alicia Keys

Just kidding! Read the first letter of every word, and the champ will appear!
Dylan Homrich
Cena I'm dylan Homrich Rockford Michigan big fan of you and Nikki bella
Kossho The dragon
Tony Nguyen
former wwe diva Maria is returning...i guess now shes not blocked bz nikki bella is leaving
Tom Brady
He went to Jareds
Solar Dominica
Omg not even now ing it 😊
Ajb Baig
I could see Lily Singh in the row
James Capodilupo
John cenas lucky I wish I married Nikki Bella and the crowd was terrible during this
Mahlodi Mathebe
HE FINALLY PROPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reckless Mimi
The poor guy was pressured into proposing
Kawaii._potato 25
brenon williams
is that John cenaa momma?
Soccer and more more
Nikki Bella:you can look but u can't touch

John cena:So u think ur untutebell
um whose proposing?
girl gamer
they are perfect for each other
Tuti Torres
yes yes😁😁😁😁👍
Elizabeth Dauble
Elizabeth Dauble
Good job cena
Not the Real Kevin Nash
Good for them.
Kingo Margaya
C c😡😵😡
Wojtek Bińczak
Wojtek Bińczak
Oruto Gamplays
Y drake
Samanta Djedovic
Vivethan Senthilnathan
I love Nikkei bella
I Iz Leroy
I bet it's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway with that overused roast beef.
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