John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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After their WrestleMania victory, John Cena pops the question to Nikki Bella in front of millions watching live around the world: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

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Omg this is the sweetest thing ever ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Reenaye Beauty
daniel Castano
Eeewwww they kisssed thas grosss
ionut Ulici
lel lol lul
Princezz Jalloh
He "wooed" her with a big diamond and says 4.5yrs hes thought about it...or as he says along time....but in reality it is him giving her a big diamond so she will choose marriage and not have in love/a big diamond guess she chose not to have kids??whats the real story behind it? You think about it...y did his ex wife Liz cheat? He was young and dumb getting married young alot of the looks of it in the bkground pics alot of vodka... and guess she was not happy at all in her marriage..i wonder y??... perhaps its all more personal then we thought who knows but does not explain how he is so in love with her and plans to wed her and spend the rest of thier lives together...a generation of both would be sweet then none at all what is the awwww in that as they grow old and have no children between the 2 ????....... generations is what keeps the legend of who they really are and many many yrs to make history in thier hard earned work and rules they set.........God bless nikki as she looks as her niece everyday and hopes one day she will have one of her own.....:( but can't help who u fall in love with:)
Anna Salcedo
I m a big fan of you john cena
Fvcking Jams
Fvcking Jams
Oooooo they kissed 😘😘
Burak Sarikaya
She she she she she bababababababa
Sebahate Mucici
John Cena Wwe Boss👌👌
Lorraine Pigott
John cena is the best
Faze Asian
everybody was booing cena and cheering miz that day
Sylverio Carrizales
I wish my mom and dad
Jermaine Muse
Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes,yes that what she said
harish kumar
protect her from dolph ziggler
anila zulfi
what if undertaker retired on april 1
Dwight Charles
It's a Fake Diamond scripted fake like wee haha
Sapphire sparkles
OMG j and n forever yo and that ring is legit
After years of pushing him you finally got what you wanted, didn't you Yoko? I hope you're proud of yourself. How does it feel knowing you had to beg and grovel for 4 1/2 years to get him to propose? To bad for you, no matter how bad you want them, you'll still never have kids.
Mariame Elbachiri
she looked so unimpressed
Stone Harper
When you didn't really want to do this but the WWE Universe and Nikki Bella kinda back you into a corner...
Kai H
Whom is she hugging
Antwandiaz15 Yoangelfabiandiaz
r00t b33r
doot-doot doot doooooooooooooo!
Crazycookie 173
زانياري ياري
Arieful Islam
So happy for Nikki and John! Can't wait for their wedding! NENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!
tzi seong
i been waiting for this for like 5 yrs
ชนกานต์ คุณดิลกณัฐวุติ
Wow Wow
Unicorn Girl
Bro you gonna be serious
Stephanie Phillips
I love it!!! It brought me to tears. May your love flourish, and good for you hanging in there girl!!!
I can't stop crying.
José Guillermo Flores Ramos
Ya ni el la rosa de Guadalupe :'3
Omar Nassar
Omg this made me cry so bad, im so happy for them!!!
Modesto Gonzalez
Oh yhea😎
thein Thein win
wow that so sweet and so cute
Serega Bilih
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Stephen Magallon
Yeah let's go
Bubstone Zenlol
Tf, those girls screaming in the background.
XXFreyCatxX Cat
Who else saw Lilly Singh aka superwoman in the back ground
Unstoppable Night17
Wow so amazing 😭
Sofia Cantu
0:42 dead in the first row you can see LYLY SYNC AGAGAGSGSGSHSHDUD
sk irfan
John sir I am a Big big big fan of you sir
Tarun Nath Tarun Nath
Teo Momchilov
оооооо got got
alen I ivaka
l love you jonh cena and nikki bella ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👍👍👍NEVER GIVE VP jonh cena ❤ nikki bella
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