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 homemade list top 5 top 10

Carly Anderson
admire play love wfuvpr carrier mine sodium particle trading drinking south.
Cj Kanofsky
I actually saw the Muon magnet when they were transporting it. Not on the road, but in a Target parking lot not far from my house.
Drivers got 600 bucks lol
Enigma Arts
"Uh...im gonna be late for work..."
okay, how long we talking
"i don't know, there's a fuckin quarry excavator crawling up my road.."
Jesus Portillo
Number 1 Kim Jun un
Can you please subscribe to biker bro epic bmx race please because I have subscribed to your channel please
saving AAAgangforlife
Pokemon and make you wanna talk later who I'm l
Lawrence Genereux
For God's sake, BUY A SIBILANCE FILTER!!!!
Elite Snake
Transported like your great grandad was after commiting a crime
Imp 50
Its normal in ETS2 and ATS
Pavan Kumar
Veronica Star
bilal kafa
Moving the ships by land is also epic
Biggest machine from germanyπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ!!!!!!!
Jason Learakos2005
Here's the biggest of them all you did not include: A coal train with 682 cars. That's bigger than everything on this list conbined. It weighted about 100,000 tons.
Imp 50
Wish I Can Do 1 or more Of these in ETS2 Or ATS
Man is the best for Heavy transport
Lucas Richardson
At the College my Mom works at a whole building of dorms was moved to the other side of the college
1:22 weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Heritage Nwanegbo
Kaleb Lowe
Do you mean on top
Joe K
omg lol he said tran snorted
Learn2Draw channel
why did u use the word epic? me and my mum hate that stupid word
cutting trees just for that :|
On the Road
Nice Pictures! Our Trucks in Company are to small for such kind of Transport! :-(
This would have been so much more interesting if you had used real units.
Nitish Kumar
any one know background music
The space shuttle was my dads dealership sponsor and we had a Toyota Tundra from our dealership pull the shuttle. Don't believe me? Google Gordon's Quality Toyota NASA ship. My last name is Gordon and I live in riverside California
Reads title: Mhh okay.. Sees thumbnail: Wait a minute, isn't that a transport hull for a scud or something? And aren't those transported on 1 truck?
Finlay Mitchell
Why don't they just make those big things next to where they're going to be used? It would be just as easy as transporting it there.
Adanech Adanech
Zach Barnett
If only these people had amazon prime. Then they would get free shipping.
Rie Iberst
Was that a muscle car huh
Pedro M. P.
The wheel excavator reminded me of Black Ops 1 zombies map Moon xD memories :'(
Jan Viggo
im from norway as the last one
Shayne Tanaka
trezzy time
Haam haam
Nicolai Isaak Stubbrud
Wrong.. The Troll A platform is 472 METERS high. 1542 feet.
holy shit thats a boring video
sico gamer
Breaking News SJ
Impresionante transporte
John Aquini
heavy lift nice
Spark99 Gaming
The thumbnail was real......
Daniil Zubkov
Jesus americans
good video
Peter Holman
That was not a nuclear reactor but rather a steam generator for a nuclear reactor.
Dav RoZ
Why Isn't Michael Moore's limousine in this video!?
dana belin
Deutschmarks :D
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