Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown - All Eyes On You (Official Video)

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seriously Nicki can rap in so many different styles it's mad,she really is the rap queen
1:56 Quavo ist in every song tho
george malgaris
when you are chris brown and you are jealous af
Huzzinahgood for your love to her Oddah
awesome Nick,I like your courage and act
Javoka Toland
I Nicki Minaj ❤❤❤❤
azzouz hassan
niki what a babe
Mina Ahmed
Nicki started rapping at 2:04
Sarya Jackson
i love this love
Amiyah Gordon
Anyone notice Quavo
Ariel Beal
Chris Brown third wheeling asf.
Benali Abba Issakh
led my baby today
Natasha Petrusky
Chris brown is literally the third wheel
Fardowsa Elmi
meek mill is some dope song
Petro Mpimbwe
Jenice Renard
She sounds so good on this. Meek and Christ sound good too.
Jessica Padilla
Just noticed Quavo is in the video
Danyell Jones
meek and chris should switch spot because Chris sings more than me kkkjhb mill
jomari sarmiento
june 26 2017!!!
makumbi k2
Meek and Nick they were so good together and they use to put dope music fuck relationships.
A Muddy ELF Productions
I don't wanna hear about this ever again
Not even when she tell him that they better as friends
Not even when you saying, "Drizzy, tell 'em again!" he wasn't wrong though 🤔🤔🤔
Dylan Maire
She farted at 3:03
Jamaria Jones
Chris and meek should switch spots cause Chris is the one singing the most
Nicki get back YM!!!
Meek n nicki they break up!! Hahahahahah
no me gustan mucho
Hendrek Abath
Bag m m Bonn m M n
Shanaya Clinton
Btw, I love this song!
Shanaya Clinton
I'm only here because of my girl Nicki and my boo Chris
Kunal Kool
So wonderful sexy nicki
Enegue Male
Legend has it Meek Mill still catching L's in 2017!!
Bass Boost Songs
Nice song Nicki.
Jada Simon
Roxanne Martis
I think it's funny how they wrote the song in past tense lmfao
Destiny Griffin
1:59 migoss
Standardized Exams Master
Damn. Two fake rappers who need Chris brown to carry them
A Stillwell
I love it
Frank Paul
Nicki is hawt is fuck
Alyssa Burgoyne
+TheZanZaunTeam So True Doee
notorious big greets
Yolanda Washington
oh i love it
Pablo Henrique
amo essa MSC 😍❤
Meek gotta take a L for this because he no longer with this bitch
Jamaal Muhammed
chris n nicki teared it up...yo...
Quarta Key
dannie I won't u facts Kevin SC
Carla Gonçalves
Patrões, venham cá
miriam vega
chris brown is so fine💗💗
Deborah Finney
Nicki you are grate
Maria Trujillo
i love nicki
Zonnie Wash
does anyone think it's weird that Nicki's the only girl ?
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