North Korea’s new missile test fails

South Korea has announced that Pyongyang’s new missile test has not been successful.

According to Seoul, North Korea tried to test-fire an unidentified type of missile Sunday morning local time, but it failed. The Pentagon also said US President Donald Trump and his military team are aware of the “failed” missile test. The test-launch follows a massive military parade in the North, which coincided with the latest US threats against Pyongyang. North Korea has issued a stern warning against Washington, calling on the White House to end its military hysteria or face retaliation. 

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amin amim
N.K . have to have these misiles unfotunately otherwise U.S. wil bomb them...the U.S cowards cannot do that .... unless they bring more body bags ..they know they never won a war ...everybody beats their arses back ...thats why the need allies !! CANT GO IT ALONE ..WONT WORK ..COWARDS DO THAT ALL THE TIME
Alvin Gabriel
He going to try again 20th April
if this news is true.....keep in mind the countries could be deliberately blew up their own rockets they set up as a electronic weaponry system they have which can take out our grit....I am a Russian spetnaz special forces served in Syria for a year and we Russians do this allot.
Alouette Des champs
Shreds of Wisdom - Buddha's Dhamma
Satellites ? What satellites. There is no such thing.
Nukes are a Hoax!! If you look at the Nukes dropped in Japan, till this day people are
living and everything is growing where it was dropped? Also Chernobyl in
Russia where the meltdown happened, everything is growing and also the
animals are still living around there and doing great. Look at Fukushima
in Japan happened over five years ago and if the radiation was so bad
Tokyo would have been contaminated and everyone would be dead around the
area. The power stations are just heating water into steam and we have
been sold lies about Nukes. No one has push button Nukes. The MOAB
weighs over 11 tons, just imagine how much fuel you will need to launch
it over 6,000 miles like a size of a space rocket!! They can't , it has to loaded on a
plane and dropped!! It's all fear porn from the Israeli Zionist Jews agenda, they lie to us about everything. We are the goys just study their Kabbala and you will understand!
samar khan
ww3 is not happening
Wael Ali
listen dajals irani
south korea qatar bahrain suadi kuwait are occupied enslaved captured by satan your beloved
Wael Ali
you irani dajals repeat occupied enslaved south korra
you dajals do not know difference between slaves occupied like qatar bahrain emirates and talk about them as independent that is why you are the dajals
Zeke Yeager
Lol, North Korea is cheaper than China.
jason valenzuela
fake news. soul is allied news. why would people believe it. South Korea is owned by USA and Jews. it never happened. why are you guys spreading fake news. this channel is usually good.
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