Vandana Bhatt
is roal ke liye kareena kapoor khan ya firr aishwarya rai hona tha ....
status Aniket
Uni bro was nyc looking beautiful Deepika 😘😘😘😍😍😍
Lords Gateway
After wearing such heavy Jewellery and Rajsiya Poshakh of Rajputana, even a Dasi can look Royal. Nothing great about Deepika
Lords Gateway
She looks like a Daasi...Ash would suit perfect!
Rajshree Ovhal
Richa Gupta
aishwariya should be in this role
rati sudha
Not so happy with deepika look in Padmavati.... nt talking about unibrow but whole look s nt appealing like exceptional beauty Padmavati.... as she nailed with her look as Mastani...
Kamar Alam
The Authentic True History Of Padmavati: Written on Date 1210, 1220 and 1300 AD.
It clearly states that Padmavati was a simple woman like many other women’s and wife of Raja Ratan Sen of Rajput. The Historian’s written in those day of Rajput, Brshman’s and Muslim's doesn’t describe about her extraordinary beautifulness neither her superiority beauty.
There was problem territory between Chittor King Raja Ratan Sen (husband of Padmavati) and neighbour Kumbalner regior King Raja Devpal. The Problem led to combat between these two nearby Territories of Chiior and Kumbalner due to which Chittor regime Raja Ratan Sen was defeated and killed along with his many soldiers by Kumbalner Raja Devpal with his Army. so Chittor was occupied under Devpal magistrate.
In Rajputs its very old sacred practice of Sati of woman on terms of her husband have been dead or killed.
Therefore, Rajput Sacred Sati was practiced on all the women’s whose Husband were Killed in that combat due to which Rani Padmavati (wife of Raja Ratan Sen) along with other women’s were welcomed to holy Sati event and burnt to death by the rituals followers.
After few months, Alaudin Khalji needed to expand his territory to Rajasthan, Gujarat and some places of Present Maharashtra.
The Historian of 1297 states: Alaudin Khalji not only concurred/occupied Chittor but also Ranthambore, Chanderi, Dhar, Ujjain and Mewar in that same month of time and it wasn’t due to Padmavati. Confirmed.
Alaudin Khalji Territorial expansion was friendlier, where he used to give a friendlier hand written letter to all the expansion regions kings to come under the regime of Mughal Sultane and enjoy their unity and correlation under one Kingdome. Some offered hands in hands happily, while some Fighted with him, of one such combat was Kumbalner & Chittor Raja Devpal and Alaudin.
But in 1900 the store of Alaudin was faked and written as present Padmavati to degrade the Mughal King by Sanghi.
In 1900, then Hindu sanghi historian faked and written a new story of Beautiful Rani Pandmavati and affairs Mughal King Alaudin ….. Hahaa,
This was famous epics that time, the Fake Rani Padmavati was popularize in journals and Story Books. Then in 1980, the rise of sanghi: made Rani Padmavati serials and movie too ,… the same mith followed now by sanghi make another movie of Padmavati to degrade Mughals.
Jawaharlal Nehru in 1940s : Said Rani Padmavati is a local poem made now a day and it fakes the actual Truth.
Internet mining!!!
It's pronounced as brao... Not bro
alfina Kureshi
Padmavati story is old but he is hit film
Chitra Ghatak
Deepika is sexy sure but not an Indian beauty and specially not an equivalent to Rajput Queen... Famous for her beauty and courage and also intelligence. Deepika is just dumb.
reena jasrajpuria
I don't like unbrow but I am excited for movie
shalaka deshpande
I also have unibrow
Sampati Singh
Aishwarya Rai must be in this role
G Quantum
It's look strong and authentic!! So happy they are making this movie real not some Bollywood whitewashed version
Tanzina Rahman
Deepika looks stunning with this unibrow
fan_bollywood me
the look is reaaly artistic one n classy ..forget abt comments who cnt know it
Shahana Parveen
she is not beautiful better than sarddha
Aditya Patil
Please remove unibrow from this poster
Saikh Priyanka
Eyebrows can really change a person's total look
Ashwini Jadhav
I know this movie very beautiful and nice I am waiting this movie very interested
Moiz Amir
Flop disappointed 😔
Beyonce the great
Deepika is looking stunnig... Can't wait for release... I will watch padmavati becoz of SLB and DP
Mishi Yadav
She is best however she is whoever says bad about her is bad and cheap people
perla emerald
She looks beautiful even with unibrow, it doesn't matter, she is always stunning she will rock again
nandita bhate
deepika is looking so ugly
appu hiremath
deepika nt looking dt much good ..But eager to c film
Zahid Hameed
WOW deepika
Nityashree Seshasayee
Yeah Padmavati had unibrow, but it doesn't suit deepika's face cut. It's kind of a turn off. Nevertheless I'm pretty sure she will pull it off with her acting. And Ranveer and Shahid! <3
mohit jain
its not unibro!! its unibrow!! work on ur pronunciations.
Ishika Kapoor
That painting isn't of padmavati lol
Usman Butt
chi bohat buri lag rahi hai dipika itni kali maharani es se acha ash ko lete
chikki mania
Gandi lg RI h
Kiran Pal
looking ugly and old.
Ashish Chapde
Friends picture abhi baki hai
A look Mujhe Accha Nahi Laga
Ekta Singh
How many time she said UNIBRO 😝😝😝 its UNIBROW girl 🤣🤣🤣
Shivika Magaskar
It's not unibro it's unibrow
paras honda
there is no original painting exist of rani padmini, the photo you showed is of some mughal woman, not rajput.
imesh fallee
HAahaha So unibrow aint pretty Fuck YOUUUJ
Owais Siddiqui
Flop flop flop tried of same kind off films
merlin livingston
Deepika is stunning
Jeesan meah
Deepika looks churail 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Jeesan meah
She is looking nothing 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
richa srivastava
Yuck yuck
The movie is based in the 1300s, a time when hair removal for vanity probably wasn’t emphasised on as it is today. Back to the present, and every single stray hair is prey to the tweezer....that is why deepika has a unibro. ..
Kajal Suman
Not looking good..rani padmavati is exceptionally beautiful..
Chaima lovely
She's looking gorgeous as always
Nikunj Savaliya
really awesome...i can't waiting this movie
Rimsha Wattoo
Deepika always looking beautiful
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