The Try Guys Try Immigrating To America

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The Try Guys take on the immigration system and find out how hard it really is to become a US citizen.


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14th Amendment To US Constitution
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
State Dining Room
Rischgitz / Stringer/Getty Images
U.S. Presidential Portraits
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Becoming American
American Stock Archive / Contributo/Getty Images
Naturalization Ceremony at the Library of Congress
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Maria Espinoza gets help from daughter Esmeralda, 6, and son Jose, 11, as she prepares for graduatio
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On Saturday,...
Pacific Press / Contributor/Getty Images
Immigrants Approaching Statue of Liberty
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Italian Family
Lewis W. Hine / Stringer/Getty Images
Detroit Area Mosques Vandalized
Bill Pugliano / Stringer/Getty Images
Activists Hold Anti-War Rally In New York
Mario Tama / Staff/Getty Images
Nilufer Demir / Stringer/Getty Images
Immigrants Become American Citizens In Naturalization Ceremony At Liberty State Park
John Moore / Staff/Getty Images
Ku Klux Klan Protests Planned Removal Of General Lee Statue From VA Park
Chet Strange / Stringer/Getty Images
Violent Clashes Erupt at 'Unite The Right' Rally In Charlottesville
Violent Clashes Erupt at 'Unite The Right' Rally In Charlottesville/Getty Images
Governor Brown Signs California Homeowner Bill Of Rights
Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images
CA Governor Jerry Brown Holds News Conference On Pension Reform
Kevork Djansezian / Staff/Getty Images
Lyndon B. Johnson Taking Presidential Oath
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Susan B. Anthony
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Keystone / Stringer/Getty Images
Gov. Jerry Brown Reveals Revised California State Budget
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Jack Sjogren

Sarah Miller
Tampico Mexico my mom is from there woohooo
There are countries out there that are blocked.... 'cause there were baddies and don't get a chance at redemption?
Manuel Delgado
saudi arabia citizenship test: if a man rapes a woman who needs to be stoned?
it's ok, come to Canada
We have a tall guy, an Asian, a white guy, and a guy with glasses, all we need now is a black guy
Here's something to think about: given how hard the legal immigration process is, you can kinda get why a good deal of legal immigrants think that it's pretty unfair to go easy on people who hop the border.
Yoo Jin
I guess the question here is why do people want to go to America? I mean, there are other countries out there that can give them good opportunities. America is fucked up! I don’t know why people would want to immigrate there!
Parker Toman
The construction guy said he would come to the US without papers and send money back home. THAT IS ILLEGAL. All Americans, rich and poor, pay for these immigrants. I love immigrants, but not illegals.
kid belcher
The girl at 15:47 is my friend Natalie Romero and I am glad to say she is doing better. I am happy that the try guys are bringing attention to this problem, thank you!
Lucy Garcia
This was very educational i learned alot didn't know it was a long process just to become a US citizen very lengthy and costly sounds exhausting it's sad and heart breaking to know that alot of individuals have to deal with this there should be an easyer way
I'd love it if America took over a huge portion of the refugees currently living in Europe.
Something Good ;D
People are afraid of what those other people from different countries could do.They're afraid they are going to do something to out lives but the truth is most of them just want a home, a life.
"we interview our average viewer of buzzfeed to find out what they know'
leedle S
we took this test in school!!I am not sure if it was this test, but a test to do with U.S. In my school district in order to graduate you have to do well on that test to graduate
Hazel •
Immigrants should be treated equally as Americans. If they’re more than qualified than that American who’s “qualified” or “willing”, they should be able to have that job. They don’t care about anyone getting a job unless a immigrant has the opportunity to have a job, then they care.
Garbage Mistress
Do not listen to that old-man. He is wrong. I'll say it again, wrong. Being married to an American citizen has no effect on your path to citizenship, country of origin, nor do need a college education. All falsified information. Canadian citizens take about 14 years to be legal American citizens. Think about one for a minute.
Hazel •
Aww those girls are so beautiful and seemingly sweet, I’m so proud of them.
Jesus Jimenez
Damn I’m happy i was born in America 😂
Marleo Ca
That background noise is killing me!!
There is Always Canada
The Raven
Aren't all government services, public schools, DMV, etc slow and can be perceived as "broken" to some degree? Only Parks & Recreation seem to really have their act together... beautiful parks with very clean bathrooms. Very impressed with them.
Been there done that :) don't forget all the costs involved for every step of the way.
Tamryn Jayce
All the lucky people able to get into america or are born into america, good for you.... I fell really bad for all the people who could not get in. They are right. These hoops are too high.
The audio is mixed horribly
The Ultimate Wealth
Why is everyone so set on america. Just go to europe, like germany. It is so much easier te get in and you are just as free as in america if not more free.
Sabela López
The amount of comments saying the USA is great and needs more control on immigration is giving me a headache.
KaSS hAs An IsSuE
im in cancun, mexico
and my family is very stressed,
they blocked my family visa just because our great great dependent had a high criminal record.
Study college 🤣🤣🤣🤣
cait ly
Nichole Figueroa
Keith and Ned were pretty insensitive
Danielle Gaming
Immigrants we get the job done
Tanner Michels
This was my favorite Try Guys episode. Thank you so much. You and the personal testimonies of those two women changed my entire view on immagration.
Mercy Jen
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Hououin Kyouma!
You don't have the right to live in any country you want. An actual refugee fleeing from war to the nearest country should be the ONLY exception to this, and it should only be temporary. If we really want to stop these situations in the video from occurring then then stopping all immigration would be the best long term solution. Stopping the "brain drain" would likely lead to greater economic development internationally, thus reducing the desire to emigrate.
"has anyone ever tried the double boat method?!" ---- Keith,

i died, lol
"…what about abuelita…"
Lucas Barlow
There is something so mesmerizing about Keith saying that part of that speech with the jazz music.
Natalie Skupchenko
Immigrates, we get the job done ;)
Jr Grover
In a recent survey when asked if immigration was a problem 28% of people said yes, the other 72% said ديموقراطية.
Jared L
If it's so hard, try another country to immigrate to... OH WAIT all the other countries have these same laws!
Blair Brophy
So many feels. All the tears. (and I am not even American)
Sarah Welch
Does anyone else think that the "background' music is way too loud in this video?
Tani Maheshwari
yikes looking at all of this im so glad i plan to leave the us after getting a phd
elle parsley
when you think about it, all this information is pretty much useless
elle parsley
I don't think we'd have to do that in any other country
Aiaru Askarkyzy
Or you could kill babuelita?

Bad advice, I know..
Supe Dude123
Im from iran
S. S.
Good concept, terrible audio
My friend, Natalie, is pictured at 15:45. As a student in Charlottesville witnessing meaningless hatred toward other nationalities and ways of life in her home, I am disheartened. We still feel the effects of what happened here in the 434. Vote! Get active, America! Educate yourselves to avoid these big demonstrations that show ignorance!
Love 2 Draw
So what test do you take in order to become president?...
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