Justin Bieber Sings In Spanish For "Despacito" Remix With Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi

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Its music monday! Luis Fonsi surprised all his fans today by dropping a Despactio remix feat Justin Bieber and its amazing!
¡Quiero bailar para esto para siempre!

Beliebers if you have the a case of the Mondays no worries this song is sure to start your week off right! JB gifted us with some new vocals on the remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanki’s Despacito. He kicks off the new version in english but then, get this he switches over and sings in SPANISH! When you hear it you are going to realize its exactly what you needed in life… so with out further ado…here you go

Three words. You are welcome. He is basically singing about taking your clothes off and kissing you all over in spanish. Yep try to keep your composure while i continue telling you about this song.

The track, which translates to "Slowly" in English, was already a bonafide hit before Justin decided to jump on the track. It racked up the most views in the first 24 hours for a Spanish-language video when it dropped on Vevo back in January. It's also the first Spanish-language song EVER to reach the top 10 on Spotify's Global chart but I have to say the Biebs definitely takes it to another level.

This is definitely a good week for the singer because he is also officially clear for allegedly head butting a guy at  a pre grammy party after his attorneys effectively stonewalled cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ .Justin's lawyers refused to let the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. have a sitdown with him, and when the alleged victim went radio silent the investigation fizzled out.

So it looks like the Biebs is back and better than ever! Alright guys no I want to hear from you. On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate Justin singing in es spanol? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for hanging out with me today on Cleavers News Feed I’m Jackie Iadonisi have a great week!

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Jasmine V
Justin Bieber is just giving gringos a reason to sing despacito and act all "spicy" 😑
chelsie olney
he sounds so much better in spanish
Hoooooo my GOD 🙊🙊🙊
Sunit Trehan
Shiba Islam
justin beiber i am a huge fan love maira
Blake Condon
Luz Imelda Ortega Gonzalez
rate 10
Desiree Santos
The way he says despacito 😍😍
Betty Orozco
Well I think he sing really good and I hope they do more songs in Spanish
Felicity Garcia
10 ofc❤
Felipe Dominguez
omg 😚❤❤❤
El señor DroiddGamer
what is Despasito?
Lesley Hernandez
Yesenia Srmto
jajajjaja yo vine por la parodia de Juan Pablo Jaramillo 😂😂😂😂"todos los gringos buscando: What is Despacito" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angela Here
ah vdd que todos se acordaban del gringo ahora
justin deserves a 10 for singing in spanish
liliana delamora
you all are sooo stupid he is a fucking joke trying to get famous with a song that is already famous hahahaha its because he can't do it with his own music 👏👏
I'm Spanish and for not being spanish he did amazing.. Justin gets and 11/10 he killed it 😍😍💖🔥🔥
Seriously when he sings in Spanish.....its too organismic
Sunil Jadhav
Ruby Hernandez
10 out 10
Raisa Yasmin
Victoria Rasmussen
Flowerosalice Kidrauhl
i died only to come back alive again n die again the first time i hear him singing in Spanish n the effect is still the same till now ! so its 10000000000000000000 from me ! he should sing in again !
cookie chad
Justin Bieber Fan Page
he made me love him even more 😢😍😍
Aaliyah Jones
Diana .italian.
The first few times I couldn't tell it was him because he was singing in Spanish but it sounded like him and it was SOO good
Savannah Tejada
Ananth sekar
Justin rocks in español
Cristina Delacruz
on a scale to one to ten it's eternal I love the song so FUCKING much
jackie ll
ooo damn 👏🔥
Maria Ramos
I give it a TEN
malenda suarez
Peter Anglin
he sounds better when he speaking Spanish
Crismar Santana Chaval
i love cupcakes jay and puppys
nope he ruined my day and my favriote song
Yvng Silky Smooth
what's sad is his pronunciation is better than selena gomez's
3 words Justin I'm pregnant 💀💀😂😂 jk
Y hay están los estadounidense googleando What is despacito
Brandon Lima
a perfect 10
I RATE IT AT 100/10
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Who thinks justin is better at singing in Spanish?
Nitzel Burgos
broke my scale and im wet
It seemed pretty good. He wasn't exactly alone so kinda hard to really tell.
Cassidy Steensma
it's average.. wtf
Cassidy Steensma
it's average.. wtf
Deli Sya
I love you justin you are so talented
Arruda Lourdes
JUST WOW! justin you are a very amazing men just to it you are a international singer young men ! CANADA! wow! amazing practice language you just dry in Français love song ! you are welcome!
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