Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote tracks down one of the most invasive reptiles in Florida!

No it’s not the Burmese Python, it’s the Black and White Tegu! These large lizards are very popular in the pet trade and are known for their docile temperament...however in the WILD these beasts are FIERCE! Scouring disturbed habitat devouring anything in sight, including the eggs and offspring of native species, these scaly creatures are reaping havoc on Florida's delicate ecosystem. 

Have you ever seen a Tegu before?

Get ready to meet the new king of the Reptilian Invaders! 

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I have that lizerd
Hussein Kings
Lightning Mcweeners
Why does the Tegus have a ballsack on its chinπŸ˜‚
jaden derizanz
😲😲😲😲😲😲omg tagu is amazing
jaden derizanz
wow cool rebtile
im in florda right now
damit elephant
Man, I would've walked right past that tegu or even on it. That camo is incredible
dylan plows
Where the komodo dragon?
Winnie Praxe4_44edes
I dare
It has it's mouth open the whole time like "LET ME EAT YOU."
Ella pet lover
My channel is Ella pet lover
Ella pet lover
Hey can you come heck out my channel I love brave wilderness
Burrito Smith
Florida is 49% water, 50% under brush, and 1% road
Reever Daniel Bohol
Everest Mountain
Get bite
Joshua Abadano
Awww the Tegu's smiling for the camera
7:40 muh boi slumped
Dana Watson
Can u do hippo?
Tegu make great pets if your a responsible owner
gaming zilla
If you ever want to come back to Florida respond we could search our hunting woods
Brode Fought
Vince with Slap Chop
It’s not consuming Floridas wildlife anymore.
toxicraptor gaming
I would keep a baby and feed it lots ands lots of eggs
Tommy Blake
I have a pet tegu and he’s really calm and he free roams my house he only time he hurt me was when I picked him up to put him in the bath and he accidentally scratched me
Jodie Peterson
I lo
Caramel Critter
Tegus are the cuddliest reptile ever I have one
jessy stone
black and white tegus actually make great pets .. captive bread more so then wild caught
Zyra Padilla
Christian Gutierrez
This is so cool, my friend actually has a pet Tegu :D
Reneshia Thompson
Come back to Florida :D
shane ツ
I live in Florida I swear it has the most invasive species of any place in the world. Like every tropical reptile lives in the wilds of Florida now because of people releasing pets. :[
Random Cookie
Big.... long strong and adaptable nooooooo
Random Cookie
More popular the vid is the more dislikes k. Kkkkkkkkk
Florence Cardona
do you have a house?
jumaine sewell
your a lier you said you were out there for hours and than you said you were out there for twenty ?
Why is the Tagus mouth always open
tray clark
I wonder if you would get in any trouble for hunting and eating them cause a taygu jacket would be dope
I like the Tegu's chubby cheeks.
Michael DeBell
Eat 'im
ReptileMan 0912
That Tegu is not a He, but a female, but besides that: tegus make good pets for specific people.
Like any reptile, you need to have dedication to domesticate and train them, understand the size they'll grow up to, and make sure in advanced if you can actually afford to house them.
They need to eat a lot and have to live amongst you like a dog -- not in a tank as an adult.

The tegus I have seen are intelligent and very affectionate like any house cat or dog you'll ever seen. Just like those grimey jobs out there, they're not for everyone and require a special type of person
pork bb
Tegus make fantastic pets if you know what you're in for.
Victor Vallas
We love monkeys spider monkeysπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
Victor Vallas
Reptilian Invaders in White House.
Julius Hannibal Jensen
You should find a black mamba
Is that a alligator? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jan Franquesa
Is it me or the membranes of that lizard are like the human's
Ryan Cooper
The big muscles on the jaws are not muscles they are just sacs of fat. The males have them to defend their jugular vein
Ryan Cooper
My tegu was relatively aggressive when I got him. Now all he wants to do is snuggle up next to me. Best pet I’ve ever owned
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