Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote tracks down one of the most invasive reptiles in Florida!

No it’s not the Burmese Python, it’s the Black and White Tegu! These large lizards are very popular in the pet trade and are known for their docile temperament...however in the WILD these beasts are FIERCE! Scouring disturbed habitat devouring anything in sight, including the eggs and offspring of native species, these scaly creatures are reaping havoc on Florida's delicate ecosystem. 

Have you ever seen a Tegu before?

Get ready to meet the new king of the Reptilian Invaders! 

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Jaden Reyes
Hey what did you do
itsDevildog75 YT
He kind of reminds me of an Indiana Jones type person except he doesn't hunt artifacts he hunts animals to study them
What a beautiful creature.
Darlinglam Aj
Ayyy I live in Florida maybe you should go to circle b ranch in lakeland Floridia it is full of snakes and alligators have you seen that big gator that ate another one, yeah that was at cirlcld b ranch and I went 3 days after that happened
Home Videos
They are popularmmos and coyote
Home Videos
I now know two YouTubers in florida
Ghostly gamer
If coyote like and pins this then he loves animals
Vincent Dorando
The lizard is cute
Shawty Fox
8:20 hold down K an d listen XDD its so funny! :)
nick and Anth
so... he is not releasing him back in his home??😧😧😢
T gibbster 9
Tegus can be venomous they can trace bacteria in their mouth and that makes there venom witch will kill Roth in one bite
Abigail Fuertes
Visit safari edventure in homestead
Richelle Johnson
it looks like a rock.... didn't he say the same thing about a snapping turtle?
TNG x Mac
5:23 Pisses In His Hand
Carlos Valdez
I hav3 a bearded dragon listed
Yuvraj Mann
Nancy Marroquin
He Literally Did This Where I Live By
Aidan U
When he said he could not release it I thought he was going to kill it 😂
Adnan Nazir
my first Youtube channel for which I have enabled notifications.
The Reneeinator
Thousands? I'd say more than that! now they are being spotted up here in the tampa bay area, They are so many now! theyre like the iguanas now, no getting rid of them at this point
Stephany Cormier
Hello person who's scrolling through comments have a good ☀day
The MC channel
Are they related to monitor lizards
Michael Clavette
but wear armor
Michael Clavette
enter the chomp zone with the black and white tegu
Lucas &Reptiles
When you get to know them won't bite you
Lucas &Reptiles
By the way Argentine tegus come as great pets. I really recommend getting one
I am trollface
Shana Lee Levin
I had a 4. 5 ft red tegu for years.. they are wonderful creatures but not an appropriate pet 4 the kind of person who would dump it in the woods
Deshun Campbell
coyote reminds me of a pokemon hunter
Eugene Bacon
M.T FUN Roig,Benitez
i want to see you get bitten by that lizzard ,sorry and thankyou
Alyona Lutsenko
ciody I saw that animal too
Katelynn Darling
Get a price of meet and let it bite it
John Callaway
lmao, lucky it was cold, seen these in Argentina, and they are super fast! No way you could catch one that easy. Sad that irresponsible pet owners have made this problem, they are very smart and can make great pets if you have the time and energy for them.
Sara K
What's it's name?
Marsha Warren
My uncle has a tegu it bit his thumb but he is fine
Plot twist, all the animals were paid to be on the show.
AshCat Gaming
4:00 - "Searching For Hours"
5:59 - "Searching For 20 Minutes"

Wilderness Logic!
Sad Machine
Get the ants off of the Tegu :(
Josh Lane
get bit by it
Amy Barrientos
you should be bitten by that.
Marcio Destron
i live in Brazil and this lizard as called "teiú" he eat chikens ducks fish birds eggs and fruit .depending of region of course he feed in each way possible.scary animal theres cases in remote areas when this lizard eat domestic cats too
Allan Robis
i hope one day some kind of animal bites you in the face, because every videos you seem so confident to hold them close to your face.
Havoc gaming
I live in Florida
lewis hammond
Why couldn't you release it back into the wild ?
Patches Boo
Does anyone know what kind of ecosystem they belong in?
love waching your vidios
I Do Many Things Anything
cool lizard name
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