Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote tracks down one of the most invasive reptiles in Florida!

No it’s not the Burmese Python, it’s the Black and White Tegu! These large lizards are very popular in the pet trade and are known for their docile temperament...however in the WILD these beasts are FIERCE! Scouring disturbed habitat devouring anything in sight, including the eggs and offspring of native species, these scaly creatures are reaping havoc on Florida's delicate ecosystem. 

Have you ever seen a Tegu before?

Get ready to meet the new king of the Reptilian Invaders! 

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Jerry. Solomon
hi love your show
Mark guerra
I have one of those
Harry Singh
its needs some milk
Crimson Crash
i was waiting for the lizard to bite him. Idk why.
Florida is an amazing place.
Marie Pauwels
Teenage mall focus law ask receiver comment warm find smell.
Martial Artist
You can clearly see the lizard knowing that it is in no danger. It calms down once in awhile.
I have two tegus recused from pet trade
Backyard Amphibians/ Reptiles
I going to get a tegu
Strong Savage777
8:20 He need some milk!!
MarcusGamer 8
Next up

The Komodo dragon
Brawlers_ 54
my cousin brought one ti my birthday party before. jt was about 4ft long
i live in orlando i hate lizards
lcb bunch
get bit by a tagoo
Jairus Jeslie Apiladas
there are a lot of kind pf tagoo(i dont.know the spelling) in philippines
Jairus Jeslie Apiladas
there are kind of a lot of those in philoppines
Tegus in Florida?! That's my dream pet! I might as well catch a baby one there than spend 1,000 dollars on one.
kyle robinson
Native Americans should have thought the same way about invasive species
what dat mouth do
Rose Gold
I am moving to the Everglades in 6 days... yay.
joshua munoz
ho my god
Isaac Campos
sure the tagu may not belong there but it is isnt right to just take it out of the wild and move it somewhere like a research facility
anonymous mystery
Btw if you ever come back to Florida there be iguanas
The best thing is that it's legal to keep a tegu
Slender Star
That thing wants to eat him. Especially when he talks.
Christie Hunter
What's also annoying in Florida is the pop rock lol sardines reptile
The Shadow Master
I think it looks kind of cute when it's opening its mouth like that I don't know why
you are like bear gyrlls
No Name
kill them
How are you so lucky that you never get bitten and when you are bitten it's by a non-lethal animal.
Anyone else feel like Coyote was treating it like a new spesis?
omg the pun's are real he said "There is a new animal in the spotlight" 0:51 BECAUSE IT HAS SPOTS! ;-: lol
Toastman Breadman
I used to own two tegu we named them yin and yang and when handling them we had to wear leather gloves
Aj gaming Xb games
I would love to have that as a pet
Iliana Fernandez
Iliana Fernandez
I WANT ONE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Julian Perales
you should see if tegu vs a gila monster
Sebastian Mesa
That was dangerous
Conner Griffin
Love that luminox you wear in almost every video
I want one but they're like $950 with tax so like $1000-$1100
Tegu make great pets. It's just about KNOWING your animals. You have to be committed to an animal if you get one. I know how big my female ball python will get, and I accept the challenge. Getting a tegu or a berm and releasing it because it got too big is like getting a fuzzy puppy and releasing it because it turned into a Saint Bernard.
I accidentally ran one of these over when I lived back in Florida. I still feel bad about it...
5:40 i will eat you
Jacob Graves
i have a pet tegu
hey coyote do the komodo dragon next if you dare
Patrick Charlton
the tegu are friendly lizards and they do get along great with other animals do your research before you make a video I own 2 Argentine tegus
Chance Carney
i hope they eat python eggs
Tristan Smith
I've always understood the threat that many invasive species can pose to local ecosystems, but at the same time a part of me can't help but wonder in certain instances what would happen if we sat back and let nature do its thing, in certain instances. In the case of the tegu, for instance, a good chunk of Florida is already pretty artificial to begin with, with entire ecosystems having been demolished or "rewritten", so to speak, and the idea that when humanity eventually does go extinct (as every living thing eventually does) that we'll leave most of Earth's ecosystems completely unchanged is ridiculous. Invasive species have been a thing since long before humans, with the cycle of "new species introduced, old ecosystem changes or collapses, new ecosystem forms from the survivors" being a cycle found since the first multicellular organisms evolved.

I'm not saying we shouldn't make an effort to prevent the potential damage that invasive species can cause. I'm just saying it'd be interesting to see what the tegus would do a few generations from now, in the hypothetical scenario where we let them be, and how that would affect everything else.

Imagine a future, several thousand years from now, of a Floridian wilderness, where descendants of tegus have gotten larger, taking steps towards potentially becoming a megafaunal predator to rival the local alligators.
Allysyn Harders
so you take an animal just relaxing and you give it to a research center they can catch one them selves I'm unsubscribing
FuzionXRodog Overwatch
Their chins look like mine
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