Keith Controls His Friend's Life In The Sims 4 • Eugene

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“He’s the most perfect insane man ever."


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The Something Channel
Keith should have a gaming channel #makekeithfromthetryguyshaveagamingchannelwhichwillearnmillionsofsubscribers
GreG R
Do all this sims in sims 4 have big asses?
Madison Lynn Boyd
"WELCOME TO KEITH" kills me everytime
Emily Pierson
what is the song at 6:40??? I can't remember
Annie Howse
One of the best Buzzfeed videos ever.
Hannah Whitt
Eugene kind of looked like Rob Lowe from the side
Tize Ice
"Once a fan accidently call me Eugine, it was like the biggest compliment" - Keith 2017 😂
Stan Talent Stan DGNA
"Who is this guy? This guy looks… awful" Disgusted noises
Madster Richardson
Make yourself!!
Amethyst H.
Lol Keith is just awesome with full of idea's and funny lool ...make more videos of Keith controlling other members.
Why is this so funny.
Ally Leguier
whahh ugh
Jillian m
keith has the biggest mouth I've ever seen
“And fell asleep VERY QUICKLY. Goodness!”
The conversation between one gym guy and between eugine voice over was geniusly funny lmao
Jenn Marie
I love Keith!!! His personality makes him sexy. Eugene is just hot!!!!
Becky Archuleta
Oml! This is sooooo funny
purplesquishyrabbit 1
Keith u r my fav try guy
karla santos
Jaime Marston
"Who is this guy?" Ummm looks like keith
Jaime Marston
The nose is off and so are the eyes.
Lajada Hibbler
7:20 this is so mean-spirited loooooool
Ava Pulliam
" I wanna capture his hardness "
Elizabeth Cortez
Why does Eugene look like a lion 😂😂
Jerlion C
is he gay?
AMagicalUnicornThatIsBetterThanYou Misra
This is too funny 😂😂😂
Crybaby! Directioner phans At the disco
Bailey'sVLOGS // ReynaAmihan16 \\ AsrielDreemurr
The Nina caliente Girl
was dantdms GF in his letsplay
Lifes Sky
Europeans we use electric stoves they are best
Sumayyah Ross
Who uses an electric stove
Charis Day
0:47 It's Dil's hair guys!
Rachael P
I choked on my water at least 15 times😂😂😂😂
xoxo tori
the part when he was talking about the house screaming names had me dead
I love how Eugene's video in "Keith Controls His Friend's Lifes Im The Sims 4" has the most views out of the other Try Guys! 😂😂👌💕 I guess he's America's sweetheart.
Narcissa However
"Wouldn't it be terrifying of your house screamed your name? KEIIIITH! EUGEEEEENE!" I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING 😂😂😂
Lauren Day
Love Keith
Emma Withers
He should have done the "hates children" trait
Crystal Hickerson
HILARIOUS! Great Way to start a Saturday morning!
juliet mag
I like to spend my time watching adults play Sims
Alexandria White
"Who are these people? Why did they put garbage in my garbage??"
Jamie Starling
Do you notice how many times kieth goes ugh
Audrey Feng
this was published on my bday yaay
Ånńė's Vłøgs
Keith is funny, my favorite buzzfeed guy and all the four guys try 😂😆👍🏼😊
LPS A113
Eliza Pancakes...
Mica Santos
7:07 i see eliza pancakes
Shameca McIntosh
I love Keith now lmfaooooo
Julianna Kopa
I'm definitely in love with Kelsey
Maddie Stanfill
The blonde guy is actually unnoficially her son
paige b.
where was windenburg or san myshuno, im so hurt
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