Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]

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This November, Thor: Ragnarok. Watch the teaser trailer now! 

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wahaha wahaha
Possibly the best trailer ever...and jeff
Katherine Lynch
1:36 I love how Loki is BITING HIS FINGERNAILS when he sees the Hulk again
Erik Ortiz
1:31 is funny
Nerd Of Undertale
Announcer: Now, we present to you, The Incredible Hulk.
*Hulk comes out*
Lox Of bastion
Harsh Rajput
My love my face
Mustafa DEMİR
ne zamann vizyona gırecek
Edgar Timchenko
Reaction to the teaser: sing and cry
Man Toya
its that yondu friends at guardian of galaxy 2
Ziquan Dai
What is the background music? A lot of trailers use it, right?
James Chang
0:25 I like the music
Jay K. Weatherface
Oh snap that announcer voice...
The Arbitrary Show
I've never been so excited for a Thor movie!
0:44 Did they just electrocute the god of lightning? lol
That moment as a DC fan you realise you're more excited for Thor than Justice League..
Эрдэм Ванданов
The best teaser of Marvel; Led Zeppelin + Thor = AC/DC + Iron Man
Dilip Rajpurohit
Music i have heared somewhere itz a old music ??
This is one of the best teaser-trailers I've seen. I salute.
Niki Jain
4 months since the trailer dropped, and I still keep coming back here.
Pin Jia
Am i the only one who thk the first witch (0.19) is so cool?!!!
Marvel released a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 teaser already?
Berk Karataş
Fantastic track choice.
Brianna Brickey
"YES! We know each other he's a friend from work!" 😂😂 That's my favorite line in the whole trailer! So excited for this movie! It looks completely epic! As someone who loves mythology, fantasy books, and superhero action movies this trailer look like everything I ever hoped for in a comic book/mythology movie! SO EXCITED!!!!!!
Jaime Jiménez Palma
0:34 0:37 <3
Brown Man
what's the song called?
Jeffrey Jacondin
Who knew Thor was part of the Star Wars Universe?
Elioz Royale YT
חרא כמוך
Kate O'Brien
we know each other
he is a friend from work
oh come on😵
Joe Masters
He's a friend from work! XD
Mony Yaadav
Can i know what is the song used in Bgm in this video
KnockOutBeats - No Copyright Music
Sweet Video Dude!!
Idostupidthings 1
What's the song
Lars Lefgren
What happened to the hair!
DC: we make the best trailers
Marvel: hold my beer
How is there this many dislikes on this? Not only does it look badass. But the Led Zeppelin in the background makes it that much more badass!
Tolga Kömürcü
Whats name fon music ??
Paweł Stus
Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song in backgroud. yea
Yun Heineken
Soundtrack name please..
Toube 3ALAM
2017-08-12 03:06:06 - Video Like - Searching for videos
Peter Pakour
Who is dislikes which mean they really hate Thor
The master of Shadows
whats the song
Lydia Martin
Loki is so awesome... ( sorry thor.. :) HEE HEE
Jeremy Solloa
This has to be one of my favorite trailers, literally because they used Led Zeppelin in it. YES
blamblam taylor
Would be awesome if we see drax and rocket watching the fight
Mutira Hazle
My god Cate has probably the best body in Hollywood at her age in this movie.
Vladislav Gochev
great trailer
maria k
Lady Aku as villain
xXcold stoneXx
Happy b day thor
Aww no mew mew
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