Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]

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This November, Thor: Ragnarok. Watch the teaser trailer now! 

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Eu sou o Hulk e vou matar todo mundo que não se inscrever no meu canal :)
Awesome background music
Thor New God Form, Hulk and Doctor Strange : Click Here:
Niki Jain
Who's here again just waiting for the goddamn movie to release?
fig newton
Who else is randomly here from New Years 2018
yasir ali Khan
Look at this thrilling video. A boy calls out thousands of crows in one word.
Steve Hoffmann
“Hammer of the gods. We’ll drive our ships to new lands, fight the horde, sing and cry! Valhalla I Am Coming!”
Kevin Reynart
Yup. I am skipping this film. I don't want to watch a stupid parody of the Ragnarok storyline.
Joe Mathews
Malcom Alexander
1:04 He stood alone at Gjallerbru.
Sahid Masthan Pasha Shaik
I'm a superhero(marvel/dc) movie fan,I'm interested in comics so can anybody tell me where and which one to start
Gerald Araco
What if Star Wars trailers were like this?
Cinema Cinema
like (◕ ‿ ◕)
Average citizen
Mayank Singh
And the name of the song ??
Leah Dawson
Did anyone else get here from Naruto?
Konara Kusumarathne
When Thor Meets Odin After Ragnorak
Thor : FATHER!!
Odin : After A Very Long Time, You Have Found Me.
Welcome Home Son!!
Odin : Do I Sense Something Missing?
Thor : Um...My Hammer Got....Broken!
Odin : WHAT!!!!!!!!
that's a whole lot of completed effects in that alley scene for them to just delete
Mauri Joe
Just a few more days for the Revengers.
Jenson Jr
🔴 THOR 3: Ragnarok Movie' ✅
VS Advertising
My Technical support
still loved this first Trailer
You're a shitsack
Where is ragnarok
So Thor and Loki die?
first he loses his hammer now his hair
I googled who the villain was and found out its Cate Blanchett. Now I have a crush on her. lol
Se esse eso o file imagina como vai ser de vingasores guerra infinita
Vinh Nguyen
I hate Thor. I hate Marvel. I only came here for Cate Blanchett!
dam POI
0:26 audio <3
Cherryshia Himawari
There’s Lady Vainglory
It's all false. made in computer. there is no one there.
App #
Where is Korean Subtitle!?!
Godzilla ROX
That's funny just getting ready for a fight and say 'yes'.
Michael Ruben
SHIT !!!! I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!
Euder Felipe
Pior filme do mundo que porcariaaaaaa pior filme já lançou aqui no Brasil a DC é 10000 vezes melhor
detected bots
Nose que opinar, me gusta que se haga famosa la cultura nordica, pero también la estan ensuciando. A la gente cuando le hablas de thor te dicen todos el de marvel, y no. que rabia da... Los paganos me entendereis.
Clara Regina
🔴 Thor Ragnarok FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
Arunprasad Sivaprakasam
This movie is going to brutally destroy the DC movies. Love the trailer and the track.
Austin Dick
Hela should have said: "If you're nothing without this hammer, then you shouldn't have it."
this is how you use music in a movie trailer people
I like this cuz song XD
rajat shahare
Ohh! Man it's Marvelous MarvelWhen it's launch date in India with hindi language. Waiting waiting waiting.... Love
Taika waititi
Super like amigo
🔴 THOR 3: Ragnarok Movie' ✅
Barbz Losowski
0:28 is the baddest villain look ever
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