Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]

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This November, Thor: Ragnarok. Watch the teaser trailer now! 

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Sanjay Holikeri
Are yar movie hindi me YouTube pe dalona and full movie upload karna plz
Marvel Geek XD
Lol the hammer breaking scene was different
Marvel Geek XD
I already watched the movie comment if your an OG marvel fan 3 I can’t possibly show how much I love marvel in my lifetime and this movie was the SHIT
Moises Chutan
Who’s still watching the trailer after seeing Thor ragnarok ?
Adam Miller
This pixel will never stop calling you out on your sjw writers bs
Adam Miller
I wonder how Mark waid can get away with libel and not go to prison? Oh that right your protecting him. More crimes that I will call out whenever I feel like posting. I am not scared of you little entitled wimps. If anything happens to me or my family members I want charges pressed against marvel for harboring murders.
Adam Miller
If marvel fires Mark waid and his sjws buddies I will stop calling you out. If not I will be calling you out on your youtube page for a long long time. I can do this for a long time and the world will be watching. I almost forgot about Disney. You're cowards
Adam Miller
Aww did I make you take down your video. You're cowards who can't take an opposing view. Mark waid ist arschloch und ist kinderficker too.
Adam Miller
Ich hasst Mark waid und ich hasst dich too.
Is it just me or does everybody else who fell in love with this trailer keep coming back to watch it every day more than once? I saw the movie and loved it, btw...but the trailer is AWESOME!
Jv Simms
Great movie. Hilarious jokes, cool action sequences, awesome camera work and acting. Totally makes up for Dark World.
Patrick McHale
This film looks like a big action film. Very awsome movies to watch.
john jamies
Well i wouldn't mind hela destroying my hammer
Seán Sourke
That looks enjoyable. 👏
Vijay Victor
The theme music is awesome....
this trailer spoiled just about everything in the movie, thanks ;)
Unwoven Sleeve
Watching the trailer ruins the surprise of Hulk being the champion and all that. Don't watch trailers kids, it's worth it.
Tali Garcia
😍😍😍😍 me gusta mucho este trailer y mas la pelicula conpleta 😂💜
Night King
Great MOVIE i like it allot
D’Anthony Williams
Hela ❤
Abigial Rosser
The first Thor movie was okay but this movie was AMAZING!
This was an ok movie but they did some overboard things. One of them being the obvious -Thor becoming Popeye the Sailor Thor so he can look like his dear old daddy. Sentimentality is overrated. It was nice to see Thor become so powerful, but then they blew it. Plus he really didn't seem to be Thor at all, just some superhero who happened to be called Thor. I love the actor who plays Bannon but he even seemed different. There were some very funny moments, but I really wish I waited to rent it. Definitely a movie more for younger people. It was also a bit corny like some 70s film. I have to go back and watch the 3 previous Thor/Dark World/and Avengers just so I can remember why I liked these characters. And Loki is pretty good no matter what he does or how weak a movie is. I would say his acting seemed unchanged, thank goodness! But it was still not worth going to see it in the theatres.
Metal Cube
1:02 the face you make when you got a extremely rare item in a game.
ad vertise
Tales Uriel
Algum brasileiro
Thor: Ragnarok Full Movie
🔴 🔴 THOR RAGNAROK (2017) Full Movie 🅷🅳 ► ►🅷🅳 🎬
Soumya Ranjan
Want the movie
best marvels movie o all time
Gods Of Rock LED ZEPPELIN !!!
Aryan Sapra
The best of best
Goth Blanchett is my new crush
Zep just make everything better...
Batuhan Vr
when will the movie go to the vision ya
Bill Archer
Another EPIC win from Marvel.. the second we saw this teaser.. we knew its a wrap... This movie was going to be HUGE !!
PJ Princess
I showed my sister this video, and made her watch the whole thing. When it ended, I looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I loki want to see this movie." And she refused to talk to me for at least ten minutes.
0.18 did not happen like this, the background is different
Lolicon Shaman
why the place where hela destroyed mjolnir seems so different ?
i watched this movie, hera destroyed mjolnir at meadow.
سارا للمشاهير
What name this song ???
FandomGirl 23
I fangasmsed so hard while watching this movie
Jay Saenz
Good movie except for the ending... that was an awkward joke.
Doom Gaming
Thor ragnarok Thor Vs Surtor Full Fight on my Channel
Thor is Triple H
Kanami Mura
Thor: Ragnarok

visit link here :

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Morgana Figliuzzi
I’m here for “Valhalla I am coming”
Yes, and also for Thor
오 멋지다
I'm so glad to have watched this movie yesterday.
Hiritikk Kumar
0:19 in the movie they were in a open green space ..not in a city
Eugie Valdes
Arguably one of Marvels top 3 best movies ever made so far....
The Sentry
Thor lost his eye.
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