Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]

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This November, Thor: Ragnarok. Watch the teaser trailer now! 

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nicole wiedmer
I feel like this song was made for this trailer 😊 If you actually listen to the words of Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song, it's like they were tripping and reading Thor Comics when they made it, lol. I can't wait till this movie comes out 😁
Richard Maikranz
Oh snap, Executioner and his M-16's!
Arctic Angel 1
We interrupt the trailer to bring you Spartacus: Gods Among Us.
Tobi B.
is it too late to digitally reimpose chris' long hair
I think I've literally watched this trailer at least 40 times. Like in all seriousness, I need to stop before I ruin the movie for myself.
Ibrahim Aletabe
Every time I rewatch it, there is a smile on my face, but sadly i live in Saudi Arabia😔
Jesse James
What is the name of the song?
Estevão Costa
I think i watched this trailer at least 40 times
I'm excited for this film. I was really worried that Marvel wouldn't be able to make a decent Thor film and that phase three would suffer from third phase in the trilogy syndrome and put out a bunch of underwhelming movies. From the look of this, and from what I've heard about Guardians, nothing could be further from the truth. It seems like even after brilliance of Captain America: Civil War Marvel are just getting into their stride, and even better films are yet to come.
Gladiator vibes!
wonderland's babe
Glad Loki is in here 😂😂
World War Hulk
Malik Harris
Guardians of the Thor-laxy
Robert Z
Everyone knows that Thor's roomie Darryl will defeat Thanos in Infinity Wars.
So is thor a comedy now? Fucksake, wish marvel would pick a theme for a character and stick with it. Bullshit aside, yEEAAHHHHH!!!
Haven't seen anybody mention about the New Zealand Director: Taika Waititi who's directing this movie! Lol
mkhuseli nqala
"yesssss "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zexion Cornejo
Oh my gosh Show White sang the song in Shrek 😂
Alan Nguyen
1:02 Even Heimdall has new hair :"- )
Harris Sharif
perfect trailer X) can't wait
Paulão MotoVlog
How can Thor and Hulk be so weak that they are kept in an arena to fight each other instead of just punching their way out?
Yashira Sanjur
lo mejor del trailer es la canción de fondo....😂😂😂😂 grande Zeppelin!!😍😍😍
Abdiel Gonzalez
ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh!
how much lifes loki has
Stranger in a Strange Land
Marvel knows how to bring it. Wonder Woman trailer had good track similar but now Thor got Led Zep!! Beat that DC. Can't stop watching this.
The LittleBro
Opser Haha
Spoiler alert. Heimdall's eyes is the last infinity stone
Kid Pizarro
Wow this is better than the GOTG vol. 2 trailers.
Treefrog Johnson
Cate Blanchett got the Eva Green from Penny Dreadful Cosplay down.
Victória Mocelin
I wanna be Cate Blanchett when I grow up.
Ethan Palmer
This is Asgard!! (Thor kicks someone of a cliff)
I know what you're thinking
how did this happen? well, dc is dead 😂
wolf scythe
I'm a fan of reading the comics so seeing the hulk this that World War Hulk??!!!!
Toby Duvall
wow 33,000,000 views n goin. that's cool but I want this baby to be at least 2:45 long
Deborah Duncan
аmazing videо! Guys рlеаse rаtе my hot vidеo on mу chаnnel. Liкеd? *)
Puran Rajkonwar
Am I only the one who get addicted of watching this trailer everyday i
Fro Ing
In the Nordic mythology, Hela is the daughter of Loki. Fitting...
Francisco Javier Tovar Cano
Fenrir, Jörmundgander?
Kemal Dalgali
ne zaman yayinda
The Spl Gaming
100%there is docter strange
scarlet spider
Superman v Batman

GotG called...They approve of this trailer 😎
Perde Arkası
I am addicted this trailer. I have been addicted Doctor Strange trailer before. What are you doing Marvel?
Mario Antonio
The Australian God of Thunder.
Evan Angus
This movie is awesome! Can't wait 2 watch dis :D
John Dripper
haha hulk op
assgard is dead
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