Jellyfish Challenge!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and crew set out on an epic kayaking adventure off the San Juan Islands near the coast of Washington state!

Along the way they spot a variety of sea birds, bizarre crabs, harbor seals and MASSES of Moon Jellyfish.

So of course, testing his curiosity Coyote decides it’s a good idea to pick up one of these jellies with his barehands…YIKES right?

So the question is not only, will he be stung?… but also how bad it will be?!

Get ready to witness the Jellyfish Challenge! 

HUGE THANKS to our guide Carson for leading the team on this adventure and keeping the crew safe so they could enjoy their day off and all of the beauty of the San Juan’s. Also a special thanks to Shearwater Adventures for providing their kayaks. Please visit their website to plan your own kayaking experience -

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