Clueless Gamer: "Far Cry Primal" With PewDiePie - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Conan travels to the distant past with pro gamer PewDiePie, along with their trusty badger perv sidekick.

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Why did they edit out almost all of PewDiePie talking?
ElectroGamer HD
PewDiePie is teaching Conan to play games, why dont Conan teach PewDiePie to be funny?
Adil Y
That awkward handshake will forever hunt PewDiePie
FilthyFan zander
that moment when conan makes a better utuber than the so called utube "celebrity"
Andres Naula
lol people ganging up on PewDiePie... he did ok
Jon Day
This comments section is full-on autistic.
William Chin
at 4:45 the nerdy white hair guy was clearly holding a ps4 controller, but they introduced the game with the xbox one branded box...
Rapid Modz
3:09 akward handshake 😂
Joanna Cruz
Bandit der Veteran
3:09 bad handshake
wsj was a inside job
Hirosada Utsokoto
Felix can't play without saying a single swear word HAHA
I'm not pewd fan but I've known of him a long time. I don't have anything against him-he was at the right place at the right time. Conan may have better one liners but I'm sure pewd was playing video games on YouTube long before clueless gamer. Clueless gamer may of been inspired by pewd.
If Conan did gameplay walkthroughs it would be legendary
Pratap Kutty
Is it just me or does Conan constantly call him Poo-Dee pie
To All "Judges" out there who saying that Pewdiepie is nothing when live w Conan n not use w the stage... crowd.. bla bla, PLZ think once more.. This is Conan's SHOW! he might jz being humble & respect him a lot and do not want to cross the line. this jz prove how good PewDiePie is! even the video has been edited n cut down to suit the owner of the SHOW..
Abdul Hamid Alonto
Birth of Larry King
Zealako Okey
am i the only one who repeated that high 5 again and again hahaha
Who else thought the Conan show was stupid when they were younger, but like it all of a sudden?
Jay Jenny
didnt felix said he's a shy person outside his channel...? felix looks like he is really nervous next to conan.. i feel bad for him but this video was hilarious
Merkz HD
3:12 most awkward moments
future doc.
I cant understand people. everybody saying that it would be same without pewds. he may have the biggest yt channel based on gaming/comedy but there's conan who is a professional comedian sitting right next to him and its his own show. pewds can be a little shy it doesnt make him bad
Derek Cartman
i dont get it. i watch a couple of this guys videos and theres nothing. its just pure stupididy. this is really the era of the stupid. kardashians , kanye west, reality shows, youtubers who just act stupid in front of the camera
Aw, Bihngt!!! Just like his companion in Journey!
Gadrick Knight
That was quite entertaining. There should be more collaborations of these two.
Mohammad Albitar
every night i feel the cringe XD
Extreme gaming
Sooooo cringyyy
Edmond Herrera
I really like PewDiePie and I love Conan, but PewDiePie was SO outdone by Conan
Aestheticz Pastel
Webbz Official
3:11 the other man did not make it throught the handshake either.... :(

Felix is acting weird..
pewds looks like a softer version of conner McGregor
Rosa B
3:07 my Favourite Part !!
member the old days?
member bengt from Lucius
Shanon P
aww pewds is so cute.
Taps fan
poor PewDiePie, he looked nervous as heck most the time and really didn't seem like he was having any fun... definitely out of his element, no hate intended.
Nicole John Rasco
3:09 tge cringiest part
Ah Sheng
omg that handshakes is extremely cringy
Bird Tozz
so Akward handshake 😂😂
Sheur Yang
do more clueless gamer
D Nice
Conan is intimidating because he's always on time with his jokes.
Brennan Busch
funny video
Bintang Saputra
William Wallace
So awkward
Average Alien
pewd trying so hard to not curse hahah
Timothy Do
lol i love how people are saying how pewds should "learn" from Conan when he is doing exactly what pewds is doing in his own vids XD
3:09 cringe highfive.
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