GTLive: Monika and MattyPatty FOREVER! | Doki Doki Literature Club! (Ending)

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Sayori, NO! | Doki Doki Literature Club! ►►
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It's time to finish DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB! I still like Monika, but she is really starting to Freak Me Out if I'm being honest. Join Steph and I for the final part of this sentient game, and we'll see how much freakier it gets!

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The Smoking Skull
The reason Monika's file didn't show up in the Recycle Bin is because MatPat pressed Control-Delete a second before she reset everything and erased herself... if he had just let Monika reset everything without pressing anything, she should have still been in the Recycle Bin...
Vienna Savage
Monika is trying to make them seem crazy with those bolded lines

N- i
I- L
does anyone else realize that the image in the back is actually the screen where sayori hangs herself? Its freaky as hell
Play it again!!!!!! There are so many more endings!!!
Peace It 27
I love MatPat and Stephanie's Nerd Love!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Peace It 27
Wow! Yuri has scoliosis just like me! I'M SHOOK!!!!!!!!!
Austin Kues.
wow matpat is smooth
When you definitely shouldn't be watching this because you fit in the warnings but you do anyway because you're invested.

(Don't do what I'm doing, if I didn't have a bad feeling about the hallway scene with Yuri and looked away bad things could have happened. I'm a bad example.)
Shiroi Watashinomori
The moment when you have to watch this gameplay in less the 2 hours it has.... So sad for me....
Malgosia Milczewska
Since I watched the playthrough of this game for the first time, I get terrified by Yuri’s 👁 👁 every single time I see her…
Beny Puga
Look at the first word in 58:51! It says blood if you piece the letters together!
Am I the only one who thought Yuri came on the paper she wrote the poem in? Could that be the pale yellow stain? Cuz she said she touched herself with his pen, right?
Panduh 13ear
It would be cool to make Monica's ending a live wallpaper and from time to time she starts talking.
Stephanie M
Itz Funneh
1:39:18 the end..? Halilujah
I played through this game once, then played through it again to be with Monika.... forever...
She eventually forgave me for needing to close the game.
ms.marvelous 815
“You really are my everything MattyPatty.” Yeah, like you haven’t said that to thousands of other people.

Also Monika is literally flowey or chara!
Theory on this please!
The Packing Pacjack
Do a theory on this game please
Write a theory about this game please! XD
My_Chemical _Obsession
This is such a good gamr
You guys should really do more metahorror games
Derik Goodson

and i thought undertale would mess with files and mess with your game
is the black and white text supposed to be Monika taking control of the others
setsuko esperanza
5 of my English teachers taught poetry with rap
Cherry Berry Beatz
These are my head canon voices for all of them

Especially Natsuki

Btw just finished bingeing 9 hours+ worth of this game from these guys
1 BadArtist
And Natsuki was left behind. She HAD no downfalls XD
Lily Casket
You guys have to do the ending where you delete Monika
Emma Brook
The pen should’ve still been facing the other direction
Muchi Doopalot
You guys should play Oneshot It's pretty meta

Like If you agree
Dylan White
I cannot stress how good this game is. It is without a doubt the best VN, and best free game on steam. After playing it I actually went back and bought the deluxe edition, since I feel the dev deserves every penny of it. MatPat only scratched the surface at the amount of stuff in this game, like the hidden events with the .chr files (as well as the stuff hidden within them), as well as all the RNG and program related events with Monika, or the note written by the dev himself. You dont get that sort of polish from other indie or FTP titles, or the entire VN section of steam. I really, really hope this is only the beginning for Team Salvato
Hazel Coodo
This game is so satisfying
Thank you so much for this series, since the game had an Anxiety warning & I also heard that it was horror-ish, I didn't pick it up, but watching it was much easier for me. Thank you GT Team! :)

Emily Lawther
When you're in "space" with Monika when she's talking to the "real" you and she calls you GTLive and it's your Steam account or something--another game, OneShot, does a similar thing except I think it reads straight-up computer files. When I played, it didn't call me by my Steam name, it called me Emily. It was /awesome/ and freaky, but OneShot isn't really... Doki Doki, so it wasn't as wild, I think.
Haruka May
I'm always reminded how terrible chat backseating is with this game.
my name is smiley rainbow
Black text=Monika.
I love Steph's response

Steph: I'll take good care of it. I...
(sees Yuri's next line)
Steph: ...nope.
Thegamingfox !
has anyone relised that all of the members in Doki Doki literature club all have some kind of deppression or somehow has an early canection to death? And how Monika knows everything about anything? What if Soyori didn't kill herself but Monika pushed her to kill herself.
julia kubaski
Why is the video gliching... is really annoying me
Chris Duncan
Killer Queen Bite za dusto
I’m triggered. Matt said “Wampa” instead of “taun-taun.”
Alexander Stoyanoski
She has a pain fetish
Iva idek
Take a shot every time MatPat says 'Oh no!' and 'So good!'
Chloé Parkin
I want them to do a stream where they just go through different combinations because God knows I'm not haha
In the just Monika part if you turn off and on your game then Monika will keep talking. She even explains that she knows that your streaming and jump scare. Keep turning it on and off and she explains nightmares that she keeps having. Anyway it's awesome and at the end you just delete her char file anyway so it's just and extra 25 to 30 minutes of Monika. Is it weird that I didn't come close to crying when Sayori died, shed a few tears when Yuri died, but sat down crying for like 5 minutes after Monika died? Probably so.
The piano means Monika is listening and paying close attention to your actions. I would go into detail about it but I'm too lazy so instead I'll tell you that when your spending time with the girls there is only piano same with Sayori's death. Again too lazy to write it all so just look it up. Trust me it's interesting.
Noah Carlson
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