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Ron Rio
these are all brilliant ideas with multi uses, i would prefer a slower version with details on the making, thanks
This video was such a waster of time lol
Shamitha Silva
Check out more hacks like this..http://jazzyglobe.com/travel/essential-camping-hacks-everyone-should-know-about/
nabila asfirane
Wow amazing
Justin Calzada
so why will you bring a cake for camping? They are always bringing back their previous hacks and not even related to the video
Gabucha Marcillo
Jaja es muy fasil
who thinks that the music does not suits to the video?? please like!!
if u see then on 4:27 the space between the piece of cake increases
Austin's Adventures and Gear Reviews
I will give you this, you are very creative, but almost non of these could be used in any camping situation.(The only one I found to be plausible in a camping situation was the water bottle spoon.) These are more of craft life hacks and travel life hacks . All of the match "hacks" are pretty cool but I can get all of those tricks (except the hot glue) out of UCO storm-proof matches ($7.95 USD). Again this is not to rag on your cool crafts but to inform you that almost non of these "life hacks" relate to camping.
Peter Hamilton
hoo boy....
Freddy Díaz
Get New Gear at www.onhammock.store Tip: Check Out Our New Arrivals!
Supahfly Adrian
who takes an electric sewing machine camping?
Raquel Largo
Like si lo amas
Hogan t
Camping sucks!,i did it for 2 years while working why somebody would want to do it in their spare time is beyond me.
Q. Buenas. Ideas
Sasha Rivera
you are so cool I think you should send me show me how to do those stuff.
adwait surve
What you put in the bag of mobile phone carry bag small small pockets
Nora Vidz
Joshua Doherty
burning plastic is toxic
Faizan Ali
Your all crafts are awsome i love your crafts🖒🖒🖒
Joseph Stokes
My Pugs went to sleep during this video!
Darren Jones
Not what I'd normally watch but some useful easy clever ideas
עומר כהן
הכל מעניין. כל הכבוד למה לא מתורגם בעברית לפחות את החומרים
Tommy Northwood
In case I need to bedazzle in the woods. lol
Eliška Bartáková
Very very good
is this finnish channel??
Max Schwaber
who takes a cake camping
Soy la unica q habla español
Tutorial Myths
Please try to add singing
PugsRThugs 97
The last digit of likes is what cake you are

1.Cookies and Cream
5.Ube (search it up its a real flavor)
6. Mango
7.Cheese (We all know what Cheese Cake is)
8.Peanut Butter

What birth month you are is what color frosting you have

May:Royal Blue
July:Hot Pink
August:Race Yellow
September:Ice White
November:Leathery Brown

Im a Cookies and Cream cake with Ultra Blue Frosting!
Myles Hamilton-Flack
who brings floss?
una marea di stronzate
3:07- here's a handle to attach to your bag's....um...handle.
John Mainwaring
Excellent, but I have to say if all my cloths were folded up into little squares so you can't tell one thing from another, I'd need years of therapy. I can't imagine trying to be quiet trying to find things to wear without the light on and everything is in the form of a square. All fun aside super video, thank you
James Francisco
Hi, For you campers out there. A must see!
Richard Graham
this video has nothing to do with camping.
It shows household hacks exclusively
Camping Valderredible Cantabria
Great tips!! I think these recommendations should be at the entry of any camping. People would enjoy the holidays more, and worry less about the things they forgot at home... Thank you for this interesting video.
Dustin B
How to change garbage into half assed replacement for something you should just buy anyway.
hamad abdeli
Big Time Slime
How is this camping
Slow down on the nacho bag fold up part. I could not see the last most important part.
roller boy
I thought it said camping ideas not for a t home
Ed Felty
Marry me oh crafty goddess! ☺️
Self-Cancel Music
Why cut a liter bottle into a 1 cup mug
Sandeep Singh Mangat
myrsky tulitikut=Suomi!!!!
Yogesh Baba
Popeye The Sailorman
Lovely..... Though some of them are not always useful.... But lost me with the phone trick. Care to elaborate....
100 Cool Ideas!
Now I need an idea on how to get me out of the house and get camping!
Motley Stew
Dental floss to slice the cake. And then use a straight edge utensil to lift a slice.
Why not just use the utensil to slice the cake?
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