President Donald Trump full spech from Kenosha, Wisconsin Snap-on Tools headquarters 4/18/2017

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The president addresses workers at the Snap-on headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin following a tour of the plant.  

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We love and support our President Donald Trump. President Trump is doing an excellent job.
Robert Strampp
we will build with new tools and ideas the best of the best one glorius nation from seas to shining ochean
Robert Strampp
old guard your times up your shit dose stink drain the swamp let the sun shine in out with olygarks times are a changing.not since jfk has there been such a blessing.
Alexis Villafana
Snap on,only the best! Trump visited SNAP ON,NOT matco,not Mac,not cornwell,not Stanley,and definitely NOT CRAFTSMEN......biggest sell out to China of them all.GOD bless America GOD bless Snap on.USA!
Thank God Mr. Trump is our President!!!! God Bless him always!!!!
15 minutes of bullshit, 5 minutes of "we're going to sign the best executive actions," 5 minutes of riffing.
AUM 786
Its all about business. Wherever cheap labour is available jobs will flow automatically. Its all about business. Its not all the time we are doing sci-fi kinda work for which highly talented workforce is needed.
Andrew Leishman
obama tried to crack jokes to make everyone around him 🤗 but Trump does not need to do that
SnapOn, Matco, Cornwell, all are a complete rip off. They cost 3 to 4 times or more than Craftsman, or anything comparable. The warranty is pointless because you can get the same warranty from cheaper brands. I buy American as much as I can, but when you are blatantly being gouged on price to cover Union dues, sorry but no. I work on cars for a living, so I have seen the prices for myself. Do yourself a favor and if you don't believe me because I'm an a hole, compare the prices. Making payments monthly on tools and boxes that cost as much as a car payment is insanity. I voted for Trump.
pale blue dot
im sorry mr president but we do not produce PhD students

we literally dont make enough.... it makes zero sense to blame immigrants for being smarter and harder working

its our fault for being greedy and lazy not theirs
Full spech? What's spech? Spechin zie sausage? German?
jfuy htdtd
To those claiming that he used H1 B and had his products made elsewhere. Only a fool doesn't change his mind they say. Dude has a change of heart now. MAGA on dear POTUS. Our country is being taken out of our hands thanks to Congress and the greedy corporations.
Roxana Tour
if you vote for Clinton you are a Mexican a liberal or a complete retard

Clinton is a big fucking liar who got 4 people killed
Reet Proper Berk
Worlds biggest tool visits Snap-On
Shakirasexyjuicy Ass
So no ones gonna talk about how abc spelled speech wrong
i couldn't leave my house because people were crowding the streets. thanks trump.
Jonathan Cunha
I hate Donald like he's such an idiot x😡😡
Beanie Pittbull
"Sleepless in Washington".... This guy never sleeps, There has never been a President in recent decades that promoted business and discussed with so many CEO's then our current President, Donald Trump, Thank You Sir :)
Trump has done so many things for his country but you people keep nitpicking the smallest of details.
Obama spent his 8 years playing golf and no-one batted an eye.
Robleis IUTU
[Donald Trump is] (?)
Ricardo Campbell
i bet you that donald trump wouldn't even know how to snap on those tools and use it to repair a bicycle. you know white people hate their skin because it feels slimey and sweaty and icky disgusting is what they say about their selves.
Thot he was going to say 'man on the fucking moon'
Alvin Sawdust
Trump is a tool. Did no-one tell him Snap On get stuff made outside of the USA? Kind destroys his whole speech.
Nidia Avila
I'm from the fucking desord lol gud. thing that it got internet
Nidia Avila
fuck you donol tromp you sun uv a bitch suck dick bitch lol
Bank West
Bank West
Ryan Ehlis
astro not's! ugg why is he funding fake ass NASA?
Juri Schwendemann
did somebody reallize that Mr. Trump took the business card after his speech? I thought he is a president and not a sales man...confusing...
dark matter
Fuck Donald trump but I like snap on
ten is such a bias wrecker
I'm here bcs I was told to comment on a Trump video being a kpop fan
TRUMP 2020
"Buy American, hire American." -Donald Trump 2017
Glenn Zarmanov
9/11 Was Made In USA like 11/9
Tony Chheng
I don't know what kind of art is it behind him but it's extremely ugly and killed my eye
Vicki Bates
trump you suck and have done nothing for this country except create chaos lie cheat and like a little baby put blame on everyone else, especially Obama. It appears to me you are a racist pig. Oh i mean the orange orangutan
Motripoid aaudiolan
Deep state swallowed him. I thought he will be different
Ash White
wtf did i want to win!!!
Wonder if Make America Great Again hats are made in China?
Snap On!!!!
Gary, Indiana not Wisconsin
Papá Olvidado
Still bragging about the elections.
The Trump family couldn't care less about hiring American suppliers for their product lines. Literally ALL of their current merchandise is imported, mostly from China and Hong Kong. This means they actively went through the process of shopping for suppliers and nixing every American company they saw. Trump may have hired American contractors and architects in the past, he just didn't pay 'em. The Don has a con artist reputation to uphold.
That was a good "spech"
Bertha Yellowfinch
Name one single US President since Eisenhower, just one, who had no designs for murder, military plunder, destruction of the American family units and forcing outrageous crap upon the world AND American children and adults. Name one President who was true red white and blue American.

There isn't one since Eisenhower.

It's not just the Presidency but Congress, State governments and even Universities now. It has taken that human garbage something like 70 years to spread and contaminate this country and our people. Now look at the trash we have as President and Commander in Chief. A horror.

Do your research to learn who the hidden hands are. They are easy to find. Just follow the smell.
God TheFather
Die Trump Die!
Dustin 3423
The Earth contains all the necessary resources that could enable the world to live freely. All we hear about are "jobs" "jobs" "jobs." The average person spends 33% of their life sleeping and another 30% working. I am a contractor that has traveled the world building golf courses. People have had their brains wired to think that working until you reach a period of your life when you are old, feeble and can't hardly go to be "normal." It's not normal. Not in the least.
Heartless Lands
I love the trump news.
Russell Davis
If he gets what he wants more Americans die early deaths. How is that a good thing?
that's something you do when you got a little extra time to kill on your hands
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