Аmerіcаn Аssаssіn Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD

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Аmerіcаn Аssаssіn Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD

Jamie Juhasz
I want to meet Him
Myiuki Myiuki
I only watch this because Dylan xD
Abby O'Donoghue
mehhhh lil boat
No One
I mean Damn Dylannnn ... <3
Laura Zarembaitė
my, love Dylan O'Brien 😍😃😃
Danielle Ngouelet
im so glad that Dylan O'Brien has a great career because he deserves it
Ola Paul
i wanna See that
Gabriela Mverechena
Dylan o'brien is the sexiest man alive😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗
Oh Dylan get a haircut
Lu cy
I can't wait to see this movie, not just because of Dylan I think its gonna be dope
Fidan Abdullayeva
Dylan O'Brien is such a supertalented and goodlooking dude!
Py Bonbon
miss your old hair Dyl
Patrick Fie
I'm a straight guy but I can honestly say Dylan O'Brien is one sexy son of a bitch
Mya J
My baby boy has grown So much IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN
Гульназ Болатова
Love him so
Mayo Styles
0:44 What the actual fuck? Is there a movie that doesn't have Muslims as Terrorists lord!! 🙄🙄
Brandon Toh
I think Dylan O'Brien should play Nightwing aka Dick Grayson in the recently announced DCEU Nightwing movie. Like this comment if you agree! I mean he's already training with Batman in this trailer ;)
Buse Samiye
saçlar lensmi bebem
Ariana Butler
Omg this just proves he could be a good nightwing for the movie
no name
why would you make a movie that hates on Muslims?
kiran maharjan
looks awesome good actors :)
radolf p
he have caliber for getting good movies
Where did he find he time to do this movie, along with Maze Runner when he was out for so long for that hand injury?
KMaggi 3
When I heard one of my favorite actors was going to play Mitch Rapp, I was so friggin excited! Then I saw this doesn't come out until September! OMG, they're killing me. Seriously, Dylan I know you're gonna rock this part.
Lauren Byrne
Yasss I can't wait
Christopher Fitzsimmons
Not a fan of who is playing Mitch.
Abrar Tomlinson
omggg finally. but why the bad guy have to be arabic lol, like bitch I am 2.
Can't wait
Natalie Is Soo
this looks amazing
Lemona Z
does anyone know the bgm!!??
Sage Parsley
Dylan has really upped his game from teen wolf
Le commentaire
avant j aimais trop dylan o brien maintenant plus c est sa barbe je pense
When you finally escape WICKED
Okay, who wants to see this just because Dylan O"Brien is in it? :)
Georgie McLean
Nemesio Mendoza III
Love the books, HATE this trailer. Has a made for TV feel. Could have been AWESOME but I think it will be a flop. Why the hell would you change the storyline of an GREAT book. Have a feeling CBS is to blame.
lazy bones
about damm time mitch rapp gets a movie..hope they make sequels too..
Isaiah Lee
Oh hell naw bitch.. you did not just steal my Dylan....😂
Would have been better if it was a non-white American sick of seeing white Americans as everything in movies. They aren't the only Americans who serve in special forces in the nation.
De Tri
I dont know about the movie , but the trailer is not good Bad song
Looks like an audition movie for Jason Todd.
Gautham B
This is based on one of my favourite books by Vince Flynn and I kinda hate what they did to the story. Why change the story for no apparent gains? And the lead role, Mitch Rapp ought to be played by Taylor Kitsch, not Dylan who looks so lost here.. :/

Waay to ruin a great story by making it pretty generic.. :|
Aestic obrien
Saurav Bhattarai
This is suicide squad all over again!
tom underwood
looks wicked
knew this dude was good from season one of teen wolf, finally a roll worth this guy
Kyle 6
It's a mixture of john wick and the punisher
This what's happened when all your friends have wolfpowers accept you..
Megan S
wow, styles can kill Scott after this, new alpha indeed. lol
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