Аmerіcаn Аssаssіn Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD

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Аmerіcаn Аssаssіn Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien Action Movie HD

Okay, who wants to see this just because Dylan O"Brien is in it? :)
y u do dis
Nemesio Mendoza III
Love the books, HATE this trailer. Has a made for TV feel. Could have been AWESOME but I think it will be a flop. Why the hell would you change the storyline of an GREAT book. Have a feeling CBS is to blame.
lazy bones
about damm time mitch rapp gets a movie..hope they make sequels too..
Isaiah Cayatineto
Oh hell naw bitch.. you did not just steal my Dylan....😂
Would have been better if it was a non-white American sick of seeing white Americans as everything in movies. They aren't the only Americans who serve in special forces in the nation.
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De Tri
I dont know about the movie , but the trailer is not good Bad song
Looks like an audition movie for Jason Todd.
Gautham B
This is based on one of my favourite books by Vince Flynn and I kinda hate what they did to the story. Why change the story for no apparent gains? And the lead role, Mitch Rapp ought to be played by Taylor Kitsch, not Dylan who looks so lost here.. :/

Waay to ruin a great story by making it pretty generic.. :|
The Maze Wolf
Saurav Bhattarai
This is suicide squad all over again!
tom underwood
looks wicked
knew this dude was good from season one of teen wolf, finally a roll worth this guy
Kyle Chan
It's a mixture of john wick and the punisher
Mohammed Azhari
This what's happened when all your friends have wolfpowers accept you..
Megan S
wow, styles can kill Scott after this, new alpha indeed. lol
Yuri Dickson
Michael f#@kin Keaton...nuff said
Kable Kars
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josiah clinch
silent mental aporoach
I read the books and i pictured Rapp as a good size guy. Discrimination against real martial artist and busty women in Hollywood is sickening.
McDonald’s could be the new American church
Matt Street
Probably decent thing to watch in the background when it hits Netflix.
Monkeychango 999
I have this mindset already so fuck the film.
kaito kid
why the bad man always has to be arabic?
Charlie Pruett
0:45 why the fuck is mitch rapp kipping on pullups? why does he look like he weighs 150lb instead of 180? why is he using fucking throwing knives? the book is so damn descriptive and doesn't need to be changed.
Kasen Rogers
Plot Twist: it's actually a John Wick Origin Story movie. 😂
fuk dylan o'brien looks like a badass im excited to see this movie dont let me down dylan
Charlie Pruett
they changed some stuff but the book was so good ill have to see the movie
Jaap IJdema
"He's not ready."
Bad guy
"He will be."
Good guy
looks like one else of those "I Wana be strong anime types" so NOP!!!
Mackenzie Hall
i think ive read the series this was based on
Berkay Vodofono
this gonna be rough
Michael Keaton as Stan hurly is cool but I don't know about the kid they have playing Rapp. Looks like they changed the way his gf died and WHY he was recruited.
pero si lo entreno Batman!!
Eric Rentuza
0:21 says katrina
0:30 says kristina
Christopher Nolan
Music please ?
Raiyan Goh
Golden Draven
he could'v become an avenger
miss cool kat
this looks soooo cool!🤗🤗🤗
To me, the only good thing in this movie so far is Michael Keaton. besides that, looks super generic. super assassin with ninja moves and gun-fu taking on hordes of weak, deaf, blind terrorists with AKs to avenge hot girlfriend dead. Even the title "american this" or "american that". Not liking any of it so far. But hey, Is just my opinion.
Hell yeah I'll watch the dude from the Maze Runner fuck shit up after training with Batman!
Sooooooo excited!!!
Jadugar Jagga
how come he has longer beard than mine?😕😕
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
lmao ,mooricans get always screwed over the same script ,they get hurt in a false flag operation ,they get angry go to seek revenge and find themselves killing pples for the profit of the same pples who killed their relatives .
Starry Live
He looks young
Carolyn Knott
holy shit
DK Commander
we need a buddy film with him and Tyler Posey
Mishonati Love
So this is where it was found dulan.
I thought you were stuck in a maze.
Dulan are amazing!
kiboorg 123
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