"Jabba the Hutt's out of shape stunt double"... I say gawd dayum, lol. That shit was savage!!
No Colbert, No!
US gives every country that it rapes with wars, a "right of entry/passage" to criticize it and defend itself by any means!
Why wouldn't any foreigner stop calling him names when his own secretary can call him a fucking moron. For people who don't get the sarcastic view of this clip, foreigners do have the same freedom of speech.
The Haunt Girl
Oh Colbert 😂
that last punchline about jabba killed mE!
Laydie Lie
I'm a foreigner.
And I'll do it. ;P
Billy McAuliffe
We can all make fun of migrant offspring moron vulgar obscene trump he's a world joke and open for a good fucking over hahaha
Bing Bang
I love this man 😆
Lee Johnson
Donald Drump is having Temper Fits and Exploding on his White House Staff.
You ever notice how Trump calls the Iran deal such a terrible, one-sided deal… and yet never articulates what's so terrible or one-sided about it?

It turns out that "believe me" doesn't explain anything. Who knew?
Emmy Carlström Ulvling
I am half-american but I've lived in Sweden my whole life and am swedish. Am I allowed to insult him?
Kim Jong Un
This was highly offensive
S Pod
'Jabba the hut's out of shape stunt double' genius, Colbert!!!!
For a second there he sounded like edups.
sasquatch 747
I feel the same way as Stephen, I don't like trump, but people from other countries just assume I do just because in from the us. Clearly wea are not all that stupid with him getting fewer votes than Hillary, and the current approval ratings in the toilets. But I still get judged, and the country is criticized, which shouldn't bother me because I do it every day I wonder why the us doesn't have universal healthcare and payed maternity leave, but it does because it just seems like a personal attack. Like he said we can say it and criticise him, and we do, but for other people it just seems rude.
Peter Petrov
I hope Colbert is ok--it looked like he almost blew a fuse. Deep breaths. How about we all make fun of Trump, it will be ok!
John Kelso
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Kanuk K
Well, I believe Trump started calling names such as "Rocket man". Not in favor here but just a POV.
I remember one of my school's alumni, a UN diplomat, coming over to give a seminar about diplomacy. He told us a lot of stories about being a UN diplomat, including one about his wife moving from New York back to her home country when Trump got elected 😂
as a foreigner, nah mate, your Prez is fucked, fuckeder than most of the other leaders,
Elsbeth Bupp
weird to see a commercial for the deplorables preceding the show. Skipped it...
Hussein Jafarinia
I don't agree with hateful and disrespectful opinions. Any country about any country. But I think your wrong. Anyone can tell their opinions about anyone to anyone anywhere.
Gerard Whittaker
Hey, I'm a Brit. But if trump is the leader of the free world, don't I have the right to insult him?
Ella Claes
Can above cross program cross establishment inspection back pan grandmother.
m1 Moto
Funny how the U.S only invaded country's that can't fight back. "No fighting for freedom here " go to Irak and pillage the oil while you can.
Ashraful Alam
Come on Stephen, these Trump jokes are getting old and lame. Come up with something new.
Cody Havens
More stupid jokes ....... you are so unimportant and we're not impressed
One day...with all the people making fun of trump because he can't really handle criticism hes going to just have a heart attack lol...
Truck Fump
Scott Seymour
Vincent Fischer u r a penis leach cock smooch ass munch dog breath pencil dick mutha fucker go suck some dirty dick
A fully autonomous artificial intelligence
Wait a minute! Mostly orange... yellow hair... "Believe me" catchphrase... Is Donald Trump trying to be Naruto?
Justin Iglesias
"Java the Hut's out of shape stunt double." My face hurts from laughing at that remark. 😂
Yizhen Xu
Trump insulted NK, what's wrong with NK insulting back? Besides, Trump attacked NK as a country but not Kim Jung Un, while Kim Jung Un attacked Trump as a person but not the US as a country, obviously Trump is more rude. If trump doesn't learn to respect in the first place, then it's impossible for others to respect him, regardless of what he is
I'm just gonna start referring to trump as "The Dotard"
and it's ok for you to insult another nation's leader? :/
Trump = US version of gaddafi
Is this the episode where Stephen apologizes for trying to normalize Sean Spicer? No? Then fuck off.
Ralph Bernhard
Trump like a barking dog? More like a farting dog...
colt 45
You know if u don’t respect ur pres and make fun of every single move he makes..... dont expect others to do the same..... and cunts like north korea just need an excuse to make fun....
Frankie Hampton
Sorry Stephen but making fun of Trump and the gullible Russian followers who voted for him is a worldwide thing whether you like it or not
Caleb Kulfan
When U.S. foreign policy affects their country they can say whatever they goddam want about the president.
no you stupid cuck, you make a living talking shit about our president, and I'm not a Trump fan. You work for CBS you douche.
eMBo twentyfour
Colbert is a liberal idiot.
K Man
What was John doing at 0:36?
YoDa Mann
this show stoped being good a long time ago. i just watch to see how pathetic he is now 😢 this guy. blows
jonathan mandouma
It was the sound of a baby crying.
John Doe
weirdo s. s
Does being a neighbor include me in the making fun of your prez? Plus, he owes it to us....
dgman smile
i dont blame trump anymore... he is a complete low IQ mean-spirited fool. Its the trumptards that are now on the hook for his damage.
Akash Singh
fuck youtube adverts
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