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Craziest unreal amazing insane trickshot 8-ball run out! And it was not Efren Reyes! บิลเลียด Billar increíble!
Chris Melling vs Mika Immonen in World Pool Series 2017 with 3 amazing great shots

For live matches visit:
World Pool Series Youtube:
Tim Campbell
An Insane run. Imagine if after that skilled display of work he blew the easy shot on the 8 ;-)
John Cooper
Didn't Chris forget to call the black pocket?! That would've been sad to lose frame that way!!
Squint Beastwood
Samwell tarly plays pool
thanks buttercup
los Vegas has valley tables and play like shit
Cute referee. Should've asked her to test out the pool table later on.
Jjim Jim
wow they made a real life version of 8 ball pool! what a smart idea! :d
Pokemon Vespa
what a faking shoot
Awesome pool tremendous Chris
Mr. Julio CG
Is hack hahaha
Reported for aimhack
David Miller
Mika is so cool to respect that run like that. These guys are True sportsmen!
Open Eye
ohhh hes Irish thats explains it.
Jonathan Blackmon
okay so we're just going to ignore that weird ass conversation the commentators had in the beginning
Milan Antonov
-Fantastic, allmost Efren Reyes...
Chang Pham
Steph curry in pool😂😂
abdullah alkhaldi
Still can't believe that 😱😱😱😱

Such a dog
Nicholas McGovern
I didn't know Owen Wilson commentated pool..
eXtreme Wayz
Phillip McConnochie
thank god hes scottish too lol
Phillip McConnochie
SEnFUKNSAtional folks lol grouse
Jaime Warren
lucky shot
ali raza
Imagine if he missed the 8 ball 😂
dymasz saputra
Hatty XD real 😱
Andre Moreau
david lehan
Buy other way round I mean put this guy on a snooker table
david lehan
They should play a snooker player .yes they would beat im probably. But other way round and this guy would not have a chance
Cooper Smith
Rocket Steve929
"What is he doing here?"
Sinks all the solids
"Oh I see."
no candy
"that feel!" Hahahaha
dude gtfo...hahah legend
That is a real good pool table, the ball bounce around four corners. He got lucky one, no math needs.
Chris Melling is damn good! I'd like to call 8 ball in the back pocket of the ref girl.
mighty molefe
For me this run encapsulates all pool shorts... the only thing that he didn't do was to break clustered balls........ Perfect run out !!!!!!
Tony Khan
That's some spin
Julio Cornejo
how in Hell can you dislike this???? this is unbelievable indeed.
Simione Sosefo
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Fitam H
Eat this Mika hahaha
Stephen Heiden
None of these shots should’ve been attempted, let alone made— again, and again, successively— in tournament play— against one of the best players on earth. Melling is a maniac Scot master.
That is a wonderfull game
8bpool skills you can get free coins if your rank is more tean 99
you can get best cues as well whit coins
8bpool skills go it
Chris Hutchings
If Earl Strickland lost like that he'd break every stick in this room..
Udai Kapila
Samwell Tarly has been studying hard....
David Boyd
Great skills
Clicky YT
Hatty is that u??
Cody Robbins
8 ball pool in real life ITS JUST FUCKING CALLED POOL
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