Soundtrack to Growing Up w/ Anna Kendrick & Billy Eichner

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From to birth to giving birth, James, Anna Kendrick and Billy Eichner chronicle the journey of a woman's life set to 14 songs, using 10 sets in just one continuous take.

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Azzahra shauma
Rovin Jepin
Ejay Catilogo
i love Anna Kendrick 😍😍
Emily Cucci
What song are they singing at 1:03 and 2:20?
Allison Menard
Oh my god my grandmother has that same baby doll
Dinda Rimasandi
put anna kendrick and emma stone in one video like this, and my life will finally happilly ever after
funny enough tonight was my sister's graduation song
Reign T
One of the best videos on the internet.
Freya Bloomfield
I love how everyone in America thinks Corden is so cool and then everyone in England just sees him as a lad
Madeleine Morris
i had no idea Billy could sing this was a very pleasant surprise
Ideal Rosa
The circle of life.I died.
James is a good singer 😊
Rabia Kamran
I love this πŸ˜‚β€
Lovelife Hard
I love you James!!!!
Oskar Riano
OMG Anna is so on fire
Cindyfelicia Herson
never bored :)
Frankie Cox
Crystal Clear
No offence but I thought billy did a better job at the first song
Cupcakes With coco
I can't stopπŸ˜‚
Shelby Brannon
Working 9-5 πŸ˜‚
James looks so good in white
anna kendrick is life
Liv P
And that's what you missed on Glee! 'Bell Rings'
Lewis Leiper
Omg πŸ˜‚ loved it
sans the comic
HarriΓ«tte Bakker
Please let Anna come more often hihi.. This is so funny.. James and Anna should make a video clip together lol
Alainah Kulas
Is it just me or does James sound like Brian landing from daily bumps? Like if u agree
Wiktoria Lewandowska
When "isn't she lovely" came on I automatically thought of Harry Styles
Poke Hunter
close your eyes...and imagine poppy and who James cordon played in the trolls.
your favorite
What's that song called when he was pouring the coffee
I don't know what it is about her, but I find her incredibly attractive. Even though she kind of has a pointy little nose, I think it fits her perfectly.
Kitty Kat
I want James cordon to come thru my window πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
hereIam watchingthis
James and Anna have done a few of these sorta things now and they're both in into the woods I assume they're friends??
Eva Bernardo
who came for the thumb nailc
Jacky Zamora
I'd sneak James into my bedroom tbh. πŸ˜‚
Nicole Gutierrez
Bro James is first of all and have you heard of google fist of all
Eliza Hamilton
I didn't know Billy could sing! He's awesome!
if only they could see how much i applaud right now!!!
Stef Sears
"Stressed Out" could've totally been used for this. lol
Junior Wilson
God bless anyone reading this.
1D lover
funny and wired
not sure if it's just me but james corden should be moved up a slot
Holly Davis
i love these so much! anna and him are so great together. they need to do more. also anyone else half expecting to hesr lukad grahams 7 years? or happy home? or maybe your not there? or funeral? like so many options lol
daria gentile
To whomever invented Anna Kendrick: thank you, man. Awesome job!
Ellie Crashet
Presley Hall
Wow Anna said the 'B' word..........
Kelly M
Imagine James wifeπŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
Emma Breugem
I knew most of these songs from gleeπŸ˜€πŸ˜
Success Omolu
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