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Luca's Footage
I swear he said woah like 30 times
You from Russia?
You have a great job =D
Ayden Williams
Actually the big box seems more like a camping kit
Julio Perez
figet spiner
Khalil Amro
This man is amazing
Idk why but seeing him get really excited makes me feel happy
William Tanner
flash bang at 18:12
My mom has a friend name kirill :3

(Waiting for the "Oh cool, that's pretty sweet bro." comments and the "nobawdy givs a fuk abowt ur moms frend" comments)
Jigøku Shøjø
If only everyone we gave gifts to got this excited!! lol
You are so ploite
Danish S
Is it just me or is that mold at 2:26?
Daniel Suo-Anttila
I'm very very sorry Taras Kul but Finland doesn't have a MRE
Gamers life
Someone send him a Rolex he got so excited then disappointed
Penpineappleapplepen Gaming
Penpineappleapplepen Gaming
Fidget spinner spins forever 😀😀😀😀😀😀 cool video Taras Kul!!!!!!!
Jason Carpenter
6:48...those Hawaiian chips are addictive. I discovered them in Hawaii years ago and was happy to see them on sale at World Market stores.
Sam Gill
Wow. This guy reminds me of CrazyRussianHacker !!!!!
hainsley arriott
"processed cheese, awesome!"
lance griffin
Here in Murica', We call em' Fidget Spinners.
Ulus Koremezli
He was really disappointed about rolex
Danner Baumgartner
lol spidget toys
Thought he actually got a flashbang in the mail lol
Woowind The Overseer
at 2:26 there is mold on the bread on the bottom. pretty sure you seen it. but just in case
Daniel Hernandez
I flashbanged ur mom ;)
Momo Haszics
nice t-shirt
Dobrivecher from Russia
James Denton
I saw those Tim Cascade chips and knew the sender was from Washington!
Frusstrate d
russian ppl are awesome,specially this guy!
Pinto Beans
Russian bread looked a bit moldy.
in the captions it said Pashtyet D: It's паштет (Pashtet)
Mystic Mikey
take a shot every time he says ''no way''
Bear Mustache
Do a fan mail gadget test
Wade Bonney
Yo said "Is that a Rolex"
Obama Care
Its figet spinner
Dalton Poss
did you know crazy Russian hacker is in yo mama jokes
Abe Lincoln
Really the flashbang is a real flashbang and when he tries to eat it and pulls the pin he gets blinded
neo krzeminski
hope you like England 😊
Evren Stihl
you look like CrazyRussianHacker
Ana Ayala
Snow Lala
nice i got bunch of newspaper -crh 2017
James Berry
"OH WOW NEWSPAPER!!!" Just kidding love your vids Taras
Ronald Rosen
silver sulfidine
ColeyDrawz Comics and Stuff
rlly love some SWISH army knife
Now you know why Taras doesn't go shopping
Ruan Aucamp Vlogs
Taras, have you tried South African MRE?
The best Zest
Now he has another grenade for his wall
Usman Syed
Hi. I like food
Klim Ilin
Keno Sangreo
do a fidget spinner test!!!!!!!
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