Plikais Diks
bunch of azian candys ahahahah, racist.
Yajaira Gomez
It is calles a fidget spiner
Talan Matson
my name is Tala
n hello what is yours
Can Berk H.
Flashbang 18:10 thank me later
Yasser Alyhia
bmc is an Moroccan bank
Hunter Fraley
Someone should mail him some marijuana
Pengi The Penguin
COZMONAUT mig 17 hehehehehe
Andrei Daniel
I hear "wow" every 5 seconds.
you're great man!
The Wanderer
A coin of the first moon landing sent to a Russian 😂
Battletards 1
amazing Taras keep up the good work!
Sean Gary
1:12 bru
Faze Apex3305
You have amazing videos. Keep up the good work
Chairman Mao Zedong
God bless this man.....
olivier simonneau
Nice I got some newspaper, we need more people like him that appreciate everything
Joshua Yamasaki
2:25 mold?
Gordon Young
I love how crazy Russian hacker actually apreciate what he gets
Music Nova
whats an imre
Oh nice I got bunch of news paper! I love this guy 2:21
Danny Politte
Add nice I got some newspaper XD
carlos hernandez
Doesn’t know peace sign but know a Swiss Army knife 😂😂😂
Amy Chow
My dad has that flash bang
Trevin Beckman
Tarus I have the same gerber multi-tool I works great and i reliable
Zayven Lek
it called fegit spiner
Amanda Hernandez
"I gota bunchof newspaper!"
Привет, меня зовут Боб, я из Австралии Плз читал, потому что ты сука
turt renalds
greetings comrade
X beastxedits X
He loves everything he gets. He's so positive. Makes his viewers feel great
Zayd Mcgrew
Lauri Niskanen
suomi mainittu
Lyric Gray
E fdrffcxd fdrc gyb. bh g hygh. bvg gyhb hvyni NJ h sojdojdo. okdomf , dokmfi fijdn. dncud ni e. ie hahahahahahahhaahahajkdj kdjnn
SlenderGuyMC 105//Darkness9500//Minecraft Pe
AntsyToys is actually the one that made fidget Spinners and fidget cube's
Lyn H.
I tried to read the Japanese chips
Sports and gaming
The best video
Jake Burlaczenko
Wow when he thought he got a Rolex hahaha what a legend
Electrician TM
What is gajik?
suleman asadullah
Your lucky
Nervous Medic
10:10 oh no, its a fidget spinner
Phillip Shin
nathaniel jordan
a cosmonaut.... much love taras!
Darkfang the mc master
did anyone else notice the mold on the bread
Ricardo Vigueras
ay when he open dat bang bang
The shiny Vikavolt
I love tims cast caid chips
TK 421
Amoxicillin is an antibiotic. If you get an infection, you can use it to stave off the infection.
Robertox 41
Hpa is a airsoft type of gun that is the best type of gun it's hair compression
Thomas Rodriguez
Fidget spinner
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