Awesome Powerful Snow Plow Train Blower Through Deep Snow railway tracks Full HD Compilation

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Amazing videos of train running in the snow. Awesome Powerful Train Rotary Snow Plow Blower Through Deep Snow railway tracks Full HD Compilation from Canada, USA, Russia and many others.


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Удивительные поезда расчищают железнодорожные пути от снега огромным плугом впереди себя! Видео из США, Канады, России и других стран.

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Gerry Maloney
looks like Thomas the tank engine did A LOT OF CACAINE????LMFAO HAHAHAHAH
melissa bailey
What the fuck are those traindrivers told? Whenever you see snow fuck the shit out of the damn horn?!
Rob R
time 2:20, ooops
Bob W
For Christ sake put a bloody wind sock on the microphone.
Steve Smekar
Very cool, more of this
Dr. Mark in Texas
It's amazing the plow steel, itself, can withstand the enormous shear forces being generated.
Thanks for posting👍
Zapperf35taka Stabberstab94
toot toot motherfucka
Bob Smith
6:20 wtf? Thats a thing?
Preamlata Mishra
I liked
ghost dragon
ive only seen a plow train once in my life it was an incredible thing.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
everytime the controller blow the train horn, especially when he goes balls deep into the snow, I think about Terry Crew yelling POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER
Stoned Mole
0:00 sncf
コンピューティング A E S T H E T I C
Bob's Lawn Service & Plowing
great video, good camera work. check out my plowing videos and plow tips. thanks for watching. LIKE, COMMENT, SUB.
Charles Martel
Scott Hayes
Robert Dawson
That's cool but doesn't it make a mess on the roads at rail road crossings?👍😎
Thomas Joy
PLOW about that. He definitely SNOWs what he is doing. Talk about being well TRAINed.
Boulangerie Pékség
quest 34667
Paul Reeson
Good video's but shame about the sound quality (Wind noise in the mike)
Jamie Vorne
This is exactly the shit i want to watch on Youtube ! x
Timothy McCormick
How many HP?
Roxanne Schuld
Anon Emus
at the 6:20 mark there is a lesson to be learned.
See guys....just because your flying train idea didn't work doesn't mean we can't use it for something else.
Like a snow blower, or to see who will win when a train engine and a jet engine have a push-o-war.
Lily Molly
super cool snow ploughing!!!
Positive Music
Commander Xorph
8:00 -- "Look! It's Zardoz!" :-D
Ed K
Fatcat Towing
I was sick after watching the "shaky videos"
Bart van der Molen
your top end describe makeup.
adrian thomas
Mikkel Straede
Inhis mindseye
Is just me, or does these looks like tons of fun?
song autro ? :D please
Tanemahuta Sigley
Nonov Yerbusiness
I decided to watch a video without ads.
Dumitru Scupra
christopher gardiner
Marie Pierre
Motivate value grow burst universal manufacturer themselves so-called
Stefan de Graaf
Black strain news broadcast AIDS Olympics menu never.
Robert Cornelius
Nicknamed: Bambi Widow Maker.
Bram Moerman
Awesome power!
John Moran
Interesting but in a heavy snow you can see the problem of just pushing the snow to the side of the tracks isn't good enough, it makes it more likely that a following train will get stuck. The big rotary snow plows throw the snow some distance from the tracks which seems much better, Have seen them going through the high mountains between CA and NV.
Mercedes-Benz C class 250 d CABRIO. Awd rwd fwd?
Ahsan Mughal
Please anyone tell the song name at the end of the video.
Impressive pictures.
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