Introducing Google Gnome

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The smart yard has finally arrived -- Meet Google Gnome. See how Gnome can transform your yard: 

(Netflix streaming membership required.)

brandon caruso
I know this has nothing to do with the video but I just want to say. God loves you so much and wants a relationship with you:) your very special in the heart of God. God can help you in any area of your life and can comfort you in times of need, if you let him. I'm not trying to force my faith on anyone, I just love to share my faith. I have a video called God loves all:message, If your insterstead. Also If you have questions about God or want me to pray for anything I'm here. I hope you have a great and wonderful day!
This seems so fake
Jake Leffel
April fool's!
Akshat Mehrotra
Off on off on off on on aaa lmao
Chip Owen
khanh tran
Teri Bower
hilarious April fools joke Google. job well done you had me laughing at the thought
ann468 xbox
E pluribus unum
That last clip
Evan Tan
At first when I saw the thumbnail I thought the gnome was a Pepsi cone
Joe Kok
Keemstat is triggered
Irene Olech
Jose Saucedo
me gustan las noticias. en españo de ultima hora
a Google lottery is needed here only members can play
Bayonet 88
Is this for real
Lorena Morales
Andrew Swan
i wish this was real i would have it just to laugh at
naomi campbell
You tube
naomi campbell
Betting on horse racing
Bryson Plumber
Hit 6 threes in game 1. Chocolate milk !!!
Micah Morrissey
Hahahaha!!!! That was really funny!!!
john milxer
didn't think it was fake lol...
Luziana saints
pretty soon we'll all be out of jobs.. computers will run the world in a couple of years from now
xbox live
can i have a google
Jerry Hampton
Win Warriors!!!
This just looks like a parody of something
Mike Wolf
Love it. Make it a real product please.
Broken Vibes
Google gnome is so cute, why?
Withered Bonnie Bunny
Ok Gnome play cool music.
Playing cool music.
We Are Number One but Communism
Mister Cat
Andrew Scott
I thought this was an April fools joke at first. Either the video was posted early, or it isn't. I hope it's the first one
Fabiolo Abreu
So it's Google home but made for out side
The kid is so funny
i want it!!
Tyler Pony
1:27 me:ok Google play cool music Google:playing cool music death metal plays me:um play something lese
Carolyun Conner
Batman cartoons
Jonah Mar
Ok Killer Keemstar, my Stellar bud Miller (Lite) Memestar, and his conjoined twin; "Really my big Willy Wetaught!" Time to get into the N-n-n-n-nNoooze(News). *Young Yu-Gi-Oh intro plays*
samir sigaraz
i thought this product was a troll, then i found out its ACTUALLY a real product
This is a prank right?
Jake Montgomery
The Lowkey Android Sheep
i love these april fools videos but i h
ate that they arent real
I identify as a gnome and find this product's name to be highly offensive.
Jace Bennett
this must be a meme
Alandra Henderson
why am I letting this channel autoplay on my phone 😂😂😂
Jala&Amira Show
I got a google home if that was out side it would be stolen
Tommy Northwood
Okay Google, why does my son look more like the neighbor?
Carla Hornschemeier
that's awesome
Carla Hornschemeier
that's cool
Brian Wang
aka keemstar
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