The Hardest Game In The Universe?

crashbandicootcrash bandicoot

Anthony Rodriguez
This game would be better if it was called Dark Souls
That part where you couldn't jump over the thing, every time you hit the box right before it it wouldn't let you over, but when you didn't hit the box before it it let you over. Interesting little game glitch there. Sometimes you gotta figure out them glitches. Funny as hell seeing you get frustrated tho. XD
Vanessa Rose
Used to play crash all the time with my older brother
victor alkan
Pewds continue crash bandicoot gameplay please
Amazing World Of Jeffery
are you freaking kidding me PewDiePie I know I love you but this is too much first person is a kids game okay right and most of all it's not the same like Dark Souls😤😬😤😬👎👎👎 but freaking kidding me I'm your biggest fan but still bad PewDiePie bad moron
Mr Retention
if i reach 100 likes I will say (IM GAY)
Deadpool xxl
Well fuck
whats the name of the music played @15:43
Everything cool
CaNcEr Is HaPpEnInG
Have you ever heard about.. uuhnn.. Battletoads, for NES?!
aby luz
please play this again !!!
kaleb vanderpeut
I like pac man its just like dark souls
Boston Terrier Bugsy
I've never laughed so hard at someone fail
نور الله الهويدي
Jay MiNiMo
oh my gosh the swedish swears its so nostalgic, just like dark souls
you got no jams
9:04 I know you can be the 8th member of BTS.
FlyingDreams Vlogs
I think crash bandicoot is a kumquat
Ammon Ohran
this game is definitely just like dark souls
Don't worry Felix, I have game rage too.
Snow -
The Uk captions on this vid are hilarious 😂
Lita funtie
LOL this game funny video I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅 #darksoulscrash💗💖
ŻuKu PL'ayer
Wish I could see a part II of you playing "bridge" levels... xD
Anzki Gaming
Oooo cool pewds has a ps4
I left a like because I think Crash Bandicoot is your LONG LOST TWIN SISTER!!
Damn it Pewds, it's a Bandicoot.
Get it through your thick skull.
Robert Siemieniak
I love You even more for this game bro
Awesome 200
Passed all the youtubers that I could watch Pewdiepie is next
calvin tillotson
I think he's a bandicoot
3:58 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stormer Boss
Hey guys scarce here and today we are play a completely fucking random boss -pewds 2017
astroidpine 216
is he playing a game?!!!!!!!!!!!
Franklin Pina
6:13 bruh that was funny as hell
Those swedish translations are so amazing and accurate
Master Wille
DU SKA FAN DÖ - Felix calm down pls
Jay Escue
They are easy
This game is so Ainsley.
x Sarge
@PewDiePie How are you going to claim that you never died ever when you died several times on a simple jump?
crash bandicoot..I fucking remember the days on ps1 playing and raging hard as shit.
his games are prerecorded
The nostalgia is so hard aaaaaaah I remember playing this on the PS2
Android Games
Desmond Miles
My girlfriends last name is Plante xD
If it's like dark souls where are the r1 spams Felix?
Mighty Tigah
Oh my God I fucking loved this. It was oddly fucking entertaining.
King Julian
I'd be pissed if I died from a dead pig (I'm happy he's dead )
Dennis Trouin
Hahaha skönt med svordomarna på svenska. Då förstår man hur illa det går🤣
ya salty lil boi
Massive Dynamic x Atlas Foundation
Pewds... crash is a bandicoot not a raccoon...
Speaking of Dark souls, go finish your fucking Dark Souls 3 playthrough!
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