2-3! 🎤THE SHAPE OF MESSI🎤! Real Madrid vs Barcelona (El Clasico 2017 Parody Goals and Highlights)

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Lionel Messi scores a last-minute winner!
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El ClasicOAP's Got Talent!

Barca beat Real 3-2 in El Clasico April 2017! Messi goal! Rakitic goal!

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Fernando Castillo
Who's the woman in 2:10 of the Barça players? Jordi Alba?
Yazan Callas
0:42 but i see gold and white
gika Kh
i think its best video in 442oons and its my best song ever
Cristiano Ronaldo
I am die hard Madrid fan I disliked cz I don't want memories of our horrible defence against messi
Ludwig Halfvars 2 Lillåskolan
No no no real Madrid vinner
Z Bodd
"Look what I've found in umtitis pocket." What does it mean?
Cristiano Arrogantaldo
Little shit
Juan Matarrita
Excellent song but the best of all it's that this victory count for nothing Real won LaLiga😁
Muhammad Hassan
messi best player in the world
Muhammad Hassan
Yo messi bro
Evangela Covert
Eat your heart out rony
Umahmed Alyassen
هلو انا عربي أحلا قناة
RyanIsWatching lel
Barca has got a new logo , and its better than ever!
Alex Rabelo
the only words Messi said were i look good topless suuuuuuuuuu
Someone help me I can't stop watching this xD!!😂😂
Toni Pro
rakitic the is best
Javier-gaming and animating :3
1:39 Messi
times better than ronaldo
yousif Messi
This video is so funny
Masud XD
meant fuck off
Masud XD
messi sucks ronaldo is better than him who won the league madrid barca was 2nd rught so barca will fuck ofg
Vaqif Vaqifzade
suarez thing better than edsheeran
a girl

But the CHAMPIONS are Real Madrid!!! 😋
Vishal Ravipati
1:13 I meant that genuinely 😂😂😂😂
Arthur Cieshelski
The spotlight : Not last minute goal from messi Marcelo's elbow
Sam's gaming
This is my favourite song and cartoon by you. It is so catchy
Kenan Mbetbo
BBC I'm impressed with your swagger I love bale's rude boy limp the world class blagger😂😂😂😂😋
Thomas Hughes
The Boys
MSN is real and it sounds awesome and it will be Messi Suarez Neymar
The Boys
Hey I wanted Real Madrid to win this game but Barca won no!
Σταυρος Μαργαριτης
Messi is the best player ever.
UltraGaming 100
I am Essi the orlds best oot aller

(Messi Reading with few Teeth)
Alexandre Baillou
Ludwig Halfvars 2 Lillåskolan
Wata fak
Anonymous 7
Cristiano Ronaldo
אורי מופז
Well done, it's beautiful
Нургелди Нургелди
песня какой
its a good song
Bodi The Original Youtube
wtf is that barca logo? the colors
Arthur Cieshelski
M = Most Amazing
E = Earn More Ballon dors
S = Super
S = Saiyan
I = Liked Footballer in the world
Laura Dominguez
Those goals and celebrations didn't matter in the end he was left with no liga or champions HALA MADRID
The Gaming Tech
I personally respect messi but the song is seriously shit
Mohamamed Omari
Lada2014 Csatornája
1:40 Look at messi´s kit
moumene aniamir
Susana Rodriguez
cool song
Rehaan Aamir
We won The la liga.
Syabil 0101
you win el clasico but we win La liga :p
#calm nou
Lionel Messi
Chewy Suarez is the best 442oons character
Nazia Rizwan
real beat Juventus in champions league
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