Freshman Year of Preparatory School

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Sorry the video ratio is a bit off. tried to fix it, but no luck :/

Bet you didn't know I was a twin.


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I like Tokyo Ghoul
HAHAHAHA gets me every time...
Silvia the Hedgehog
I had a friend in 3rd grade and I was allowed to hug her and we sat very close together but you can't rub your sisters shoulder?
Neon Fireball
69000 like insert Lenny face
Terraria blaster
0:20 gary????? WE GOTA CATKH JAMES
Caitlyn Harbison
Im going to try that sympothey rub on my brother now 😂😂
braxton gardner
rubs iPad i do I have no boatyard body but you ipad
ITavii _
Am I the only one who think those teachers are twins 3:01
roses potente
Wow. Your editing and animating skills improved a lot👌🏼✨
Elijah Contreras
Poor faith lol
Napstablook !
Pause it right at 2:47...
Derpy Dino
Narwhals narwhals swimmg in da ocean
AngelFox36 WA
If u r watching in 2018, tell me....
Child, are the chocolate chip cookies better?
Rainbow Dash
I go to a public school...but they also made us:Wake up early,use lockers,always wear its stupid...anyway I live in the Philippines by the way... :-)
Hunter 27171
rub a dub dub
Cena Sleepy
Why would the teacher feel the need to snitch?
Fancy Luke
Janet Martinez
In my school, we don't have lockers either.
Perlaminda Mendoza
hey hey hey,james tell your sis I had the incident but in the ned the teacher never found out da truth
Ruby Rudd
sympathy rub is the new dab in my household and friend group
I know this is years later, but the lecture she gave you seems a little off-putting. Were you paraphrasing when she told you "not to go steady"? Is that not the best thing to do instead of having a new boy/girlfriend every week?? This is high school, right???
Charlie Yang
Teachers are such assholes
xXStar ShellXx owo
;-; my school have uniforms, lockers, and we wake up early xD same ;-;
we are the pros -_- yeah
they are voodoo dolls
I'm nine years old
what do you mean it was your desition
Snowzy isDead
One time, a lunch aid yelled at my friend for sighing because she was nervous for the regional spelling bee that she was in the next day. The aid thought that it was because we were late for lunch, and James and Faith at 2:15 was basically her.
If I were you, I would've totally confronted her and told her that she was my twin
Maddy Cooper
You think that's BAD? I went to a Private Christian School from Kindergarten-12th Grade. It costed my parents approximately 50,000$ a year. We had to wear uniforms and we had to have our shirts tucked in and if we were caught with them untucked or if we didn't have a belt on, we would get detention for a week.
Alicia Bezzina
one day I forgot my water bottle so my sister gave me hers and this teacher started lecturing us by saying that it's not safe to drink water from others as we might get an infection like wtf we are identical triplets how could she not notice
Nguyen Hung Hy
That teacher is retarded
Noah's random Chanel
Subtitles by Martin.
Brian Leighton
ali's stop motion 11
Thus the legend was born
Sofia Rojas Pinto Rojas
One time I was with my brother eating and we were sitting outside and my brother saw a guy from his work so we went to talk to him and he asked my brother, "Oh, is she your girlfriend?" my brother explain to him that I was his sister but still was reaaaally awkward 😂😂 The worst part is that it wasn't the last time someone asked him if I was his girlfriend 😧
john whittell
Star Goes Bright
Star Goes Bright
Rebecca Avila
Who's watching 5 YEARS LATER
lavenia dalura
what the hell
Elizabeth Deagle
That greatly reminds me of the entire school that is shipping me with a friend of mine names sadey. IM TALKING TO YOU CLARA! SHUT UP!
Sounds like one of those scary christian schools!
Tbh, in my school we could kiss in class.

NOT have sex u pervert
hoodie girl
Who is watching this in 2017???
Joseph Edmond
Some tumblr retard is going to write incest fan-fiction based on this story
Sympathy rub wont happen in my current school..

My school only has girls
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