Freshman Year of Preparatory School

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Sorry the video ratio is a bit off. tried to fix it, but no luck :/

Bet you didn't know I was a twin.


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yo boi Jackson
abraham robertson
Stop at 3:38 and tell me what it is please because I have no idea what that was 😐
When you realize this was made 2 years ago.
Ayee it's a Chocolate! Eevee!
For my school I wake up 6:00 IN THE MORING
Insideric Takes
why did the video resolution suddenly change..? that never happened before when binge watching
2:47 though
Семён Сенин
Mackenna Ackley
One time I was going to my class from lunch, and there were two random kids just making out where everyone could see them and even the teachers were too embarrassed to do anything.
Kendall Davis
One time my friend bumped into me and said let me proceed with my sympathy rub! Now I know why!
Demi Pap
Ahahahahahahahahahahaha I am dying 😹😹😹😹😹
The Kings Guard
Can I have a like cuz I actually didn't say hope tou have a great day in hope of like
Nguyen Hung Hy
that teacher is very perverted
2:48 their was a butt that showed up in the screen..
The Undertaker
when i was in high school me and my best friend (who was a girl) where doing a handshake which involved hugging and one of the teachers started talking about PDA and i started bursting out with laughter and the teacher said "what's so funny young man?" and my friend said "we're just friends"
Lucille Pastor
I'm a twin
Jackyboy123 1
I was walking down the hall with my gf and a teacher thought we were twins 😂😂😂
I don't think the word 'rub' is an appropriate word for what you did. I would rather say simpathy pat than simpathy rub. Just saying...
Kye Talks
My brother is only a year older than me, but he was a late bloomer and I was an early bloomer so we looked the same age once puberty started happening.

This happened to us A LOT. We stopped hanging out without our other family members because of this actually....... which meant we stopped hanging out, and eventually became really distant with each other.


(I even turned out to be gay, so they were like..... double wrong.)
Keira Adler
Heh my friend's name is Faith 😂
BlueBoy24 7U7
Your 2nd Video?
Kitty Dog124
Subtitles by Martin.
I was told off for ignoring my teacher once. Apparently they were calling to me in the corridor the day before and I just blanked and walked past. Except it was my twin sister, whom they didn't know existed. Twin problems.
Wats up fam squad!!!!
Miranda Rodriguez
There is a boy in my class and that was my first year in English class (I was in bilingual until this year) and so since it was my first year EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE thought he was my older brother because we look alike... Anyways they thought we were brother and sister until they saw my real older brother
I just want to say...

B O I. W E R E. T H E Y. W R O N G!!!

Also that was my first year in English class it was NOT my first year at the school
Tsundere Dorito
@ all the people shipping this in the comment section: you're sick. stop
first time James is wearing clothes for the first time
Such an enthusiastic voice
Mandy Henderson
What the hayyyyyyyy.wrst odeo ever!
XxGreatswordxX 0
magnificent cyanide fish
Ur 14 in 9 grd i am 13 in 7 grd lol
SuperMarioAdventures Phd
Who saw the ass cheek
I died when i saw the "Birds and the Bees"
Kailey Bushman
What the hell I saw a butt
gemma lumb
Blue sky is falling on your face
noah berg
I have a friend who always hangs out at p.e. cause we like transformers and stuff like that and everyone thinks we were dating till she started dating a another kid at school and they still made jokes about it
the doctor
I'm not sure this is relevant but I'm the oldest sibling in my family so I don't have any relatives but I was mistaken for gay (or just called that because a lot of people really don't like me)
Kid x
Vanessa Bazile
well that was funny 😂😂😂 I am sorry for the teacher and faith 😏😐😐😖
Vanessa Bazile
Oh boy having a twin that is a boy and the other is a girl then things can be uh.... difficult
Abbeh_ Amberh
Teachers should just know the relationship of students in school
what inmean relationship is that for example are they siblings? are they cousins?
well, at least this happened to james cause he had a story to post by his 18 year old self
Corbin Ferguson
hey t least you did not have to wear a suit and tie in the middle of summer like I do!
Incest is wincest
Bubbly Peppermint
I'm in a public school and we wear uniforms.
tartan_ horsegirl
Pause at exactly 2:48
James! Your rude person 😂😂
Jaycoolwolf 1234
I would laugh If I did thgthgat to my twin sister
Maximiliano Hernandez
the sympathy rubs are real
Janelle Stokes
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