Freshman Year of Preparatory School

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Sorry the video ratio is a bit off. tried to fix it, but no luck :/

Bet you didn't know I was a twin.


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your bald? i say this cos everyone else gets hair in your videos but you
Nigel Simpson
2:48 lol
Emily Garcia
Ok I feel ya me and my bro got called out bc we were little and we had to sit by each other on the bus everyday and these two kids thought we liked each other,if your confused reading this than let me explain.... so me and my bro ain't twins he's older by two years but I'm a little to tall for my age so we looked EXACTLY alike....anyway I told those two kids off and my brother was embarrassed bc at the time they were both filth graders lol I didn't care tho
Nhaleen's Vids
i have a twin too im a girl and his a boy he has blonde hair i dont he got it from our dad so like its kinda like an AU is going on here
xXSavage GirlXx
Did any one else see the but at 2:48?
Imma stargirl

I can't think of any more
Gilbert Lara
that's never good with a teacher
Claire Kirwin
Lucky Beagle
"We wern't making out, we just did EVERYTHING together" XD XD X D XD XD XD
Sami A
Who's watching in 2017
Yeah, take that you nosey busy body gossipy teacher.
Lol Boo
Tut tut tut JAMES
Homie Cardinal
2:21 apparently theyre both lefties
el Jexican Jr.
Thomas Liardon
she deserved it.
Pastel Sami
The Dimond Fox
Was is CPA
Mango Monkey
3:27 how you know u dun goofed
Milisa Blue
At 2:48 look at the tight bunssssss
Milisa Blue
Punch someone in the face let me sympathy rub you
Diaham Semple
Moral of the story:teachers are STUPID half of the time
Jeny Pic
candy potatoe
his voice compared to now
this kinda reminds me of something that happened not too long ago
with the whole 'dont lecture people when you know basically nothing about them' thing
i was in history class and it was a non school uniform day, where we paid a pound to wear our own normal clothes at school and the money we give is given to charity.
one of the charities was to do with lgbt rights (which is great)
our history teacher was talking about it and somewhere she stated that she didn't know what the 'Q' meant in LGBTQ.
so i said, to the people around me, that it meant 'Queer'. Because it does, that is literally what it means.
and she stood up and started almost shouting at me, saying 'NO, that's NOT what it means at all, and it's very offensive' and lecturing me about it as if I'd just said something awful. she didn't actually know what it meant, because a five second Google search would tell her that it was actually correct, and that i wasn't spreading misinformation either.
i guess she thought i was trying to make a homophobic joke or something, but here's the irony of it
I'm a lesbian.
I'm not even quiet about it or closeted, EVERYONE knows.

so yeah, moral of the story, don't get involved and act like you know everything unless you actually DO know everything.
i know she meant well, and was standing up for the gays and all that jazz, but still. if you're gonna be a 'vigilante' for these people, at least know what you're talking about first
and maybe try bothering someone who isn't in the community you're trying to defend.

(i sound like I'm really upset about this... I'm not, really, it's just that i had a lot to say about it kinda)
Kazuki Kenya
si sabes español dale me gusta :v
I actually go to a prep school, and my uniform looks exactly like the one he is wearing, so I feel your pain, dude.
Teachers literally can't comprehend a brother and sister getting along with each other.
Litten Fan
Is. You. Odd.
xXTheGoalie GameXx5
uploaded on my bday ;D
Giovanni Dimike
Faith and James
Faith an James
Faith n James
Faith in James
Give me 10 million subscribers Now
That is awesome but you deleted a lot of videos or you are just the god of animation
After watching this video I go to my friends and go "Sympathy rub" and rub their arm
Nick Shatsky
hey guys pause right away to see something weird
rose squid -Katt
this was 3 days before my birthday lol
lil boat
in the teachers head dope island meme....(yall fucking) , no
Michelle Walton
He much be rich
Niko The Jackass
i wouldve told her shes a cunt lol
Coding for free
lol. I wonder if these are true storys, are they? sorry! I'm new to the odd ones out and I just joined and subscribed yesterday
Izzi Lang
Hahahahhah I am a twin and we have the same classes
Eremikashipper 4ever
Teachers got some dirty minds XD Same thing happened to me. Me and my best friend always hung out in school. We saw each other as sisters, and we even looked similer. But because we held hands sometimes, and sat together in class, the teacher thought we were two love crazed lesbians. Like..the fuck? XD
The Glitch
some old teacher thought my younger brother and I were together and she told us about all that stuff. I cried with laughter and yelled
"hey everybody Mrs ___ thinks Noah and I are together!!!" everyone laughed then my brother proceeded to tell her we were brother and sister; she turned bright red and told me I have detention. I asked her what she was going to write on the slip... she just walked away. every time I have her she tried to find a way to embarrass me but I don't really care about what she says so.
Awesome toy Reviews
I'm watch in 2017 his voice sounds so different
Remember kids were your seetbelt
Hula rossome Flyer skysome
well I'm a twin too xd
hunter barker
how are u
Meeya Cole
Bro this sounds like how me & MY TWIN was😂😂😂
kri S
What is it with America and the fear of showing affection? what the hell
SuperSam 3235
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