hunter sunday
What even is this?
hunter sunday
This taste like a cross between plastic and the devil
The only thing more offensive than having an entire culture's (entirely randomly picked) snacks being judged and berated is that its judged and berated by a bunch of white Americans---a whole race of people who think its acceptable to eat soggy fried chicken in buckets.
Cole Burdick
Wait Im sure 煮干し is not snack!! lol It's for making base taste for food
Crazy Caryn
screw that i want all of the Japanese snacks
I was eating through out this video and the fish part I couldn't watch eww🤢
Taylor Murphy
Matcha kitkats are great.
The dried anchovies and kit kats are the best
HomieG Zombie
Booger...? Could be the other end of her Nose Ring.
pokari isn't a snack
Louis Robinson
WOAH Ashley looked different then.
Mark O. Dipasupil
Damn these guys. Theyre very overacting i mean... come on! Those foods were actually good it just looks disgusting. Theyre overacting becoz theyre asian foods
how many people in this video still work for Buzzfeed? Ella, Ashly, Keith, Andrew?
Ted Bundy
am I the only one that really likes eating the dried anchovies..?
Meme Oshino
i eat dried anchovies alot as an american.
that red head chick does weird positions with her mouth the whole video
Janeta Odelia
isn't pocari a quite common drink worldwide?
Nica Angela
I love matcha kitkats and everything flavored green tea
Vicki Cupper
Pocari Sweat tastes like watermelon-flavored sweat. It is disgusting!
ramen noodle
1:14 that makes me wanna buy that
bree Smithisrad
This is legit a video to make Americans hate Japan.What gives?
By the way,Im ten and I eat baby dried anchovies all the time,my moms Japanese.
Joey Garcia
Qoya D Reedus
video game fruit LMAO
pocari sweat is janpenes snack???
i thought its koreans snack...
Chino Kafū
im an Asian and I actually enjoy these snacks, feels weird how tastes differ from Americans and Asians.Also matcha green tea Kit kit is amazing
Keke Scott
He shotgunned a kids juice 😂😂
Psycho Dad
I'm disappointed to be American.
Cat Baguette
god damn white trash. Pardon me, It's just irritating. Those puddings are really good, those kit kats are great. God damnit
Ethan Letzer
No Name
Dirham Raizal
wait.. I thought Pocari is known world wide?
Jacslayer Killer
1:30 eew Giant booger
Mr NoName
dried salty fish is best snack ever!
Jin created beauty
i ate dried anchovies just to gross out my little sister and ended up actually enjoying it so i eat it all the time LOL i didnt even know people ate it as a snack normally
Paige Amsbury
It actually all looks pretty good. I've tried green tea pocky, which is really good. The dried fish looks kinda gross, but I'd try it if they had it here in America. ^^
aren't you supposed to freeze the jellydrink? we always froze the jellydrink.
ramen noodle
matcha kit cat ftw
Marianne Jasmine Chua
Jelly drink is my fave.
flappy pig
i love all of this food and i am not Japanese, so i don't get why these people don't like them
Sakura Christine Ito
It's okay if you don't like some food but there's definitely no need to say that they're gross, disgusting and respect other cultures!
Shadow _girl1731
I actually like a lot of those except for the achoves
Janalie Tang
wtf no pockies?
Renèe Ibáñez
You have to try Guatemalan food 👌
Pocari Sweat is Korean isnt it
Kleah Hult
it's not swet it's sweat
John Sayles
She gotta buggie in her nose
red of harts
i was born in a japanese family, and. i dont get it. i love all these snacks.
why dont they
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