Kids Ask Emma Watson About 'Beauty And The Beast', 'Harry Potter' & More! | Entertainment Weekly

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"Beauty and the Beast" and "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson answers questions from kids about Hermione Granger, her childhood, and much more!
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Kids Ask Emma Watson About 'Beauty And The Beast', 'Harry Potter' & More! | Entertainment Weekly

I would cut off my arms to ask her one question...
Caroline Carter
What was it like in the castle????
Jane Doe
Aw, Emma Watson is sooo cute! She is very sweet and calm while she was watching the kids talking. I love you Emma Watson! I just want to give her a big hug like it'll make my dream come true! I love her accent and everything about her!
Hope Westphal
All these kids are SO cute!
Kawaii Girl
Emma Watson You Are My Inspiration I Have A Question about You Can You Make Slime
derck swart
Darth vader is always a winner
Sad Angel
Am I the only one who sees Hendrix beautiful ??
"Oh there's some boys... good" lol I died 😂
Gwenny Bear
Is it just me that belle and hermonie are the same!!! Also love u Emma Watson
Joanna Grace
I grace i love hary potter
Mars Silvergold
asians with anglo names...
Declan Gavin
I love how Emma Watson actually pretended to be Belle and go along with her ❤️

Blue Twins Official
Why do they have to change all the characters in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child??! Emma is perfect :(
I love Emma Watson since the first Harry Potter film, she seems very smart on many issues and seems like a very empathic type of person!
Chisaki Arima
My favourite books are the Harry Potter series. Hermione Granger, I love you so much. You're a constant inspiration to me. I think you're what I aim to be, smart, kind, always in the action and just like you💕💕
Psycho Piano
I love James and the Giant Peach.
Phoebe Dawe
OMG I love Roald Dahl! I loved Matilda! I looked just like her as a kid!
Tawnee Gunderson
Super cute video of Emma Watson answering questions from little kids...
Do Bo
I wanna ask Emma about her masturbation schedule and ask her how often she shaves her vagina
greg morge
that hendrick kid is gonna one gorg kid on day, mark my words
Natalia Lopez
if you could do go anywhere in a book where would it be
Skyler Best
My dad reads me Roald Dahl!! 😀😘❤
Jaci Robinson
Jaci Robinson
Hay, Emma are you going or want to be in more movies, if you are, make a video, and let me know, PLEASE AND THANK YOU
Andrew Lynch Roberts
2:05 nice acting Emma
Pauline Mei
I love both vader and potter😂😂😂
My Crazy Life As Angel
hi everyone when I was in year 3 aka third grade someone that looked exactly like emma came and I was completly shoked because I was a huge harry potter fan but she told me that she isnt wich I still dont believe
Harold Tan
her laugh at 2:21 is magic
Hector Miranda-Guevara
the circle
christina kozmas
"Beast is this wounded person that is redeemed" So is Darth Vader !
gobletof Iceandfire
kids always asks in beauty and the beast.......... me*OH FOR GOD SAKE ASK SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY POTTER* but when that kid Jacob ask I was like this 😇😇😇😇😅😅😅😅😁😁😁😁
I love it when the girl thought Emma is really Belle and Emma didn't say `no I am not Belle I am just an actress, they are fake...' or something like that. Love her so much. the girl is so cute too
Nurin Mardhiyah
Now my kids know her as Belle not Hermoine, BUT I WILL SHOW THEM WHO IS HERMOINE! YEAAAHH
Gabriela Wilcox-Watson
If she ever has kids she is gonna be a great mum. She answered those questions so well
Nikita Mercy
Iris Kessels
Emma is so pretty😍
Emma is the sweetest person I just love her!
I wanna ask her a question
Omg I just realised something. IMAGINE BEING EMMAS BFF 😭❤️😂
60 subs For no reason?
10 points to gryffindor..
Darth Vader vs Harry Potter and Emma has to choose. I love Darth Vader, I love the Harry Potter series and I love Emma. Whyyyyyyy
Random Videos
What about Harry Potter vs Luke skywalker
girish chauhan
Carina Castellano
Emma Watson's I'm a kid too my name is Carina I also have a question do you have kids
Christine Shen
Emma u were amazing in Beauty and the Beast! I loved the movie! U r a beautiful person.
Simply Lorz
She's truly a princess. 👑
princess unkown
hendrix lol
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