Kids Ask Emma Watson About 'Beauty And The Beast', 'Harry Potter' & More! | Entertainment Weekly

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"Beauty and the Beast" and "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson answers questions from kids about Hermione Granger, her childhood, and much more!
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Kids Ask Emma Watson About 'Beauty And The Beast', 'Harry Potter' & More! | Entertainment Weekly

Carina Castellano
Emma Watson's I'm a kid too my name is Carina I also have a question do you have kids
Christine Shen
Emma u were amazing in Beauty and the Beast! I loved the movie! U r a beautiful person.
Simply Lorz
She's truly a princess. 👑
princess unkown
hendrix lol
Olivia Hanham
I still think of her as herminone........
Superyani Dimaz
Why emma look like a children? if people do not know emma, their thought she was 12 years old ☺
Dameron Dude
The relief of belle when she saw boys 😂😂
Shaima Nadeem
The Beast is a Tsundere! 😹
Juliana Giraldo
You are the more prety in the world Ema
Juliana Giraldo
How can someone be this perfect?? Love her as hermione. Love her as belle. And I love her as Emma even more. She's so inspiring ❤️
these kids see Emma as Belle and not as Hermione...
Mary García
July Julzz
That Hendrix kid will steal my heart in the next 10 years
Beauty and the Beast [[ 2017 ]]

JAJ Novesteras
For real not kidding
JAJ Novesteras
My B day is on March 17
Andrew Kemp
vader would force choke harry before harry can do anything
Silvio Favo
Am I the only one who thinks she's perfect? 😍
DarthVader 61425
I feel very offended! Still I prefer Harry Potter over Darth Vader 900000%
Anna Grace Travis
Makayla Gerevics
Shes so good with talking to kids.
Jeffery Goodwin
1 like if next time emma sees Dan Radcliffe she should hit him with a news paper
Vidunderlig •
Emma is so good with children! And she is so pretty too!
Bellatrix Lestrange
I don't know why, but this made me crying so much😢😢😢
Ash Bash
When that kid called her belle I was just thinking that so many children are going to know her as belle instead of hermoine and that makes me happy and sad
for the harry Potter vs. Darth Vader question aren't Levi corpus and Wengardiam Leviosa the same thing as the force but definitely Harry would win
This wonderful human being is my first celebrity crush when I watched the third Harry Potter. Alohomora !
"Cold and mean" Dear Emma have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise ?
Teeenest Posts
What you would talk about or say if you meet Hermione Granger ?
Angelo Pacchioni
se c'è aqualche italiano...cosa vuol dire "Rolled all" al secondo 27? lo ripete 2 o 3 volte e non l'ho capito, è un genere letterario o un libro specifico? Grazie a chi mi darà una risposta : )
Glory Joysela
the last tho
Moon Cat Gamer
I love Roald Dahl
Grace Smith
What about Luke Skywalker against Lord Voldemort???
Elisa In Wonderland
I love Emma Watson 😊 🖤
Carmen Cecan
I absolutely love her😍
Sophie Moakes
what I go d weird is that my generation grew up with Emma as Hermione but my cousins generation will know her as bell
Lyra Lestrange
The first is so cute
Ari Pag
emma should just move to the us
Emily Matthews
OMG I love Emma Watson
Orleans BeGole
I would prob choose Michelle too. Nah, Emma. I'd choose Emma.
Da kitty pawtatoe
i never acc liked roald Dahl that much😂😂 I prefer Michael morpurgo
Cassandra Moritz
Interesting to hear about Emma's favorite childhood book series. When I was little my dad read all the Lord of the Rings books to me.
Laceys Fun Channel
My favourite book is Tom gates
D&S g
No Darth vader
Forrest Man
Ikha _
i cant believe she already 20 something! i thought, she's at least my age!
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