Jake, you're being a b*tch.

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Just stop bro.
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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

mysterious girl
i think he knew about kong
Beth Newbery
George- I’m the only horse! makes weird noise
Me- dies of laughing
Marina Off the hook sisters
Logan I feel like your being a bit dramatic.... you shout way to much and you can act like a complete bitch. You overreact FOR NO REASON. maybe learn some manners and maybe more people would like you.
Rachel Simar
I agree with you Logan
The Mr. Man
Tell us something we don't know.
Equine Artistry
Why is Evan and Logan so aggressive to each other?! Like chill evan!!!!
Founded TM4amNetworkTM
Fuck team 10
Palmyra Deveraux
I am the only horse will be forever the best blog line ever
Santana Thompson
I don't have a girlfriend either I'm sad
Elijahrecordplays Google
Im subscribing back to anyone that subscribe to me and stay active and i have a notification shout on Saturday and subscribe to Elijah Moore
Jack Stanton
ayla is a tiny alexis ren omg
get kong a dildo
Jasmine Edits!!!!!
I'M A DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Logan Paul, 2017
best quote evar!
Galaxymoomoo 78
BigBoi !
R.I.P. printer
team mauri mauri
No honey No
Sam Khan
I love title
Lala Flanagan
Logang for life
Bobby Joe
Incognito Mode
They watchin family Guy
Kamkam Will
Jimi & Adrian Lizardo
Your the best 💩💩💩
Matthew N
Who else thought of office space
Mighty Lightning Blader Ribb
i guess when, once you wrestled everything else is easy

There are 3 different emojis
Find them
Ethan Man
12Million Subscribers!
Alexander's flowers
Logan # for life
Ania Mcmurray
BRO. that exploson at the end tho...u be lit
Savvy Savage
You are awesome
the redwolf
Nukes can destroy planits
Unknown User
What is it with the Afro-American parody and constant violent outbursts? Taking steroids affect the mind and it's clearly visible in this case.
Becca Reep
Alagany Moters in Etna,PA
Anguteeraq Olsen
I hate when Logan break stuff
boston chicklet
Logan paul n ur brother u guys are the best
Kirti Singh
did he say in the starting that he is a virgin?
Abby's Pets And Bettas!
Turn on Captions when he’s talking about Jake😂👍
Logan, you're fucking right
mary hall
Dick dick balls balls
leon jo
You broke it
Daddy Deadpool
Ya wanna know what I did today... SMASH

jus kidding ima virgin
He can gain 3 million subs in 2 months and I can't even make 4 friends in a year
Alex Miller
he was watching Family Guy
LPS puppy lover
Did anyone notice Logan called Jake Logan?
Kwamz Workouts
Love the video - keep sharing! These type of videos are always inspiring to me. It would be awesome if you checked out my channel and dropped me a line sometime with feedback (as I am new to Youtube). Thanks!
Michalvlogz !
Ur not a destroyer of worlds NO UR A MAVERICK
Robert Gamino
Anyone else notice that Evan was watching Family Guy
This isn't even my final form
When you realise that everyone on this channel drinks half a cup of testosterone and adrenalin every hour.
Mitchell Martin
Logan you are the best. I have followed you on Instagram @loganpaul
Katelynn Weaver
This was on my birthday when this was published and this was my best birthday present I got merch on my birthday too
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