theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona

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James's (james'? jame's's? idk english is weird) channel:
His Arizona video:
ASMR video we parodied for like 3 seconds:
The egg cooking video:

wow thats a lot of links... and they're most likely just a waste of space because no one reads the descrption

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Panda Gamer1017
See they're just good frrrrrrieeeeeeendddddsss
Aly Smoothiepup
I had a heat stroke on Tuesday while waiting in line to ride a horse for my first time ever. R.I.P at least I had fun riding the horse after a quick shade and bathroom break, because yeah. Heat stroke :l it's not a good feeling
hetitscassierose :D
but the breeze tho is so cooling
hetitscassierose :D
I live in Arizona I hate it it's to flipping hot out
iron D0G
Oklahoma has scary as fuck tarantulas
iron D0G
I live in Oklahoma it's an oven too (but I love Oklahoma)
Emre Unal
Shawn Smith
Jevel McGee
xXAlana _BananaXx
If u look at my name, the wild pigs r eating my family...
PandaGirl Draws
once i went there with my family and i got soo sunburn i was bright red like super bright red and it hurt like hell
Socorro Gonzales
i subscribed to both of you
Joann Hauger
And Texas is a toaster
underswap sans lord
Kaylee Purtle
what part of az do u live in
Kaylee Purtle
I can't believe they live in Arizona like me
LimLim The Third
LimLim The Third
TheReal ThinkFast
Jaiden and James are a great couple. Like if you agree
Fuzzie Buddies
you are perfect for eachother

1. you both LOVE to draw and animate.
2.You both live in the "oven" that is arizona.

Ash Leigh
the sun is a deadly lazer
Fuzzie Buddies
0:42 awwwwww
Ramen Noddles
What about New Mexico
Really? We have a bunch of cacti in California!
THETIMEBROS moanamassiveGaming
1:19 thats like at least once a week at summertime in just the South of Australia!
Arizona looks really good when you're not in Chile, we have 0° today, isn't that nice?
Compact Void
Those oven mits would be hot too. I don't even live in Arizona, but one time I bought some oven mits from IKEA, dumped it in my car, and returned back after lunch, I tried wearing them and it was... I don't want to talk about it.
Anir TaeKim
Kamakee Zane
yay were firends
Mangle Gaming
new mexico is were in live
Savage Charizard
Try making a video in a small room in Huston Texas.
Diego Silva
I love sunsplash
Jordan Johnson
5:27 OMG Breakers Water Park soooo many memories the Nostalgia is real Bruh!!!!!!!
Rhainne Coyle
I'm making a oven mitt pocket.
John Hadash Iv
nope new jersey and a lot of the south have cactus
i live in Arizona, it is dry, very dry
sean does army!
its just inBEARably... ok....ill stop...... ;(
SmashySQUISHcupcake 1134
yo missed california!!! 🙁 how could you James an jaiden
Joel P.R.WorldHD
0:19 yeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sara Corona
Yes AZ is so 🔥
Melaniesky 318
My uncle had a friend that used to take a poop in the wave pull so that it would hit people...
Charlotte Webster
reads comments So many people ship it, just, why? Didn't people see all the friendshipness? (that is a new word)
Vanesa Pap
I know exactly how you feel. I live here as well and all I do is draw bc of the heat
Bryan Castellano
They're called "Glove" compartments
Random Stick Nodes Animations
I thought the Philippines was one of the hottest places since it feels like fire here.
A Tree
Shadowboy678 Moon
It's your bf
It gets pretty hot where I grew up (central Washington[state]), but nowhere near 120, but from about June to mid-September every year it's "fire season". It's heavily wooded area, but it never rains and it doesn't snow during the winter as much as it used to so it's hot AF all summer and we the city pool is always full of tourists since it's also a tourist town. The river is almost all dried up so the locals can't really swim there, so unless you have a private pool you better have AC or you might die of heatstroke.
Peyton McCary
Florida have cacti as well it's just we have very tiny ones but if you do and pour a cacti to hear it actually grows amazingly well and if you do get a new house back here in Florida like in the Panhandle you may have a 90% chance of having wild Cactus growing in your backyard
Basically described Nevada except people speak Spanish here and I don't understand most of the time because I am dirty american
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