theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona

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James's (james'? jame's's? idk english is weird) channel:
His Arizona video:
ASMR video we parodied for like 3 seconds:
The egg cooking video:

wow thats a lot of links... and they're most likely just a waste of space because no one reads the descrption

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D why don't you click all 'dem links that were wonderfully copy and pasted by me, just for you :D that would be super dandy

The sun's arms XD
It's like 90 degrees Fahrenheit at average during summer and 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter...
Erik Picazzo
I love in Arizona to a lot of this is so true
Poocas Animation
I ship it
I live in Orlando so when I get into the ice skating rink I will literally just lay on the floor and then my coach gets mad at me because I do not practice waltz jumps but I mean winter one year was 73 as the high and 68 as the low....
Annabelle Homan
Clare Porto
The little pocket to hold oven mittens is called the glove compartment the compartment on the passenger seat
braxton gardner
Theodds1oneout I love he's vids guys!
fluffkin rawr
the compartment is called a glove box
someguywholikescheese and some kfc
how come every single time a girl youtuber does a collab with a boy youtuber people are like OMG SHIP THEM OMG THEY MUST BE A COUPLE
pink fluffy unicorn
I live in arizona 😢 and all of you people Kate Arizona 😊 BUT they sell egees here so don't complain
Matthew Shiers
Get steering wheel covers.
Well at least your wether can make up its mind that it wants to always be hot
I live in texas and i have some what the same problem
Aiden Potato
I found jaiden by the odd1sout
Huykari JayMoon
There would be a 100% chance of me getting heat stroke (73°f is way to hit for me
SackTroy gaming
The signs LITERALLY MELT here in AZ, Thank god for swimming pools!
My favorite Arizona flavor is Orangeade
Adam Bomb
Illinois is twice the bad... summer is like 90 or more and the winter is like 34 or lower😒 I have so much clothing for winter and summer
Evolution Evolver / / Dark Flame
#odd1sanimtions #SHIPPED
At raging wave and clean
Great slides
Go to Illinois
Double Trouble
I know u guys mean about the heat I live in Florida
Lily Cat
Jerry Lee
but when you get out of the car you get hit a huge bit of wind and RELIEF
Jerry Lee
i know i hav to agree wit you purple plus my brother DAVID LEE is going to arizona for his COOLEGE ill go there at winter plz meet me plz.....................
Natalie Childress
Do you have any Joshua trees? Or do you live in the Sonoran desert? Because I live in the Mojave, which is the only desert that has Joshua trees. It also has Las Vegas, which is only like an hour away from me. I live in Nevada, and it is... (checks weather) 115 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT?! Does it get hotter than that for you? If so, I feel bad. We deal with a lot of the stuff you deal with.
Samuel Ferrell
3:02 In part of Michigan there are natural growing cacti 🌵
emilio penayo
thats nothing compared to my country
Ribbinthesylveon AJ
Finally, after all these years... ( But Only A While Ago)
I think its finally time...

Princess Mystic
There already is a box to put gloves/mits in.........a glove box.......
One summer my mom and I went on a trip to Cali and were heading back to the other side of the U.S.A(I'm not saying what state) and we got to Arizona at like 10:30PM, and when we stepped off the plane, I got this blast of heat and then the Air conditioners were BLASTING. Turns out, it was like 130F.

Ruby Patterson
2:37 you mean the glove compartment?
Invader GIR
What about Nevada ? It's hot there to...
CSE Carnecer
Am I retarted?
Dare Gammers
Wait cacti aren't everywhere? I'm from Texas so there are everywhere
Power of L
This is the most happy video
IN Louisiana it can be 85 degrees but feel 110 because of humidity
Spartan 123726
U know us in California we have heat problems and we have wild life we have alotttttttttt of bares and that makes it un barebel XD PUNS
Lauren Hunter
A glove compartment holds gloves ;-;
Gierom Yumang
6:48 i dunno why but i imagine james kissing jaiden on her cheek
Jamden ftw
L_2the_iam B.
It's just has hot in some parts of LA
Ariana kim
Jaiden: "We both live in the oven that is Arizona"

Me: First off, all youtubers that animate live in arizona! Second, you forgot Flagstaff!
MoonLight Foxy Chan
Purplegaming girl it's feels likes burning fire ;-;
Kyle Busch
Cacti is god
Hyrulien Hero
when they were making the eggs they used silverware to get the egg. why?
What is the highest temperature in Arizona?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lika Ibrahim
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