theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona

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James's (james'? jame's's? idk english is weird) channel:
His Arizona video:
ASMR video we parodied for like 3 seconds:
The egg cooking video:

wow thats a lot of links... and they're most likely just a waste of space because no one reads the descrption

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D why don't you click all 'dem links that were wonderfully copy and pasted by me, just for you :D that would be super dandy

I live in Australia and we have camels and snakes and lizards and sharks and it is so hot. Search up camel attacks
When you want the two to be together, but james is a total butthole.
AlezziDa Mezzy
DelicousJoko Plays
I ship it
only john vena can handle that heat
Sea_Dolphin Cool
Maybe the people who visit rarely see cacti? It's just a guess...
Kaeru Shinobi
Well good to know you say things that you don't like about Arizona, and I would say the one that actually lives in Phoenix I can agree with most of the things you list in this video especially the heat, and really I'm somewhat happy to hear that you two are actually live in Arizona, and really hope you two will continue being awesome people and draw cool drawings and animations.
* baby_dragonYT*

Aaron Chen
Read the read more

I didn't know how to get a job but I can remember dissecting a frog
Boyinaband reference
Life Animations
I live im Arizona too and I've never seen you guys... crap...
Black Fang
Dudes i live in az too yey lol
krish kapoor
Also ik how to get water from a cactus poke it with a stick
krish kapoor
I feel u guys about the heat I live in California where it is just as hot I have never been to Arizona I might go their if I become a baseball player
avery wellsand
So Montana's prickly pear cactus dont care?
Prime Minister Fluffy Rose
West Texas has cacti. East Texas has annoying ass oak trees that drop acorns, flowery stuff, and all sorts of shit on your car if you park underneath them.
Alex Playz
Come to latvia its soooo cool here
Benjamin Larraga
0:20 Yee
AZ is nice

If you lived here
Chepa Garcia
Ok where I live its not that hot ,but in the morning I go outside and this is what I say " Jesus! MY FREKING FEET IS BRUNING my poor skin and feet T^T " THIS IS WAY I HATE BEING OUTSIDE. Oh I forgot when I go in a store for 6 minutes MY CAR IS ALL HOT I BRUNED MY MYSELF
Galaxy xøxø
Btw this is like Australia everyday 😂
The Golden Gamer, The Great Undertale Fan
My annoying thing in California in my tropical area, FUCKING WASPS!!!!!!!
Chaz Dilley
I ship it
Melik W
I was once at a rolling hills in Michigan (where I live) and I saw a dead frog in the water
fuzzybunny 5
omg me to i live in Arizona do u know yuma?
eric walker
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd its james
Sebastian Arnold
for springe
Sebastian Arnold
come to Florida and Orlando I would love to meet,you
I remember my trip back from hawaii,, we (me, my brother, my mom) had to stop in arizona and step outside so my mom could smoke or whatever and as soon as we stepped outside THE AIR WAS SO THIN AND IT WAS SO HOT JFC
how do you freaks live there <_>
I ship you two ;)
Sasuke Uchiha
I live in the middle state of North Carolina
Alysia smith
OMG JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacqueline Nguyen
I'm your neighbor , California!
we have cacti in the peninsela of mexico
K.O Kartoonz
Have you guys heard of glove compartments?
theres cacti here in indiana too...

they just arent the big cool ones. just lil ones that sTAB UR FEET IF UR BAREFOOT
Delphyn Ngaleu
Get married and go to London
Katie Koala
Funny how this has 8 million views, and only 2 million of them are subbed
Anyone notice that Arizona actually looks like an oven? 😀
Marceline Abadder
jamden #Friendship #Arizona
J.R Entertainment
You are perfect
Lord fartamor
cat eye
#andpeggy 101
There should be little tiny fans that you clip to your clothes to blow on your face
California? :?
Isabella J
Hey James you should do baby sitting story's
Dank Science
Hello, Jaiden motivated me to start my own youtube channel. Can you give me some feedback on my first videos ?
Deadly Stranger
I was born in Arizona... this is accurate as heck.
Buğra Coşkun
I'm shipping like FedEx right now
Pokemon Lover
Ur butiful
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