Pigsir 2468
oh, i live in canada. its neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever hot here :)
anxs quaek
ayy lmao
Theo_duh_ Bunny_101
I live in the state that can't make up it's mind... Akransas. It's the middle of November and 70 degrees, yesterday it was like 50 MAKE UP YOUR GOSH DANG MIND
Javelinas suck.
i hate you! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! ! !! ! !!!!!!!!!
Luigi Guy
I'm from the freezer known as Minnesota.
Everyone lives every where else but guess what, NO ONE LIVES IN FREAKING MINNESOTA!!! (im lonely)
Bombseeker299 Bad boy
I️ don’t have to worry about the heat, I️ have to worry about the cold in South Carolina, especially during the winter
Vemnae Vantor
We have cacti that naturally grow in Florida called prickly pear and 6 other native species
Vemnae Vantor
We have cacti that naturally grow in Florida called prickly pear and 6 other native species
Isaac Griffith
Destiny Nerd
I also live in Arizona. Summers hurt because of the intense heat and Winters suck because old people come from all over, fill up every place you go, and make driving a gosh dang nightmare some of time.
Tacorian Balentine
I loved this vid especially the end
Elsa Krzych
I live in Wisconsin... it's stricken chicken freezing I would take hot weather over cold weather any day
Efy Bryce
texas is an oven .......... sometimes :-(
Krazy dhaywood
I also live in the oven
Alana Steinacker
uhm uhh, I live in Canada sooooooooo
The Weirdest People Ever
They forgot the cacti in California
Snowflake playzGT
Same in Florida
Chronic Gold
I hate to be this kinda person, but Oregon and northern California have a lot of cacti too... Mostly prickly pears, but they still count.
Lucy Billings
dirty hotdog bath water
Bacon Lama
what is farinhight use ceseelcs
Moonlightwolf 3800
Glove box....for heat resistant gloves
Sophie Cabrera
I love the undertale fan art of you it's cool
Josh ZKS
I have 1 natural growing cactus were I live and I'm in Missouri
Josh ZKS
It is James's
i live in texas ;-;
i don't live in arizona but it's close enough, i know these pains
ajtyav aj
I'm in boring Pennsylvania. The only thing amazing here is my friends :3
Finnian Smith
A glove holder already exists, it's called a glove compartment !!!!!
In summer you should but a blanket or something on the seat or something
Sean .Lyons
I think the worst thing about Arizona(I live in PA) is the worst artists of all lives there....

Digital Homicide.
Caitlyn Smyth
I can imagine the car thing.
British heatwaves give the same effect.
Røćkét Føx
I live in an oven too...it’s called Florida

I have the same experiences (except cacti 🌵)
GamerGirl 2804
Arizona = Heat
Wisconsin = Ice

Living in Wisconsin sucks. I've lived here for my whole life, and I picking HATE winter here!!!
Edit: The snow only makes it worse. And with the sun and all the white snow, you are freezing AND blind.
South Africa is a lot the same :(
Joni King
The sun is a deadly lazer
Tonny Kala
46 celsius - 49 celsius
Hannah Gottlieb
I live in utah and half the year it's blazing hot and the other half it's butt cold.
p.s. Utah has natural growing cactus 🌵
Lucia .R
mmmmboi I live in dubai, it's like blazing hot
Das why glove compartment is alive
Die Eule Franz
I don't live in Arizona, but where i live (germany, Rheinland-Pfalz) its also pretty hot (record was like 45 degrees celcius ( about 110 fahrenheit) ). Its so hot you cant even open you're car properly. Also we have like no wind blowing, so you can't even embrace a cool wind. So yeah, you basically die every year over and over :D
Seppo Laitela
Finland is like Arizona. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it's in in northern Europe so we have pretty cold in here.......and we don't have summer......
Try living in Australia and if you don't want any attention live where I live Western Australia
Cacti are in utah pretty often, too.
Trust me, i live there.
Haunt QO
I live in Florida and we have natural growing cacti
The Star Wars Fan 05
I Was kinda offended but the way you said "Holy Jesus".
Spartans never die
Lol fuck that water slide. I hurt my arm in it and never went in it again

But the golf is good
Aeon Maujean
Oven mitts are a type of glove. You're thinking of the glove compartment.
You all complaining about the heat in Arizona but isn't it just in summer? In Singapore its like 30 degrees celsius almost all year round and its ridiculously humid so you'll sweat from just a 5 minute walk outside
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