Trying On $3 Prom Dresses I Bought From Ebay! *DISASTER*

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So I looked on Ebay for some VERY cheap prom dresses and they were NOT what I expected...
Cheap online shopping disaster- expectations vs reality! 
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Prom is coming up so I was on the hunt for some inexpensive but still god quality prom dresses and then came across amazon and ebay. The dresses were SO cheap and inexpensive so i decided that I should buy them just out of interest and make a video out of it!

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Aidan Ismaet
I think the main point of this video is not about how she's expecting something more from the dresses. She's just helping people to be aware of the cheap dresses bought on E-bay because a lot of people had been tricked. They show pretty $2000 dresses on the pictures but when it comes to your doorstep, you ended up being disappointed. So this is a pretty good video for people who are expecting a lot from the online shops.. If you dont mind the quality, you do you boo. But for the people who expected something more, it's better for you spend a couple more bucks for a nicer dress that you are comfortable and satisfied with.
Maybe a shot of you from head to toe would've been nice because you can only get so much from the frame you used.
Not gonna lie I might by some just for pure amusement!
shay mccall
no hate but there were alot of editing errors
Leilani's Tube
i put my dresses as long as my knees and a lil higher like the tippi top of the knee
Leilani's Tube
who else is scared by the dog behind milly at 3:08
Leilani's Tube
Who else is WOWED by that pic behind Millie!!!😂#DuckyLipsss
Clara Q
6M views woooo
Alisha Mumby
I love this video😂 so wanted to do a haul of cheap ebay dresses to see what would actually come😂👏
Jennifer Baker
I think you did pretty well for £2!!
kendra brant
The one thing I don't like about this video is I had to watch four ads for a ten minute video
Hannah Vandeleygraaf
You are so awesome! And I think you are amazing and I laughed so hard when you wore that dress backwards
Irene Bernardi
In this video look like you are laughing about other girls who don't have much money to pay for better quality of dresses. Is a little bit uncomfortable for me. Maybe is not your intended but it look like.
Elyssa Cruz
I love your screen saver
Marina Caballero
I just found out your channel and saw 4 videos and I loved them all, I laughed and enjoyed all of them. Really like your comments and the irony you use 😂 Here you have a new subscriber (from Spain 🇪🇸) xx
Molly Britland
i think the 1st dress is just the wrong sise
saquirem O.
i tried so hard to not only pay atention to the screen e.e
M. Teodósio
I mean, for 3 dollars the first dress was actually good... Now, for the others I wouldn't pay 1.
Kimberlee Whitehouse
i just bought my prom dress from it is really pretty too
Omg when you said "me who likes food a little too much" hahaha! Me so me!
Maine Previous Video
i hate your red lipstick
Kharyl Redondo
Is it just me or that picture i the background really bothers me.
Skyler Marie
Sure some of them looked ugly I get it. You didn't need to exaggerate that much it's rude to the people who can't afford 2000 dollar dresses. If you saw that at a store besides eBay you would say the things you said. They look fine... some of them material wise. Maybe not high end but certainly not a potato sac
amimcc 17
oh is this your twin in the bag round😂
Ana Cruz
Where can I get that pink and white one in 7:34 ?? I could make it into a short dress and cut the sleeves make it look like a mini dreesss❤️
Andraya Mallette
The third dress would be better for lingerie. I guess the second dress too, the way that you were wearing it in the video.
Hello Its Me
is it just me who really liked the pink and white dress? (the first one)
I would love to see a try-on video of expensive dresses on eBay/Amazon to see if it's worth paying that bit extra for them! Also love this video!!
Doodlebug Awesomeness
Try them on!!!
Marina Orgeron
That's sad she said excuse me
Lyssa J
I'm homeschooled so I've never been nor will go to prom 😭
Allie Lucas
I just discovered your videos. they are so fun, You have a great personality!
Millie Smith
I love her lock screen pic 🤣💞
Kerry Higgins
I love you
Diamond girl 33
Try to by 2 dollar shoes of eBay
you should do another ebay video. you should try swim suit
Mary-ann Young
Oh my God that is just as well actually really bad that happened to my friend once for prom and she actually had to wear the dress it was supposed be by a blue puffy one but instead it was just blue and straight down and it was just not what it's like
what the hell is on your back or stomach the grey thing
Jazmyn Powers I-/
okay but the ending got me offended. "if your body is perfect, and i mean literally perfect like not a single thing wrong with it then you can definitely rock this"
like gurl, whoever wants to rock this will rock this, every body is perfect what u mean
who likes thier own comments
Natalie Dalton
the first one wasn't that bad u could be able to fix it lmao
Claudia Walczak
my cousin was able to buy a really nice dress in store for only 55 dollars so i feel bad for people who get really bad ones
taylah sutherland
Well u cunt realay expect that much for $3
Hannah W
I wish my body looked like that😂tbh
Jessica Lewis
I don't know what she was on about she has a perfect figure
Noot Noot
you get what you pay for
Brittney Skaggs
when you said some people may not have the money and they like to buy their dresses on there I like you because you're a realist and you weren't trying to be a bitch about it you was honestly trying to be nice other girls are just rude about it most of the time
Michelle Furr
I like the top of the first dress
My best suggestion is buy from the websites which have photos from the people who have bought the dress, I always look at the comments, sometimes google the same dress and check in different websites then compare photos and comments. Real life photo is the best judge :)
hxney brxwn
she is anoying
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