Lor Miller
I"ll be buying a Barbour. Thanks for the White Christmas ;-)
Bravo Barbour !!!
Well Done !
red dragon 79
Susan Matthews
Love this advert so much nicer than any of the leading supermarkets Christmas adverts.
Andy See
Jason C
Congratulations Barbour. The best Christmas ad for 2017.
Aaron D
What is this? Why is everyone in the comments accept this mediocrity. There is no creativity in this IMO. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be bitter. I loved the soundtrack but come on!
The snowman is white. He should be black ice!!!1!!1! Racist!!

(Just fucking kidding)
jon staveley
He'll remember it it's to small for him......
Lucy Milton
He came back! ❤️
Collette Post
Puts supermarkets to shame
‏‪Amazing Video - مقاطع فيديو مضحكة بلا توقف‬‏: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1OU4HzRWjzn4wpD5CboBeo26Tn3IXw3D
M Skallywagg
Bah humbug
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
Nice, no pc bullshit.
Mac 10 Ite
Hopefully, the Snowman didn't have an Anti White SJW "melt"-down. Geddit? "Melt"-down.
Cold Shower
blimey. its all white
Jamie Willis
Is someone cutting onions right now? :'(
gavi deem
Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful
No I'm not cryi...

...fine! I am!!!
Unit 2125774
Well done Barbour. A normal Anglo-Saxon family, unlike most other Christmas adverts this year. We will not be erased.
A Savannah
Very well made in the same style of the lovely movie "The Snowman"
Mark Mahoney
G,s the standard of Christmas adverts this year is breathtaking!!
Janet Sargeant
wonderful advert, well done Barbour!
Glad to see they did part two of this as the snowman and the snowdog is a Christmas classic
Jamila Mendes
Very lovely.
Lisa Dixon
Love this. As a huge fan of The Snowman & The Snowdog, also having lived in the North East my whole life, this is a magical combination.
Michael Tite
Also. First.
Michael Tite
Love it.
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