Peeing Yourself

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Peeing. We all do it. Sometimes we do it at the wrong time. I'm not perfect. I hope this doesn't change the way you look at me. 

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Raawx YT
hey I'm nine and I still wet my bed😣
Raeeza Hazad
I have pee in my pants 1 time in school and pee on my pants
Elisa Torres Izarnotegui
Wow James it's OK to not get pregnant.
Gengar 111
.......I'VE BEEN A BED WETTER SINCE 8-9 sigh that took guts
Hero 563
And I got pills to
Hero 563
I was a bed wetter till 7 😕
Evan Fitzpatrick
Pikachu? more like piss-a.. nevermind
me: Pikachu more like pee-ka-chu
T- 800 Master Gaming
James, when the teacher told you not to help your sister, said this to her: Shut the FUCK up bitch!
Give me those pills
Nolmart Maridor Gimeno
Oh you mean, PEE-Kachu! HAHAHAH I'll leave.
Cayman Daugherty
I admit I am a beadwetter. I still do it for when I was young when I was like 3 or so and I'm a 11 and I do wet the bed I might do it tonight right now
Lexi Sparklez
everything about this video is funny. also thumbs up if this was the first ever vid by theodds1sout you'd watch.👍👍👍👍👍👍
Don't worry, when I was 11 I peed my pants cause this girl was so hilarious, lmao
Too Many fandoms
Unicorn Bender
Dude are we doppelgänger I was a bed wetter tell 8 used the death contraptions to
Colesays What
Hey don't worry my big bro is 16 and he still wets the bed
Pixel Piggy
i wet the bed till i was 14
Wait Wat
with you talked about the fire drill it reminded me of this one time I was in probably around 6th grade I jammed my finger. now idk if any of you ever jammed your fingers before, but it hurts. I used a finger splint thing for like a month. it's not a serious wound but it's not fun. well anyways, in pe we where playing volleyball and I didn't have a pass to get out because we never went to the doctor for my finger. so I was forced to play, and long story short my team made it to the "championship" that was basically a final game between us and the other group that DOMINATED the rest of the class. we won, btw. we where playing and my teammates where trying to help me not hit the ball because that would freaking hurt I mean duh, I had this gigantic metal thing on my finger because it was swelling and needed support. once we finished the game, I went off to the side to silently weep because I just played a full volleyball game and wasn't allowed to bail. and I remember some other kids asking me if I was okay, and when they came by, the pe teacher told them to STOP COMFORTING ME??? LIKE SHE TOLD THEM THAT I NEEDED TO HANDLE IT WTF TEACHER. in retrospect I think that teacher hated me and everyone else in that class who wasn't an athletic suck up but STILL
Hudson LaBarge
This is like my dads 1st grade teacher
unicorn msp
James its okay i had the same problem wetting the bed during night till i was 7
Jayden Grant
5:45 you see him peeing
Heart Girl Gamer -Kylee -
at 0;44 Easter egg to the roommates video (the dog)
At the beginning when yo mentioned your twin sis and yo getting potty trained it reminded me of me and my twin sis being potty trained. my mom just waited till one of us peed ourselves then she just rushed and pt the other one on the toilet. we peed at the same time, we called it a twin thing. other than that, I love your vids and your art style! I've been getting into animating because of you!
Sloan Karasck
I watched the video 5 times!!
James is running out of Idea's
TerminatorJairoTJ BlueSourCandy,New name for now
Koala Kam
same i peed in the bed when i was only intell i was 8
Natalie Schofield
wait what happens if your a bed wetter and you sleep in class? can anyone comment to me
hayne woodward
I wet the bed since I was 10 don't worry
animation station
hey guys they are lewarning about APPLEBEES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

*crowd sits in silence facepalming
beagles 101
Holding your pee could actually kill you... TAKE THAT 1ST GRADE TEACHER!!!
Nikolas Gonzalez
Me: Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher: NO

Me: well would you rather have make a mess in your classroom or not have any mess at all

Teacher: Fine, just go
Imran Hakim Izhar
I stopped wetting the bed until i was 15 which is more embarrassing
Moritz SOS
James: and can you guess what she said?
James: she said NO
Me: .-.
The farm dude
I was 9 years old when Iwet my pants and I peed myself more than 10 times in school am sad now
When I first used the toilet.. I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF
Lamont Bollinger
my cousin 12 and she pees the bed
Olly Clarke
Min SugaaaxD
dont worry..I pooped in a hospital bed when i was 7 with my mom beside me. e-e
αиαѕтαѕια ѕєνιllє
i'm in 7th grade, my teacher said i couldn't go to the bathroom and i walked out of the room and went to the bathroom anyways.
Andres Guerrero
You are the awsomest
My teacher did the exact same thing and she got fired🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 karma makes my day sometimes
Jordi Villegas
Me : I can to the batrhroom

Teacher : no stupid boy

Me : shup up bit$$
Maddie'sGaming& DIYs
I'm still a bed wetter and I'm 16
Chloe Fountain
It would be cool to meet James in life! Maybe if I have enough money some day I will see him at a convention
Aderianna harris
i pooped my self in kindergarten because my stupid teacher
Evylynn Alcantar
Nick Close
You think ur bad i still pee the bed I'm 13 because I can't wake up in middle of night it's weird not even with loud noise
Mimi xoxo
Your not alone James..... I wore diapers till I was 8 too
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