My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu

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Can't stop laughing 😂😂😂
bubblegum bitch
the shrimp part killed me
Jam B
nunchuck master daddy
Colleen Olson
The BRB killed me
"What'd you call this? A sleepover?" DED
So, I was rewatching and got to "Can't you just kill them with your kindness" and then my laptop crashed and restarted.. Apparently you can!
Ruby Joy
Ok but what the fuck is Jenna doing at 9:21???? Licking the floor ?! 😂
abigail ferrara
Jenna: "Ew. You're gunna choke"
Julien: taps leg
Jenna: continues choking him "Ewww"
I didn't stop laughing this entire video
Captain Harrington Galaxey
sex must be fun for them
Unicorn Girl
I do ju-jitsu
Cassiopeia Ernst
when someones trying to pin you down u just gotta shrimp outta that bitch
Nae Hernandez
I actually really love his hair this length 💙
Jenna is fucking hilarious and such a child at heart lmao "Jack, I'm flying!"
Klutz Pitty
Jiu Jitsu gives no fucks.
Snoop Doge
I mean the blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu can take up to 3 years, so even a blue belt is good for an amateur practitioner, lots of people would give up
"Has a grown man ever farted on you during Jiu Jitsu?"
Man I thought that after all this months, after watching this video at least once a week, after having a part two... I really thought i could watch it and not laugh my ass off anymore. I was very wrong.
Potato Fry
"Jiu Jitsu gives no fucks"
Chilly Kitty
Allison Simms
Julien your feet.....
Aleesha Kay
I've seen this video so many times and it never gets old. I always come back to this video if I need a good laugh
Jenna is my spirit animal
sunset beauty
Still funnier than the newer one 😂😂😂😭
Katie Woodard
i'm pissing this is so funny 😂
logan king
Saoirse Mcquade
This is the funniest thing I have ever watched
cookie dough 03
"are you allowed to go 'ha brasil' the whole time' i seen that on a tv show before 😂
Maria Pena
Oh god, I laughed so hard when Julien "lobstered" away!! 😂
waldo guru
"Jack, I'm flying!" - Jenna
Lauren L
Every second of this video is absolutely hilarious no matter how much you watch it
I'm CRYing
Sarah Posey

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Mad Cat
this so sexual but like not trying to be. . . I love it lol
tiny tim
pretty sure jenna farted around 3:30
Summer Rain
"Good shrimp"
this is 10x funnier when you're on the verge of passing out from lack of sleep. but I laughed my ass off. this was great.
Nosy Bitch
Great now all u need is a bed
Zaneta Wilkinson
6:11 This is me after doing one sit up and trying to get up again
there is a very big distinction between brazilian jiu-jitsu and jiu-jitsu. Being that brazilians constantly lie on their back, like the whores they are.
Turner Jensen
Jenna is asking all the important questions
Jackson Memo a
Why don't they call call it "Jew shitsu"
Gloria Sheen
you guys are so funny holy shit
Alison Glasscock
Oh my goodness, laughed until I cried! this is exactly how it is when my husband tries to teach me anything! I can't count how many times I've been told to "stop making kissy faces, are you paying attention?"
Dumb kid
Sexy at 3:10
jack im flying
Winter Pegasus
I do Brazilian Ju jitsu and it's so fun
The Deflector
It's not called Jiu Jitsu, it's called Jjjjjjjj--- (Ji- repeated, so it's like a "j" and a "z")
they both look so tiny and cute lol
April Rivas
It's been almost a year since since this was posted and I'm still watching it whenever I need a laugh!
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