The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s

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Is this haunted bar a gateway to the underworld?

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stamp 'Evidence'
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Open phonebook
Blank Certificate of Death, fill in your information
Room in the Mariinskaya Hospital where Fyodor Kokoshkin was murdered, Petrograd, Russia, 1918.
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The Kray Gang On Screen
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Created by

Michael Fox

Hector Felix

Sydney P
Woman’s body still laCKS HEAD?!?!
Nathan Howlett
You guys always make my Friggen day! Many LoLZ.
Faith Senske
Hey there demons its me ya boi
tinkfly loompa
They cut her head off AFTER they "accidentally" murdered her
tinkfly loompa
Guys bob is a shortening for robert....
@4:40 literal panic at the disco thanks Shane :'))
So that gross derelict room is above a bar n restaurant? Like no thanks, I'd rather not have rat and mouse crap in my food and drinks. Keep ya rat poo and demons mate.
Loryn Kellum
I finally know where that meme came from
Ayra Delina
'DANGER: Do Not Enter' And just how people have died and got into trouble in horror movies... theyoPEN IT
Biggest weeaboo on planet Vegeta
Shane is like Cayde-6 always making fun of the serious things
claiming innocence until the end despite of piles of evidenc
Franz He
If everything is unsolved what is the point of the show
mateaaakh h
Noel Barojas
Ryan:Theres only two in the world
Shane: woooo have you met the other one
Ryan: he's in the Philippines
Shane: you gotta kill him
Fucking dead
J Templar
Acknowledged demons when leaving but other investigators have claimed the demons followed them home
yoonkook stan
"Hey there demons. It's me. Ya Boi"
Ryan: is attacked by ghost and dragged out of the room
Shane: careful buddy don't trip
Ryan: is scratched and choked by demon
Shane: kinky
Ryan: is straight up stabbed and murdered
Shane: don't run with scissors
13:37 when you stub your toe on the edge of the stable
Dxddy Psychoe
Y’all, Shane is a goddamn legend. MIC DROP
Ben Hacbang
Estiivaly _
January 31st is my bday🙄
Taylor Malone
"Hey demons, it's ya boi."
The EliteGP
“DEMONS! Plunge us into DARKNESS!”
“Hey there Demons, it’s me, *ya boi*”
“Do try to kill me”
Shane is the best
Jazz Avocado
These are my life 🙏🏼🙏🏼💕😂
Kuro -Chan
I'm surprised they haven't done Hollywood High yet
sugarcube 101
Still need a black shirt that says (Wheeze)
Kaleb Fields
Me before the video: I ain't scared of no ghosts
Me: grabs teddy bear and starts praying
Steve Fredericks
I live in Kentucky
I have a "funny" theory....
So I think Shane is a demon and everyone is scared of him ( that's why they don't show themselves) then there was a video in season 3 called The captive spirits of eastern state and the boss was trapped there in the prison. I think in that video a lot of ghosts "showed themselves" because the boss demon wasn't scared of shane ( cuz he's the boss) so he and the other ghosts kind of showed themselves
IDK THIS IS JUST A THEORY 😂😂 and I'm not sure if i said the correct video
Chloe Berganza
Why did the basement have a well??????
Chloe Berganza
On 2:04 I saw a black orb
Christopher Roberts Jr.
Seriously you guys need to stop joking about this stuff especially at places like Bobby's Mackeys. Talk to members of the the Ghost Adventures Crew and what happen after they went their...

But seriously doin paranormal shows you seriously need to be serious about it and not joke like you were in the portal to hell and when u spent 2 mins each alone. And show respect to the dead or spirits if u believe or do not believe
Jmeezy 23
Lumberjack .357magnum
"...they used to do this in the Old Testament.", for completely different reasons.
The spirit box is the only thing that gives me asurence of a spirit being there
Edward Howden
Did Ryan run a stop sign at the end there?
Ileana Perez
i like how shane screams at the ghosts "DEMONS!! TURN THIS LIGHT OF!! DEMONS! YOUR NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!! DEMONS!!" XDD luv u guys
Who else is sad that this is buzzfeed
kaitlynn pearson
FYI it's at 17:17
Savie Elmore
2:33 in the video there looks to be a women behind the bar in my opinion
Chy Shields
"You gotta kill em" 😂
is it still me that makes you sweat
4:43 - i guess you could say that........ Ryan panicked! at the disco
Elisabeth Asbæk
19:54 You gotta kill him
Mira Kelly
okay so if ya did not have holy water why not make some yourself heres how to make holy water get water and boil the hell out of it
Dasha Pevxheva
The hotel IS cursed!
Baby Kookie
Mob : body drop
Bts : micdrop<3

Jasmine Brown
Shane : now what
Country Gamer
Is it just me or did anyone else see the two dot like eyes at 15:33
Ashley Blue
I can’t even 😂😂 hey there demons it’s me ya boi
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