TESTING KARINA GARCIA BOOK SLIME RECIPES! Balloon, kinetic, non-stick thick | Slimeatory #85

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Hey guys! Today I tested some of the Slime Queens recipe from her book! I love all her recipes and I'm so happy to show some of them to you guys. Go check out her channel and you can also buy the book on amazon if you want one for yourself! 

This is a collab with my awesome sis so here's her video (she tested 3 other slimes from her book! 

2nd channel (don't forget to be part of the notification squad!) - 

I hope you guys enjoy the vid and don't forget to leave some of your awesome suggestions in the comments!

My sis channel:

Thanks for watching guys, please leave a comment on your suggestion on my next slime! 

I Hope to see you on my next video

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The Girlatory
Who loves the new Slimeatory!!
Kim Diaz
You guys have a great year 😁😁😁
Did anyone notice the red balloon when she announced balloon slime 😳 IT THE CLOWN
Michele Hodge
I want you to sell your slimes in the back for 1$
Mackenzie Perot
YAY MELANIE MARTINIS (sorry if I spelt it wrong my key board is messing up)
Elley's World
you are so pretty jamjam!!!
Nina Chaudhry
I luv your VIDEOS!!!!
Nina Chaudhry
The last number of likes is your slime

4. Crunchy slime

3 Fluffy slime

0 normal slime
Lizette Cabrera
Can u try to make slime inside a balloon and can u pls give a shout out love u !!!
Lizette Cabrera
Can I pls put ur Snapchat
IKyliej KKJJ
at 1:24 or 1:25 you can see ameerahs sisters bra
Cat Ashlee
I appreciate him
Tiana Britt
I love the slimeatory
Samantha Johnson
Aka #JamJam
Please bath full of baby powder
Randy Calabazaron
I triple challenge you guys to bath with slime
Clementine Marriner
I couldn’t hear it the hole time she was making slime 3 and the asmr for jahmelieh on slime 3
no name
Crybabies 😀😀
Sanam Khan
I have a Karina garcia book
Jason Jacobs
i have that book
Bryanna Inzunza
Her sisters voice sounds like karina garcia
Ashley Gonzalez
Jemileh is the #chetoQueen
Silvi Sookdeo
Valeria Cano
Where are my crybabies at 🍼
sommie ezenwa
Can I have the best slime ever in a video
sommie ezenwa
Can I have the best one
sommie ezenwa
I love the slimeatory
Biblina Shamuel
Your sister looks like karina Garcia
Danny Ferguson
Reem Badawi
Who is your favorite
1. Ammeerah
2. Charlie
3. Jam jam
Camouflage Zeynep
I automatically liked when she said "I love crybabies."
Yareli and Anthony
Her sister moves her eyebrows too much
Michelle Lima
Annoying public restroom
Unicorn Glitter
Love that make up tho
Misty Slimes
8:02 when baes ex is cuter than u
Peyton & Emma
Her name isnt crybaby, it's Melanie Martinez
Emily Williamson
I need that "vibes" top Jamileh I wearing like ASAPP!!! 😍❤️
Emily Williamson
I need that "vibes" top Jamileh I wearing like ASAPP!!! 😍❤️
Kyutiecat Sunshin
Can you do baby pool with baby powder please please!!
asia Kay
Jamella won
Lisa Baker
that is my song crybaby
Karley Pittman
Do a pool of baby powder plz plz plz plz
Alicia Nguyen
There is something wrong with jam jams tummy, its different colour
MrCookiePlayz Roblox
JustAmeerah vs Karina Garcia (THE BATTLE OF THE TWO SLIME QUEENS) I wanna see a challenge about who makes the best slime, You versus Ameerah.
Shelley Hawkins
I appreciate him
Yolanda Leon-Mata
How did you build your slimeatory
Yolanda Leon-Mata
Love your slimeatory so much I wish I had one
Talitha Raitekiteki
GIVE IT AWAY srry caps "D
michanca van der merwe
Jes plees
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Jamelas makeup! 😍😍 srry if I spelt your name wrong
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