Types of Single People

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Than Thar
AHAHAHA who is watching this in nov 2017. I feel like I’m sappy flinger
bo kealohanui
I’m just all of them in one 🤭
Tulips And Roses
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Chloe’s World
some girls be like fries before guys. But i be like all food before dudes.
MarJD Bramich
What about that one person who knows she’ll die if she dates someone because their parents are super strict and has to turn down lots of guys

Edit-only me ok 😅
Siren Simmer
I dont care this video was posted 3 years ago i relate SO HARD TO THE INTRO
Elisabeth McKenna
Who actually gave her a high-five when she asked?
Olivia Blohm
HAVE been single? I'm always single~ ... I'm so lonely ;-;
FinFan 234
I'm the one that doesn't even want a romantic relationship
sammy winchester
I've got the personality of the caged single person, except I'm not crazy.
Hannah Lauren
What about the person who has been in like 1 relationship yet they could ask out any one and the answer would always be yes yet they never ask anyone out no ones ever broken up with them and they never seem in the mood for relationships yet they are the people with all the guys crushing on them ??!!!
Crazy Chloe
I'm a workaholic, and I'm a got boyfriend. Hi lillyXP
Erin Cortez
I am all types of single person at some point in my life. Still working on being a healthy single person though.
im the healthy single person
Emma B
XD 5 days left but 4 years too late
Ilka Piedade
You forgot number 7, the choosy single, the person that is only single cuz there always something wrong (in their eyes) in the people available to them.
Lilly you talking about me life fam
Doggy PAWductions
I'm in a relationship in which has gone very far.....

I achieved my dream of dating myself
I'd worked so hard and then decided to bribe myself with food
Now we're going out and it's very serious
Paige Craddock
My annoying sister is the last one
Phoenix is Awesome
I'm a happy single person. Yes it's true, we exist.
black rose asriels friend
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eMARIE Cupcake22
Hi, you forgot the 'crushing one' the one who turns down anyone else because they want to stay single for the unlikely possibility of their crush asking them out
Im partly caged single and sappy single... is that bad?
Laiqa Malik
Can any of you see the camera moving or is it just me?
lol I know this is late but the 'caged single' is aromantic
lucy heartbeat
I'm still single
Jasneesh Kambo
I'm in a relationship with food. That is the best relationship.
Jasneesh Kambo
I haven't been in a relationship and regretted it, cuz I haven't been in a relationship cuz I am only 11 years old but I have had a crush on someone and then regretted it a lot.
Jovey Borbon
Imma be a workaholic
Dream Park
I was in a relationship with one of my guy friends he was amazing he still is I only broke up with him because we were drifting apart and I thought it was best to just be friends he didn't agree but now we are okay and act like nothing happened but sometimes I do cry at night because I'm single but mostly I realize I can eat more pizza and don't have to share so...not getting in a relationship soon
Gamer Alison
my best friend is a flinger and it gets really annoying
sky girl love
Super Sweetie
Lilly, I believe you are amazing <3 You always make me smile + laugh in the same combo pack
Sam McCall
I'm number 2 when I'm single (which I'm not ❤❤)
Sophia B. Williams
Only video on YouTube worth watching.
Rose Anderson
Ok, but the tile in that kitchen is the exact same as in my kitchen...
lainey plant
single and not ready to mingle
Casey Wellington
I straight up lost it when she compared me to the Loch Ness Monster. I had no idea I was so mysterious!
Simone Harrison
the single were you're best friends with all the guys and you cant date any of them because they tell you they like your friend
nicky rots
'Wtf are you a flamingo'??? 😂😂😂
lillyana shadduck
Who else hifived the screen when she said (can someone hifive me right now
Yara Tablet
Belief is Ghost
I haven't watched a single video of yours without at least one moment making me lol. Thanks
Rammy Mead
im #6
Flawless Blue Dragon Rare
...i knew this was from 2014 or 2015...
Eurus Brook
The Seeker

Eurus Brook
“Workaholic... in love with their work.”
Holmes is that you?
Daniela Martinez
That happen to me
Aliyah Salinas
l'm scared to get in a relationship because my family are always in my business😱😒. and also l'm not real good talking with cute boys or just boys period, because I get really nervous😱 when they close by me or looking me. 👀😳
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