Tomas Guillen
It only starts playing the song at 2:53
Drive Ahead
Hey awolve he’s just like you and richer than stupid mother
the two gamerunnts
My beautiful baby boy
Ayannah Willamson
Odell be going beast mode on that field
JDgameer Makes Vids and Vlogs
i think this was a video talking shit about odell beckham like at least he made the nfl
Davud Hikopy
Get so well soon
baller mode cox
you are overrated
Gernay Bowlding
Puffer Gordon
Yah Odell
Jawana Burks
Obj is good in football and one hand
The Seriousfish
He has 32 touchdowns in 3 years julobhas 48 in 8 tears and ab has something similar
Uzi Trace
I love when highlights start with some one talking shit about the person
Damon Musso
he thinks hes bad and atleast he try and hes better then the guys saying hes bad
Sebastian Rios
I agree that he's no Julio or Antonio, all three of them are different players, different play styles, sure he doesn't have the experience, and it's not his fault that he's really hyped! If he showed that his performance as a wide receiver was outstanding well of course people are gonna say he's very hyped up, you can't blame him for being overhyped, it's the publics fault! I love OBJ and once he gets more years in the league he does seem like he could be the best! So every NFL commentator, reporter, or whatever else they are should stop hating on this amazing player who does beyond human things. He does have a temper and sort of bad attitude at times but at most of the other time he's a great guy! Spotlight can blind players at times and if OBJ gets blinded at times than let him, if he's like that as a person leave him be! He's a great player otherwise and I hope to the little amount of people reading this, I hope you can agree with me.
The Gaming Turtle
Hater at the beginning
I'm like he accomplished more than ur asses have you ever been trucked 200 times nah I don't think so, have you ever caught a ball?, nah I don't think so have your ever played football, no I don't think so, if you don't know what the fuck untalkin about than shut the shit.
Romba Nator
He is not over rated he's my favorite player
Drezzy snipes
That dude needs to shut up
Kenneth Harrison
My cousin on that team ny
Alisha Carter
I subcribed
anthony ward
dan benedict ligon
lets see how many people im gonna prank

read more
Wrestling Figs11
Overrated it is all in the gloves im mean they are like fucking glue
Straight SavageJR
I love bank account
You came for 2:50 thank me later
domboy07 domboy07
If he is overrated then why do so many people love him tho
Jeremy Mol
Great video, only problem is you don't have the catch against Dallas :( Possibly his best one! But other than that awesome job!
1 Billion
Highlights start at 2:49
Mario Salas
He is overrated tho
Extreme Music
Bitch brown is better
thei beats
didnt even include his most iconic catch?
Fish Life
He isnt the best
Carmen Chaidez
them juke do
Evan Seitman
Didn’t have the catch that made him famous though... still great.
Tyreek Hill
He got good catch but I got some good speed than yeah😆😆😆
Michael Jr.
That man you was taking about odell how about you vs odell 1on1 hell do you dirty
andrew Wiggins koor
Why they show him vs 2014-2015 panthers even though they got killed in it. I would like obj better if he a had a better QB like if you agree
Savage God 13
MSP & more
Odell is my favorite football player
Churchill Musai
hes good but not better then juilo jones
Alex DeBender
Over rated
gray johnson
blood my nigga OBJ is the cleeeeaaaneesstt WR in the WHOLE NFL PERRIOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont wanna hear nun of that BS saying he's overated #GTFOH
dameyale royster
Jason Whitlock is a moron and a coon
Nick !
He’s under rated for sure
Julio Jones is better
Samuel Ramirez ramon
haters gonna hate ODELL IS BEASTTT!
MLG Vincent
Hey glad to be a giants fan anyways and odell ain’t leaveing he loyal ok no cow boys no one else ok guys
This guy fucks
DeYante Rabsatt
Odell better than yo ass so shut tf up
aden parsick
They have non from 2017 season wonder why?????
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