Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed

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Miley Cyrus explains why Jimmy is partly responsible for her giving up smoking weed and why she's convinced Adam Levine is ready to double-cross Blake Shelton on The Voice.

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Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed

Fuck drugs
Jim Adler
her makers noticed she was turning into a joke and not making enough money so they made her change
Sam Elliott
Giving up smoking cannabis is one thing, but we shouldn't give up consuming one of the most healthy vegetables on earth... imagine if spinach helped reduce metastasis in cancer cells, to the point of effectively curing the body as long as the disease is caught at the right time... cannabinoids are effective anti-psychotic, anti-depressants, anti-convulsant... it helps balance the endogenous cannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating everything from mood at the anadomide receptors, to the anti inflammatory properties at the CB2 receptors.. also it's immuno-regulative properties where it can prevent an autoimmune diseased body from attacking itself... Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, almost every non pathogenic disease, and even the symptoms of some contracted diseases can be treated with cannabis... from cancer to aids, depression to schizophrenia, MS to parkinsons... it's singly the most beneficial plant ever discovered. Not to mention hemp and it's potential for being greater than cotton and paper pulp... How did we criminalize the key to health? We build a society that promotes sickness, and outlaw the compounds and plants which treat them... we need a mass revolution of education and thought... this is the darkages for drugs... if humanity makes it 500 years, we'll look back on life sentences for LSD manufacturing, and cannabis, as we look back on the salem witch trials...
Amanda Beaker
She wants white peoples acceptance again
Jayne Gratton
No one has ever smoked as much weed as her? Now that's funny! Willy Nelson begs to differ. πŸ˜‚
Andreo Serrano
jjajajajajaaja stupid bitch
Tom White
'nobodys ever smoked more weed than me' πŸ˜‚ bet she had a puff puff pass the fuck out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Wdym you don't know how to use a revolving door? Didn't you come out of a revolving door in the Hannah Montana movie when the girl saw that you weren't Hannah when you took off your wig. Nvm
Abby Ignacio
you've only been to the ocean once... are you telling me hannah montana and the last song were fake
Jonathan Ngo
Doubt she smokes as much as she claims.
i used to love her asf when she was in hannah montana ,,,,now she is puting some cloth again
Iveth Baby
So now that she's no longer into the rapper phase (clearly from what she is wearing) now that she no longer hangs out with "people that smoke" she no longer smokes? Lol okay... so that just leads me to believe she did it to fit in to a certain "type" of group 😀 oh Miley you're a hot mess sweetie
So what's her reason for the stupid shit she's wearing this time?
Emotional Batch
who else is excited to hear her upcoming album?
Great, now girls who look up to her would think twice about getting into recreational drugs.
Melissa Coburn
I like mily Cyrus I don't want to but I can't help it
Oliver Berner
Thats it! I'm masturbating in protest.
Brad Jennings
Why do you think they call it dope?
power shots
I've been a heavy smoker since 4 years regularly man........ 6 to 7 joints daily man you know...... but from past 35 days im off weed completely and i haven't even smoked a single joint. First week was very tough but now i'm used to it and dont think about it at all and let me get this straight that even after smoking regularly for 4 years im not addicted to it.
Totally Not William
No one smokes more than an addict who smokes joints and hash all day every day
She sounds like she smokes a lot of cigarettes
Yuri VM
now the bitch on speed
Miranda Powell
Is her fly open? πŸ˜‚
Qveen Shan
I prefer this Miley over the old Miley
miley high on the coco.
Kyle Carr
This coming out of Hannah Montana.
Sam Smith
Her controllers don't want her smoking pot, she is allowed to take any other drug except cannabis. Bob Marley smoked more pot than she ever did or ever will.
So...she stopped smoking weed, and started doing coke apparently?
S Hartman
Shes great
Aimee Moboti
Thank God she has never hanged around snoop dog and wizkalifa or weed nuns ! because they Literally live there life on weed πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ so when she said nobody had ever smoked weed as much as she has then honey you have not meet enough people out there ....but I'm very happy she's changing her life around πŸ’–
Miley Cyrus seems a lot hotter nowadays, she got some meat on her bones and her voice is extremely sexy
nshshs shahanaj
can jimmy shut the fuck up for fucks sake, everytime she's talking he starts cutting her off when she's still talking, like just fucking let her finish
Opinion Killah
If weed makes you act like that bitch does you shouldnt smoke weed weak minded bitch straight up cant handle her shit
Diem Tran
Yo Paulie
she looks stoned
Thalia Gonzalez
I died when the ad was for quitting smoking.
Miley Cyrus is so beautiful
:) Willie Nelson, Snoop, Tommy Chong and so on, and on. Personally I know a guy that is 44 at the moment, and he is smoking for at least 15 joint per day last 30 years. That's more than 164 000 joints. Miley grow up.
She might have quit smoking weed, but she looks and sounds like she's now smoking crack.
lenny blanton
She reminds me of a tweaker
caitlin stevens
love the no shame in her
Nick James
One dab I guarantee she on her ass. No ones smoked as much as you??? Bullshit πŸ˜‚
Some Chinese Guy
Miley Cyrus decided to put on more clothes because it's cold during tour.
Sabrey Ball
I'm sure a lot of people are still criticizing her for sort of dabbling in hip hop culture to where it seemed she just used it for her personal gain and then ditched it when she started to lose relevance or fell out of the spotlight. I wouldn't totally disagree with that. I hope she showed/shows real gratitude to those who came before and made it what it was and influenced her.

That being said, I think Miley Cyrus embodies a lot of the same introspective soul searching that my generation (I'm 22/born 1995) has been experiencing. I think she genuinely thought that was who she was then and sat down and said I don't feel like this is me, somewhere along the way I got lost, and reinvented herself again. I think her new image is more true to who she believes she is than her former country and hip hop personas were. I appreciate that as I am constantly reevaluating myself that she is doing that on a world stage. I think she is one of the few celebrities that my generation can really identify with in the sense that we can't always figure out how we identify ourselves.

Call it an identity crisis, or a gypsy soul, but I appreciate that she is sharing this personal part of herself with us, letting us spectate as she works through her own challenges. The important thing is that in her position as someone with the world's attention, she is sending out a message that says, if you don't feel like "you" then its not too late to change, just because the people around you expect you to be the person they are familiar with.

Let's use her transition as an opportunity for self reflection and introspection.
mattdominator I- ___-I
Diego Reznov
No one has ever smoked like you did? lmao I'm 17 and I bet what you smoked all your life, I smoke in a week. maybe not that much
Dakota Burns
Stopped smoking weed. Started popping 30mg of adderall every morning lol. She's wired up like a methed out mongoose.
Karlo Delija
hahahaha stupid girl
Darkstar Spacer
Playing too much with the Pig lol rich people problems or was she talking about her sex slave?
Michael Jovani
@3:21 re-what?
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