Fishing for Bass with Electronic Lures! - Canada (Livingston Lures)

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In this video I fish for smallmouth bass with electronic fishing lures! My first catch at 2:01
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Hey guys! Livingston sent out a few lures for me to try out! Thought I'd share my experience using them today with you guys.

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Location: Rainy Lake, Minnesota

Music Provided by Jeff Kaale

Music Provided by Monstercat
Eminence & Markus Cole - My Galaxy (feat. Q'AILA) [Monstercat EP Release]

Music Provided by Flarve

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4, Galaxy S7

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Dally plz come to okotoks alberta 😁
Carter Conlon
Are they at saint Jean lake
Malachy Budd
Btw u can get big ones in live baits
Malachy Budd
I pike fish all the time and the best Tim to fish for them is in the winter and when the light is starting to go at night I have caught a 20 pound pike before
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I fish to but my dad has no money 💰 can I please get one iam ducht
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Doesn't it hurt the pike if your bring out the water or is that just for chains.
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We're those fish other than the pike and the walleye bass?
Marshall Osborne
What spinning Reel were you using?
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Alright, u still giving away lures
Tim Black
If your ever in Niagara falls Ontario Canada come pick m up I'll show you some nice spots to catch huge bass , pike , muskie , bowfin.
Ramona Gonzalez
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Yea... electric lures that I'll lose to a tree or a rock... nope!
outdoor bros
I caught a pike on frog
Tom Price Jr
A frog lure work did it cane pole you're like a regular one slay it right there was a hook insurance so went out on a basset eat it you catch lunch with it now how I done it getting a hard-on we catch a whole bunch on it we don't play when we fish we real fish because to the beach tonight and catch sharks Como can you fish we're cut it out you might get shorts
Tom Price Jr
Trial frog lure don't eat it Cadillac 32 on one
Michael Gearahrt
hi I am michael i live in livingston texas that would be cool if you could send me some lures
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there was a lure one on the side of the boat
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