Fishing for Bass with Electronic Lures! - Canada (Livingston Lures)

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In this video I fish for smallmouth bass with electronic fishing lures! My first catch at 2:01
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Hey guys! Livingston sent out a few lures for me to try out! Thought I'd share my experience using them today with you guys.

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Location: Rainy Lake, Minnesota

Music Provided by Jeff Kaale

Music Provided by Monstercat
Eminence & Markus Cole - My Galaxy (feat. Q'AILA) [Monstercat EP Release]

Music Provided by Flarve

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4, Galaxy S7

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1:05 he talks so fast
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Hudy's Outdoor Adventure
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Scott Martin is my buddy
The extreme Outdoorsmen
I stared fishing about 6 years ago and haven't had luck so I would love a good lure from Livingston
Marco Van Rheede
Can I get a lure
Marco Van Rheede
I have only catched a bass bluegill catfish carp and trout
Marco Van Rheede
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You need to start giving away the same reels you guys have I mean you might of already have but I'm new to you're channel and I like it a lot but you guys should start giving away reels lol
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Jose Millan
i like your video
hi, im fishing for like 2 months but im not geting any pike or bass, i would really like to win one of your lures, i never win a giveaway so hophely
this is gonna be my first one! 😁😜
The Outdoorsman
lol i was the 40,001 like
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