How to be Ninja 2.0

remake how to be ninjanigahigaryan higahigatvhow to beninja2.0how to be ninja 2.0

Ever since we made the first How to be Ninja video, I've been asked to remake this.  After nearly a decade later, here it is!
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BlightGuards Plays
Anyone notice that the song was played before ryan pressed the button
jaemin shin
Also too much naruto copyrightz
jaemin shin
when u were explaining homosexual male was that rock lee and might guy reference
jaemin shin
wait when u were hitting thing with sound was the last one that u hit Gaara's sand thingy
Green Ball "No" Jutsu haha
Rika Kawaii Jyes Kawaii
Turn on the captions it's so much funnier!!😂🤣😂
Nokudgs 12
The rasengan is not a wind release just
Elijah Garza
who watching in 2017
Dominic Survine
wait 4:47 wait i feel like i was the only one who noticed that ryan said 5 but held up six fingers
Jasmine Rangi
This is actually so amazing you guys are really good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Yo Jin jitsu is good as god
Gruko X
damn, those Naruto references tho
The creature lurking
this is better than the original
Lincoln Frech
who else expected goku to show up and when hanate and bob were running towards each other?
faze jacob
Was he taliktin a hot fage
Littenium Flame
I'm twenty two days older then how to be ninja
Kappa Moo
nigahiga is from tell me how I die
Unknown Swe
I watch Pom
you that read wrong,
You read that wrong Too
Im Fat
How to ninja 3.0 lol
Monkey Mem
Totally Most Awesome Not-found Toy Videos
I’m only 2 months older than it
Wolf Does Gaming
How to be Ninja 3.0
Tiyan Debara
No lie the last fight scene was quite cool
KHundead Gaming
Ryan did the 1000 years of death
I can't be the only one who saw all the Naruto references
ozgur berk
Ryan u know that ninja are assassin so give a warning
The Dark Majin
Secret jutsu 1000 years of DEATH
The Dark Majin
Fire style fire ball style:Chidori:Rasengon: Shoot them style I don't really know what I did
I am the One
3:26 I thought he was dabbing
Death Under Knife
They grow up so fast 😇
Aaron Hernando
the green ball <3333
Ra one
I link this better than the original
3:45 just look at Ryan's face... He looks so happy when he does it.
Hà Tạ
HÆ¡n to Filip like you ryan
Game Talk
My name is bob.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol
Natalie Elizabeth
Can u make a how to be a ninja 3.0
orso gaming
I'm the 2 months older than it don't judge
Bibek Chapagai
the word is fag
Sparky Wolf
now everyone will ask you for part 3
FityDayz - CSGO & More
goldman the person
this is better than the original
Lego Ziad
How to be super hero
Littlebig Banana
Who here is younger then the original version of the video

I am...
How to be gangster 2.0!!
Gabriel Rodríguez
dear ryain battel shawn in a pokemon battel
Mark McCormick McCormick
I'm not creative with names
1:54 he said "go" like in the original. Love the little touch
Andrew Tranzil
Honestly think this one is better
Kaneki Ken
it was said Sean never caught a DVD ever again
Legendary Splash
how to be ninja 3
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