Sienna Miller Is Living in the Woods Like a Horror Film

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Sienna Miller talks about her temporary home in the middle of the terrifying American woods, and she and Jimmy act out a bit of her film The Lost City of Z.

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Sienna Miller Is Living in the Woods Like a Horror Film

Watch Layer Cake, people. You will thank me later.
i remember watching her in gi joe as a teenager and i thought that this is the most beautiful women in earth
Fu Talks
How fun!
Easy on the eyes, innit?
Nsom 16
Edie and Chuck! #FactoryGirl
Why did Jude Law cheat on her?????? :(
The TT
did a girl that looks exactly like her once
Ria's World
I met sienna today and I didn't realise 😂 she was in tiger a cool shop in Exeter and asked if I needed help as my zip was stuck in my bag
Kemal Unverdi
Jimmy Fallon seems really bored with this interview...and it shows.
Xe M
Awkward interview, but still funny.
Uğur Ulutaş
brad pitt tryin fuck her too
What a bimbo!... Does she even realize that New Hampshire is part of New England and Jimmy Fallon didn't even correct her!... Both are stupid!
Winston Weathers
New Hampshire, is in New England.
Robin Hood
Kamilla Gutierrez
Hannah Petrie
Have lived 10 minutes away from Bangor my whole life, I love hearing stars talk about that part of Northern Ireland. It's beautiful.
She's so beautiful.
tere matangi
she's beautiful and her accent is sexy asF
Pravinraj .V
OMG......I am in love.....
Mr. ShyRyHud
But like, New Hampshire is in New England..
ouch ".. your scene is more like in an English countryside..yeah in Belfast" you might get punched by a potato dude, just a heads up!
John Allan
Lost Titty of Z
She looks like a hot witch from The Witcher 3, or one of the Dragon Age games. That thing around her neck along with the black dress, as well as her adorable face, are giving me a stiffy.
She's even hotter in GI Joe..Rise of Cobra
Wow, what a beauty
an English town, Belfast. okay
I shouldn't have been surprised that she has an English accent. First time I have heard her speak outside of a film.
sienna and Kate beckinsale..
Hammad Ali
She's a 10/10 😍
CJ Carpenter
Woman crush every day
Alain Bruno
She's got a million dollar smile!! 👏👏
Semi-talented + cute & borderline hot/sexy = verdict: overrated.

Keep up the great hustle Jimmy Fallon (& and the writers/team behind Mr. Fallon) for being heartfelt & funny. #BlakeShelton rules: listen to "Neon Light."
Chandler Sun
Is she like 37?! No way...
I remember her from Stardust
Eva Nelson
I'm from Bangor! Salty Dog is such a good place to eat. So happy to see it being recognised
Peraveen Pillai
when you see a smokin' 10/10 and scroll down just to see other dudes comment on that
Jimmy Fallon laugh like Henry Hill in Goodfellas....How am I funny Jimmy?....
Uzair Choudhary
Her accent is sexy
She's absolutely gorgeous. Her smile can melt steel beams
Ali Reza Mohseni Nasab
She is hot as Fuck, by the way Hashim, amazing comment bro.
Tal Moore
She can scotch my eggs.
Nahian Choudhury
Damn she's so pretty
Jesse Conigliaro
Dony S.
active life
she is pretty but this was so darn boring... its hard to watch!!!
مهند العشوائي - Mohand Random
conan is better then u cocksucker
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