How to Not Get Bullied | Lele Pons

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Gosu Arakawa
jeeeesus christ.
Hello هلا
Freya Shine
Love ur vids lele
Fatima Nasser
Lele u know what is written on ur short? I am Arabian so I know,it's write my lover
Jordan Cain
They should put a laugh track on her videos so we know when its funny.
واو مكتوب على تيشيرت ليلي (حبيبي)
Weird Gamer
Rami Hassan
Where is anward form
midget gamer
Brain dead humour
Black _
جيش حبيبي يا حبيبي ksa
Team 4
Actually we came from atoms
Azzah wnk
Ahhh i loved the sweater 😢♥️♥️🔥
Nyron Edits
her shirt means "My love" btw
Kav Kav
don't become a nerd when you grow up
Imad Hihi
You know that the arabic word in your sweater means "my love"?you know that....right?? Nevermind.
Thao Linda
Alana Saghir
Lol brace face
Raktim Dutta
Teach how to be physical
Ali Quraishi
Alia Alhamsha
that girl is sooooooo ANNOYING
يعني فاتحين موضوع ولا شنو 😐
Layla's Channel
Hey Lele ,I do understand english,spanish and (arabic)
Mariam Almbaid
I love u lele because u had the word I love u on ur shirt in Arabic
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali
The name in the jacket means ur my loce
Ariana Rose
Omg on Lele pons sweater it says something in Urdu it’s Arabic and I’m Muslim
Adyson King
There Girls!
I am hooked on this channel can't even watch other channels because this is good
Patricia Terrones
No we are Mad from good so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😃😃😃😃😃😁😁😀☺☺😊😊😊🙄🙄
Zarnee Aung
She is short
Bryan Barrios-Santaella
MAKE VLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rembat? Mccormick8
Is bad to be bullys
Darren Matto
I love Richard his voice is so cute
MrMn7osS -
Her hoodie wrote on it
حبيبي means my love 😂 by arabic
maduro me lo mamaaa
So is this supposed to be funny?
Hala Jafar
fun with titi
Arabic was written on Lele's hoddy
Friendship Club
On her sweater it says In Arabic (Habibi) 😊😜😂
Brianna, Merisa
The one in the gray he is cute
DJ Remix
The last part is so funny
I identify myself as a marshmallow
I kept a straight face while watching this.
I identify myself as a marshmallow
I searched up "how not to get bullied", and this is what I found. This just makes me want to get bullied more.
Malik Shuman
these kids can’t act
alyssa rodriguez
I love you lele
Eva Kennington
Wow. Misgendering, stereotypes, getting children to call you pretty and bullying kids. Hilarious.
Victoria Rivera
who agree
Victoria Rivera
umm no reading is waaaayy better
Manny Cano
You are my favorite
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