Germany to step up NATO contribution – Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Washington, DC on Friday to meet with President Donald Trump, the first such meeting since Trump assumed office. She is widely seen as motivated by a desire to reaffirm NATO and existing trade deals between Germany and US. RT correspondent Anya Parampil joins RT America’s Manila Chan to bring us the details of the meeting.

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emotional offender
The Germans are obliged to pay great tribute by the swineherds of the prairies.
Ronnie Boucher
merkel is a rat bastard and america is not going to help this turd ! she has made a mess of GERMANY - what a disgrace she is sick .
Yijian Mou
Pres Trump's behaviour during this state visit was somehow hostile.
Scum VS. scum.
merkal is a sell out, and deadly to all!
FeO Acero
Germany has NEVER contributed the 2% of GDP all NATO members are supposed to.
Rata 4 U
Somebody tell Trump what NATO is about. It's about coming to the aid of a NATO nation when it is under attack and not about cleaning up George Bush's illegal war.
Don't buy (weapons) from jews.
Jeremy McGrath
By letting the rapefugees joining the German armed forces?
risbo 77
It's fun to see this stupid old kraut bitch crawling
Knorbie. exe
TTIP is shit. It only brings downsides to consumers in Germany. We don't wan't it.
Mr Slushydaminator
bring back Hitler #to this day still one of the greatest leaders to run a country he fought for his people not the bankers
Steve Caringello
hahahaha Merkel is a puppet
Родерик Рандом
Every European country should be paying 2% into NATO, yet Germany have been getting away with 1.2%.
Ariel Popperl
Speaking loud for the rednecks while robbing them.
Get all the pompous hipster reporters out of RT.
Ariel Popperl
Anya looks hot with that hairdo.
Fuck NATO, and all other terrorist organizations.
td603 td603
Germany a puppet of the USA. NATO is US proxy army. Russia isn't a threat. It's lies.
Anya is pretty hot
Merkel is such a Buffoon, If hildabeast would have won, America would be just like Germany, maybe even worse, if that is even possible.
Sandor Daroci
screw NATO!!!
Charles Wilson
B.s. ,tump has good relations with RUSSIA?.why is he concerned about NATO? it's the deep state not GERMANY.Trump is another puppet. instead of speaking the TRUTH he has now learn to twist it. learned and trained by the cabal
Carlton West
NATO is a terrorist organization.
Walter Black
The EU would never risk their own lives and money should war break out. They're just gonna con America to do it for them.
Benno Witter
Germans are not concerned about jobs, we just prefer safe products and are not thrilled about the idea that shitty U.S. regulations are imported into Europe. Plus, we would like to keep that little bit of democracy that we still have, and don't want to see that being handed over to corporations.
Hitler would of took a shit on his face
Tom Hulme
ha ha fall in line bitches😂
Trumped ;^)
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