Fruitocracy Roulette Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Gracie Haschak) … & Justin?

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MattyB & Gracie Haschak go head-to-head in an epic challenge with… Justin?
Thanks to Dole Fruitocracy for providing promotional consideration for this video.

This week, MattyB & Gracie sit down to compete in a fun challenge until Justin randomly shows up and raises the stakes!  You just gotta watch!  haha!  Who do YOU think won?

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Gabrielle Bernabe
Boring when Justin around
the flash
the flash
the flash
Firstname Lastname
Yeah you are cute, Matt.
Barbara B
i hate u justin
1D for life Niall for life
Gracie and MattyB need to date they are perfecr for each other
Nicole Armstr
gracie and mattb are together\nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowiet 911
Jose Barrios
matt and gracie should date because they look so cute together cute
Jose Barrios
gracie and Matt look so cute together cute
Jose Barrios
gracie and Matt look so cute together
Juana Trujillo
I now😣
miriam mwende
at 4:51 justin was looking at matt how
Jessie Girl
i've never laughed so much at anything in my life as i did at this video mattyb your videos r the best and justin made it even better
Jessie Girl
i loved how gracie literally laughed at everything justin said haha 😂😂😂😂
Jessie Girl
Sarah Torres
Go to Walmart and play the game is the floor is lava
Krysta Manakaja
haha justin funny he seems like he's a joker
Mahdi Karim
matt would you rather ivey or gracie
Tamryn Andrews
Justin is so funny!!!
Selene Tovar
I think Justin and Gracie would be a good couple . its just the way he makes her smile and laugh
Savannah Myers
MattB is sooo cute 😘😘😘
Leslie Garcia
did you guy's notice that mattyBRaps drinked from gracie's fruitogracy when he was spiced
Juseily González
I love you matt
Harley Quinn
I think Matt likes Gracie,and this is very very sweet😍😍😍
Sandra Garybo
Justin is so funny😂
Sandra Garybo
at 7:44 look at Justin and the leaf😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😆😋😂😂
Brooke Huber
Justin always enters the video in a variety of different ways
Melissa Pawlak
Gracie and MattyB love each other and they should date and get married and Ivy he does not like so back off now
Kimberly Winter
matty is so cute
Divya Jain - Mount Royal PS (1485)
Gracie and Justin obviously like each other
Esme Southsud
Shay Lanae
I love how matt looks at gracie cough * DATE ALREADY! *cough * cough*
Melissa Lievano
matt and gracie love each other
Cileynie Collazo
Gracie don't you like justin
Diego Ochoa
pause at 4:58 matt made a bottle flip
Brayden Varner
Gracie your cute
Cynthia Mitchell
Gracie and mattyB are so cute together
J Jones
That was so funny when Justin squatted that fruitocracy roulette challenge
Rubina Islam
I think Gracie might like Justin alittle !😘🎶🙈😁👀😒😩😑😑☺️😈👿
Randy White
Justin you are very good at those jokes
Neymar Jordan
Justin you forgot your backpack 🎒
haha justin 7:42 best dude!
DannaFer Sanchez
do you juse lake Gracie
rita rousu
Best video ever
Ja'Kyla Miles
Matty b acts very jelly when Justin compliments Gracie like if u agree
Sunray Lety
Why is Justin so funny!
Sunshine Donald
I think that Mattyb and Gracie should be married couple.
Helena Whormsley
😂 ha ha
Derek Tang
I cant even find Fruitocracy anywhere
JiAnna Saenz
7:43 was funny
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