Fruitocracy Roulette Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Gracie Haschak) … & Justin?

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MattyB & Gracie Haschak go head-to-head in an epic challenge with… Justin?
Thanks to Dole Fruitocracy for providing promotional consideration for this video.

This week, MattyB & Gracie sit down to compete in a fun challenge until Justin randomly shows up and raises the stakes!  You just gotta watch!  haha!  Who do YOU think won?

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Willis Dickfit
MattyB's like the apple and Gracie's like his sweet little cherry
Katina Coker
MattyB stop blushing
Maya Magaña
I love you mattyb
Heather Miller
Emma Schleich
mattyb raps your amazing and glazing so keep doing what your doing never give up yo I love you and singing ur awesome bro.
Gracie Mutanue
At 4:50 how is Justin lookin at Matt??
Finley Simmons
pamela dangarembwa
I hate that
Miyuni Wijeratna
Justin is soo funny 😂
Willia Davies
Justin is loving fruittocrercey
Rahma Warsame
I thoughtt that was baby foood😂😂
Prapti Dutta
I so feel like Matt likes Gracie like duh you can see!!😎😎😘😘😍😍
Mercy Opaleye
And matty likes using his hand to brush his hair to d back
Mercy Opaleye
Anyone with me???
Mercy Opaleye
Matt is crazy in love with gracie that y he does not want justin to flirt with her
Jonalyn Espinosa
i like Gracie for Matt!!😍😍😊😊😉😉
randomly random
Did anyone notice that Matt had a drink and sip of Gracie pouch
Ben Kettlewell
I think gracie and mat love eachother
miss lacy nae
mattyb is actually really cute i know hes only a little bit older than me a little bit ok
Coolboy stunt
Pause at 7:33 and look at Gracie
Coolboy stunt
Pause at 7:33
Coolboy stunt
Pause at 7 33
Pause at 1:38 then look at gracie
Alien Queen
Justin flirts with grace and Matt is a lil bit jealous
The Cookie Artists
I think Justin and Matt are very cute
Foxy Tube
Oh no kidding Nikon
Harmeet Samra
Justin was so funny in this
it's DreaZyx films
Did any one see Justine at 00:4
Crown Goddess
gracie and matt are great TOGETHER 6:48
Kalifah Gabriel
Justin:do you know what's cute
Samyah McLeod
Justin has a way with the young ladies and it is a funny way
Irving Melendez
Matty do you like Gracia😍💝💝💝💝💖😘😇😻👦👦👸👬💑💏💍👑
Jam Rivera
Gracie Matty you should take a video when you r dating!!
Ivo Gad
Justin is my future bf
Jess Carmona
7:45 lol Justin got ready to fight a tree
Tatyana Logan
Justin like haschak sister's
I think Justin
Like all the hashtag sisters
Joshua Cedrick Pebenito
can you guys count how many times justin said "Basically"
sean heard
Gracie loves justin
Kaitlen Ternent
Lanoii Frater
Can't mattyb and Gracie be to couples because you both like each other and oh please
Tanya Bernal
They are dating
Maria Marmolejo
I don't like hot stuff
Maria Marmolejo
Matt is so cute
Haniva Nguyen
Mattyb i love you
Breanna Clark
Omg Justin is so funny love you mattyb and Gracie 😍😍
Life as a gluten free Girl
I am coeliac( gluten free but worse ) and your skin doesn't bubble up
Paris st louis
Whyyyyy fruitocracy
Jaylon gaming
Gracie and Matt are dating because they were drinking the same one 4:00 and 4:48
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