Fruitocracy Roulette Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Gracie Haschak) … & Justin?

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MattyB & Gracie Haschak go head-to-head in an epic challenge with… Justin?
Thanks to Dole Fruitocracy for providing promotional consideration for this video.

This week, MattyB & Gracie sit down to compete in a fun challenge until Justin randomly shows up and raises the stakes!  You just gotta watch!  haha!  Who do YOU think won?

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Svetlana Dimitrova
Dam it feels good to be a gangster
Aiyana Jones
Justin love's Gracey
XxXdeadly sniperXxX 99
Matt was testing how much of the juice could fit in graces mouth for later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kirsty Metu
Jtin is flerting with graice but it is suppose to be graice and Matt.
ethel babbs
Do Matty and Gracie like each other
Talik Boykins
Justin my favorite
Talik Boykins
Justin my favorite
gianna Donnelly
Gracie:oh my god there is a Rollie pollie. Oh there is a catapiller.
Me:she loves bugs.
Aljane Yordan
MattyB and Gracie is so sweet 😍
bro purfect the 3th
Do mattyb and Gracie like each other
Naveen AlShiekh
Doggie fashion show
Naveen AlShiekh
#TeamRosie #TeamChicky
Naveen AlShiekh
You should watch the hashchak sisters #teamrosie
Naveen AlShiekh
You were talking about that Gracie is cute Justin
Genesis Phifer
I love Justin he's cute and funny and makes things more interesting like if you agree
Wendy Aldana
I think Justin has a crush on grace
Wendy Aldana
O think just has a crush on grace
William Hansen
I love MattyB's songs but MattyB does not like not not funny jokes sometimes he likes funny jokes I don't know if you don't like funny jokes but but I like MattyB songs
Victoria Gonzalez
What is it with you and fruitocracy
bridget Goins
Justine Gower
I love these video ssssssssssssssso much
The Janelle
I think Justin likes Gracie...
Sasha Daley
Justin is such a joker
Yohan Camposano
Matty you love gracie
Debo Henry
l love videos with Matty and Gracie
Isabella Helton
Mattyb do you have a crush on Gracie?
Brittany Todd
Shymin Ayoob
Matt likes Gracie😘😘😘😘
Anika Mukherjee
Gracie:I swallowed a bug
Me:ok... Wait, WHAT!!!
Carley Young
i love your vids and i love justin he is so funny
Sasie Bufalino
Who see him land the fruitacracy
Zara Calvert
How you telling me at 7:45 Justin was gonna square up to a tree😂😂😂
Cool guy. 👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤
Al Aviles
Yes please make more with Justin
John Lamb
John Lamb
oh my god want too kell justin.
Valeska Campos
Justin talks like a cow boy
Rachel Balogun
i hate justin
ImJustWeird Ok?
8:47-8:51 lmao 😂
Blazy Berk
Justin is too funny
Natalie Simmons
I love justin he’s funny, sweet, kind, and always cheers me up! I would so date him
Ham and cheese melty Noice
Justin is my crush
casandra chonteco
Mattyb and grace challenge hot food
Wach Matt land that thing on 4:58
Emilee Mcgovney
I would like to see Gracie and Justin together they'd be cute as well as her and matt
Emilee Mcgovney
Justin cracks me up he's so funny 😂😂
Wolf Girl
Matt I like your vids all the time from 🐺👱🏻‍♀️😋😋😍😍
Pierre Roques
That lucs
Qirat Shahzad
matt plz make moree vids with gracie : )
Salahuddin Ahmed
Gracie is just friends with Matt, but Matt has a crush on her
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