I got one wrong
sign these balls
Gadiel is 😻😻😻😻😻😻
Wilfried BEUGRE
Will Smith was the easiest to spot...for me at least.
Lennae James
I'm 12 and people think I look 8. But I pretty talk to be 8 tho.
Jas Sa
Why is it so that when I show people a picture of me 11 years ago vs now it is so obvious. I think it's cause off my baby hair🙁🙁

P.S. I was 1 year old 11 years ago.
Awesome Sauce
Wheter you white or Brown skinned, EVERYONE knows that will Smith NEVER ages. That dude's immortal.
miz bootsie
I need to see the every day black woman. Not celebrities that can spend whatever on their skin. NOT that they don't look good. Just want the average woman, and her secrets!
Nicki Allison
You gotta look at the eyebrows. Thicker eyebrows is the "new style"
look, its not even a secret anymore pharrell is a vampire, thats it no more debates people lmao
Sara Aldawiri
I had all them right
Julissa Velilla
Brujeria lmaooooo
Anastasia Shakhurina
I guessed every single one. It was very easy cause the fashion is a very recognisable thing. I mean, Gabrielle has a very typical for 2000s necklace and shirt, Pharell's hair is not the part of fashion but it still shows his age, Kerry's make up looks and outfits clearly show the period of time when such things were fashionable, and Will Smith is wearing earrings that were very popular like 5-10 years ago.
Mia Camilla N
How old is Pharrel?? I think he is a vampire 😂
Naomi Gary
black truly does not crack
poloko collen
poor people crack more than ordinary middle class ,middle class people crack more than rich upper class societies.This is my theory.
White dont crack either, they break.
asians don't crack
Holly Cormack
With the female celebrities you can tell from there eyebrows. In the 2000s in was fashionable to have thinner eyebrows so you can tell!!
Roxana Carrion
"people with more melanin are able to handle the sun. Ultimately, having more sun than one can handle results in premature aging."
Only one I got wrong was Will Smith
belinda smith
i love the latino
None Ya Damn Business.
Casey Roxbee
I was expecting to see Bianca Lawson
Keanu Reeves is fuckin immortal... hasn't aged a day since The Matrix
I only got Gabrielle Union wrong lol
It's the lighting.
Dylan Francois
2:50. I laughed more than I should have. but the face he makes thou
10,000 Subscribers without Videos
When you black, but you already cracked at 16...
Pharrell has looked the same for centuries.
The Godfather
Will Smith....You gotta be kidding wid me
Kit Kat
Veronica Reyes
Lol I found the Latino guy hilarious
Jennie Delacruz
damn got everything wrong.
Galaxy Univeres
I got right but the will smith I was wrong😔
cafeteria cat
i got 2 right...
Jay Horne
If you pay attention to the aesthetic of each picture you would've gotten 4 out of 4
I Got 3 out 4 😹 Will Smith Jii Messed Me Up 💯 But This Was A Good Game 😁
Moptica Tv
Google Docs all the way
4 year difference on some of these is absurd. People dont look much different in 4 or in some cases even 10 years. plus makup. even and de wrinkle that skin.
Dee Jay
The Kerry one was a giveaway simply because of her brows. Y'all know we don't do thin brows in 2017.
Punky Nene
"step away from that brujeria" xD
Naner Naner
im 10 years old guay
Fedora Laura
Stop exposing vampires damn buzzfeed
awww that guy in the beginning ♡
Mike Sandoval
Wheres eminem???
Ethan Megenis-Clarke
You can tell which one is newer by how the sharp the image resolution is.
the star
man if they put Angela Basset, nobody would get it right!!
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