$5 Pizza Vs. $135 Pizza

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“That is an indescribable taste.”


Check It, Genesis, Uptown Break, Saturday Shopping, Dafodils, Monkey Funk, Penchant, Romantic Cafe Violinist, Air On A G String, Clair De Lune
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David TM
You guys really need to eat brazilian pizza, i think that after italy that's the best pizza in the world
Nicholas Leader
00:26 pizza made of gold: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/videos/1646240212350037/
Andrew Spearman
I love the camera and sound guy. he is so funny
Asmolla Asmolla
I think yhe simple pie is the best haha
Crystal Natanielliem
Andrew looks like the meat bae in this video
Failed_kamikaze pilot
$13 Child Sex Slave vs $1287 Child Sex Slave
Random question but what's the piano song playing at the part where they ate the truffle pizza?
Bobby Cratchet
6:32 is the moment Andrew experiences pizza euphoria.
Trischa Zercher
Well every expensive item is in Beverly Hills
Darian Pineda
Colleen Halleck
Did anyone think of the Oceans movies when they heard the music for the last pizza?
kieran thomas
I don't like him because he is teasing me while I'm hungry
Adam Santos
My name is Adam lol
Patrick Richardson
studio casual roman walk barrel news shift endorse.
swagy simone
do pho!!
Matthew Rooney
Who wants pizza and cookies sale

I'm actually begging. Please let Adam feature more in atleast on video.. he melts my heart. <3
Mary Jazzy
You guys should do ramen!
This needs a part 2 cause there's apparently a $2000 pizza
Michael Lombard
lmao "you have a girlfriend?" haha
Flaming COWS
Im eating vegimite on toast while watching this 🇦🇺
Rafid hassan oney
5$ pizza is the winner !
Whose Andrew's girlfriend? Please say it's Ashly!!! PLEASE
Tere Murguia
i love this
Who the heck likes Candy Corn?
nolie blue
goddammit i love this series but i kills me because i live in cleveland and ill nEVER TRY THAT FUCJING PIZZA
Ted Colada
The last scene of the vid camera guy maybe edited it 😂
GD TeamYoshi
im a pizza monster too 😂
Speaking in Rhythm
I like Andrew and Steven together better than Keith and Steven. Even though Keith is great.
Morgan Harvey
"The three musketeers" I love adam😂❤
Dr. “Alric” Woo
Is this on a playlist so I can just binge watch this?
Pizza hut is like the only place you can get pan pizza in sweden
Cian Mc Dermott
I dont like pizza But if i get 5 likes i will upload a video abd shout u guys out
ama baatarsikhan
this video made me order pizza at 12:00 AM
Danny Fajita
How about Three Musketeers?
Markus Engen
But who pays for all the food?
Ya know you can't just make cheesy bread and slap some truffles and call it "Italian".

I need someone Italian to clarify if that is how it works.
Hannah Puelle
Come to Brooklyn, we have $.99 pizza that is better than all of the pizza eaten in this video.
The cheapest pizza is in NYC its $1
I think Sal's is the best on earth
Sushmit Majumder
blaze pizza
Zoe horselover
Steven is beavis and Andrew is butthead!
in indonesia we have Pizza Hut in Jakarta and someplaces... but i live in wonosobo and there is no Pizza Hut...

//sadviolin.mid plays
music vevo
come to tunisia for best lablabi in the world
Lauren Raquel
So I heard there's a real pizza covered in gold. https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/videos/1646240212350037/

Steven!!! You and Andrew have to eat that. For us. Please? 🍕
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