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Alexander Forbes
His fist changing sides really bothers me.
He looks weird
Hans Herbert Napoco
his rock hand, lol 😂
mfwclclownjuggalette whoop whoop
Great broadcast
Awsome Sauce
If the right hand of doom is supposed to be Hellboy's actual arm, how in the hell does it switch arms?
Kyu Shinoku
Wow that is stupid his big right stone hand switches to his left side everytime you switch sides. That's dumb.
Natsu Dragneel
Why are always all game devs or people who work in there fat bastards?
Travis Jessee
notice how his rock hand switches back and forth from left to right
Doggystyle Dougie
How to play Hellboy: spam the hell out of the punch button
Toot Enhance Apple Crap Hate TEACH
when does he come out
Anthony Mondello
yooo his arm keeps switching lmfao
Blackman Whitesuit
Say what you will, this game really expanded zoning mechanics in fighting games.
max george
I wonder if he’s jacks off with that hand ?😂
Jaron Griffin
0:43 ...did his stone fist switch hands...?
Bugz Magee
Your voices are annoying. Less chit chat more combat
GOTY Day One Edition
joel berrelleza
why the fuck the big arm change from right to left? thats noo good
Jon D
Devil's revolver? Though his gun was called the "Samaritan" ?
He puts his gauntlet on his other hand 6:00 - 6:25 he can’t do that shit the fuck
Wil Hatchel
how does he get his jacket over that arm? lmfao
Wil Hatchel
skips leg day
Its called the RIGHT HAND OF DOOM for God's sake.
Nunayah Buisness
Wait is his big hand supposed to be switching sides?
emmanuel Polanco
I leveled red hood and more but need him and black lightning
james dowe
So when they start calling him unique, we’re all just gonna act like gorilla doesn’t have that same leap?
That is so fuckong weird how his stone hand switches arms. Hope that gets fixed...
he look solid! i like him!
Patrick Jones
Why is his legs so skinny
Firm Flyer
How tf is he switching hands with that glove tho?
Why does his doom fist keep switching from right to left? hello?
It's my impression? Hellboy's stone fist shift hand by hand?
GOLD- FlipOut
hellboy does not switch his big hand with the other these guys doesn't know about hellboy his hand only stay on one arm 😂😂😂😂 they got everything right tho
Zander Yon
Is it just me or does hellboys attacks seem alot like scorpions from mk
Slid vayne
I don't remember the Right Hand of Doom, Key to Ragnarok become a left hand XD
Aiden St. Andre
Its funny that three fat people get access to Hellboy and we dont
Rafael Aguiar
Nice video! =)
hector rosales
Yesssss this is my type of fighter.
ayahuaski I yuh wass kee
why does his rock hand change from left to right
Loki Owl
The Right Hand of Doom switching hands still bothers the f#@& out of me.
The Anal Predator
Ok did Hellboy hand switch?
Can his hand swap in the comics?
*A* corn
10:00 hell boy switches his big hand to the other arm
Nicholas Meyer
Notice the animation error in the hands at 2:54... the big hand is switched, and as soon as the stance shifts, the hand goes back to the right side...
Slender King
Is the right hand of doom supposed to change hands or is that a glich
Clorox Bleach
2:20 look closely at his arm.

Isn’t his smash hand supposed to be in the right?
John Xu
So...hellboy's arm can switch.Sounds good
So basically you gaved him all these moves that are anti spam but when he gets close he has no mix ups essentially making him useless. What's the point if everyone blocks your moves? Lol
4:08 "really unique move" cough gorilla grodd cough
Idky I keep wondering what their fatalitys are. Then I remember this isn't MK
Javon Batiste
so he has Kotal Kahn's Blood God Damage Variation mixed with Jason's resurrection variation
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