She sleeps with her pet snake each night until her vet tells her the shocking truth

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Women who sleep with pet snake gets shocking news from her vet


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Madelyn Witt
Not true, this story. False
Christian Pontarelli
I trust my snake complete and snakes don't do that that don't size up to people that have a extra Sense that tells them If the pray Is big enough to eat you ass
tyler hudolph
Stupid snakes should be treated the way dogs are
Galaxy Gaming
Stacy Thompson
I wanted a snake but I saw this on yarn and was like forget that. then a couple of months later my favorite YouTuber got snakes.and I was like I want a snake and was asking my mom she said no but my dad said yes. I don't have the snake yet but I will be getting one but I will never let it sleep in my bed. I have a small chihuahua that stays close to my bed what if it tried to eat him that snake would never get close to my dog. I would only hold the snake if my dog is not in my room. But every time I here this I get scared i had forgot about this until I just was watching snake videos. This may be really it may not but it scares me. Like I understand a dog or cat sleeping in your bed but anything else no rats,turtles,snakes,mice, nothing but if you sleep with your cat or dog it's okay.
Stinson, Chris
Why the h3ll would you pet a snake?!!! You’re literally a walking prey.....
Naleenie Dabydeen
Excuse me little girl
Odilbek Saporov
hate snake
if you believe this shit, Im not a 14 yr old german, im actually princess diana.

......Snakes Go For Months Without Eating. The vet doesnt know shit. This is normal behavior......
Mariah Lawrence
But they eat all the time
Mariah Lawrence
I let my snake do it
Utter nonsense. Seven foot? Okay, how big around the belly? Sizing up? Yeah, okay. The only thing we know is it's a python. It being 7 feet and seeing what I assume are the picrctures it might be a Burm, but thats a hard guess. For all intents and purposes it could be an oversized Ball Python. Honestly, this story is pure horse shit. Go fuck yourself.
Just another myth to make biases against snakes
Galaxy Wolf
none of this is true its a total hoax a if a 20+ foot long preticulated python won't eat a pig in captivity, than a seven foot python would never even THINK about eating a person.
Miss.Scales & friends
This story was proven to be false. Snakes are creatures of instinct, and do not "size up" their prey. A snake in the wild doesn't slither up to a squirrel or deer and think "can i eat this?". They'd be extinct if they did that.
That snake will bite you pussy/dick
Troodon Gaming
Lololololololololol snakes don't have a way of measurement thay just kind know and will not do after pre larger than its self
xStefann nn
Above and under me you can see the internet experts a species that exploded in number since of the appearance of the internet.
Subsequent 3 46
Do you need to have creepy ominous music playing?
best freind's forever
I saw this on facebook
I've kept reptiles for years and this is literally the same old premium grade horse manure that far too many people tell.
STIeveBow The Mighty Ranger
pets are good companions what ever they are, but you must understand that animals are not human. treat them as animal not humans
Just don't put your snake around your neck like that one guy in a vine did.
T. van rossum
This is it. I now know I can't take Terrifive seriously. Glad I never subscribed anyway.
Tolbka Miskin
Woman sleeps with snake, she`d better sleep with man and his one eyed snake. It would never happens, if she hadn`t sexual problems.
Oh god..
Mr. Toxic
Why was there a picture of a women with a crab ??????
Smith Machine
Hardcore autism
Elle bissy
Roham irca
So your pet snake can eat you right ? Please answer
Brandi Summers
Wow this is sooo stupid I think you need to find a herpetologist to help you when you do reptile videos. Not that I will be watching any more of them. I dont have time for stupidity or ignorance
aleasha mctire
I am sorry to say it but whoever reads about animals suck
Triniti Collins
This is a myth
andrew hajipour
Alright but what's that crabs story? Did she cheat on the snake with the crab?
Logan Redding
I don't believe this because snakes don't have a sense of the measurement
Stephen Roney
I remember reading a few years ago about a couple who went binge drinking in Glasgow and left their python to babysit their two year old.....I don't need to type the rest.
Total bullshit nonsense.
Blue Kermit
Says snake in title....shows a crab YOU HAD ONE JOB
Werewolf Of Hircine
I let my ball python hang out on my bed
Kathleen Burke
Kent Wong
Reptiles cannot learn to respect/acknowledge their owners. Anyone humanizing a reptile (like the woman in the video) is asking for trouble.
Trân Nguyễn
I don't know shit about snakes but I know this is complete bullshit. Pets in some case may lash out on their (stupid) owners, but it's hard to believe pets can plot on eating their owners. Just get lost.
Flightless Bird
That's a crab.
Snakey Bakey
Snakes don't "size things up". They're smart enough to tell if something is the right size to eat. If it's too big, the spit it up and look for something else. If it's too small, they eat it and look for something else to eat. This story was only made for entertainment, and all it's doing is causing more undeserved hatred towards snakes. All snakes want to do is survive, you guys. Show some compassion.
S6X creatures
Kaya iwas iwasan natin ang mga kaibigan na AHAS!
Kyn Chandler
OMG so scary
Vinny George
Now she's sleeping with a crab😂
andy pearson
Thats not how snakes work
Zora star
... Lol. Do you people think that this is true? Snakes will eat if they want to eat. And snakes can infact be trained. Imma laugh if you people think animals have a sense of measurement. If a snake kills something bigger than itself in attempt to eat it, then it will try to eat it but fail. It's that simple. It's not gonna size up to you. That's ridiculous.
Oceon Topaz


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