Jerry Tsu
this video and story are bullshit, since when did snakes slither next to large prey to size them up?
Vagina Viper - a girl's best friend
This is fuckin bullshit..
LiVe OnLy
and thats were ur wrong, anything can be trade as long as long as u and ur pet have a conection, cats and dogs, monkeys and more, us humans have the ability to train them, u just have to start while the animal is young
Cheesy Cuttlefish
i still f-ing love snakes
flame the flareon
this video is a lie what really happen is that the snake wanted to check out her size and then eat bigger things but not a full grown human like she was . the snake my a baby though if she has one
Sara Ellis
That is creepy af
My bearded dragon also didnt eat for weeks, didnt know why we didnt visit the doctor, then it died few weeks after.
This is bullshit lmao if she wasn't feeding the snake yes then he may want to eat her. I have a snake snake myself and they are so kind, they do know the difference between mice, rats (and whatever else they eat) and humans. Honestly this whole idea people have of snakes is mad
He protec
He attac
but most importantly
He snak
May be because legend says snake wanted to have sex but can not because he didn't have p
Little Pig13
Omg that happened to my old teachers friend😂
Ligitfoxy123 Aj
I want a pet snake so bad but my grandfather doesnt like them and i have two cats and a dog and i dont want them to get eaten also because snakes are escape artists :T
Lilim Panties
vet: "i'm sorry to tell you this, but this is a crab."
Jay Shey
wow.. its crazy to believe this many people are uneducated
bruh, thats a chicken in the photo! smh
Nuclear Annihilation
Wish that had been a 20 ft burmese python :>
Far Away
This is very incorrect.
Angelica Schulyer
This comment can make you quit killing snakes (maybe),as it is true. Snakes don't size up to eat people, As in every picture, the snake BARELY got bigger. Snakes cannot size up anyway. It was just stressed and wanted to go back to its cage. The vet has some myths going on. They kill harmless poor snakes for NO REASON. I know someone who has a hognose snake and it barely got bigger just to eat the owner. It ate what it got, and did not act bad. And the snake was normal like all snakes, as it can get protective, it can get aggresive, and it was small. This comment isn't a complaint, it's a truth.
michal guliamov
Bonreptile videos
Luke Sokol
I love snakes but.. That's pretty cruel reading up to eat you owner
Its bullshit. COMPLETE bullshit. I have heard this story hundreds of times always from people who have never kept snakes. Only idiots believe this story. Now, it still is a stupid idea to sleep with a snake. You could crush your snake during the night or if your snake is a constrictor you could panic the snake and force it to try kill you in self defense. They do not eat owners, there has never been a single case of a pet snake eating its owner. I challenge youtube to find an authentic case.
MASHED Brianna
haha, i think the fuck not!
M Sheridan
I sleep with my dog...he hasn't eaten in days...
M Sheridan
bad snake
Pug master
"reads title" Oh no, WHY UNCLE BEN!
michele piteo
Snakes are devoid of a limbic system and empathy. WHoah.....comment said snakes would smell her periods YUK was it that that gave it the idea?
Lily Key
I love all animals and know A LOT about them... I saw the title and was like..................... Oh no............................ This is going to be bad!!
Audrey Hooker
hi this is bullshit please don't spread urban myths that have been proven wrong over and over
barbaryn PK
If i slept with my he would just leave back to his cage and into his hut or go through a hole in my wall
Elin Christensen
This exact story happened in my town, lmao
the story is a myth. shit like this is why animals are wrongly persecuted from fear
It's in her pooper.
This reminds me of dumb ways to die
I don't understand the appeal of keeping reptiles like snakes and lizards. To me, they aren't cute at all. They shouldn't be. Primal mammalian instincts involve fears of slithering reptiles, hardwired into our subconscious. Having one at home would make me feel uneasy all the time.
I can't think of a good username
Snakes are cold blooded creatures who don't have a heart lol
Faelyn Dexter
This is ridiculous. Snakes don't eat humans.
In incredibly rare instances humans have been eaten (I could probably count all the humans eaten by snakes in the last 100 years on one hand.)
Laci Brendle
There is a storey like this on the app yarn
you guys get snakes the ronge way i sleep with my ball python every now and then and she just stays curled up
Hybrid Reptilians
I luv snakes so much
Alexa Isaman
My snake Is a angel she would never hurt anything she has never bit me she is a sweetheart but I don't sleep with her
Link Hoss Neal
I would be scared that I would accidentally crush the snake while sleeping
How could a snake eat a human though?
this was in yarn the app
"normal people?"
My heart stopped when he said the snake was planing to eat her in her sleep 😂 I was like "Oh F*** no, thanks for giving me another reason not to sleep tonight besides my devil-ish cat!"
Brendon Wilson
Stop spreading this false story! This is completely made up.
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